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Lost Connections

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Summary: What if Death was more then Buffy's Gift? What if he was her father? What if immortality is a family trait? BetaedSiti Noor Adilla

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR184961,76911164119,5963 Jul 1014 May 14No

Part 42 Lost in the memories II a nightmare revisi

Lost Connections
Disclaimer: Please See Part One
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Part 42 Lost in the memories II a nightmare revisited

“I thought we ended Adam?”

“We did this has to be a replacement maybe Walsh made a spare?” Buffy said clearly concerned.

“Well maybe but how and why? Where was it hidden? Oh shit that’s Glory!” Cordelia exclaimed.

“Giles what the hell is going on we so beat that bitch down.” Buffy said.”I mean you killed Ben right?”

Giles pulled off his glasses and began to clean them. He had never told Buffy the truth but it was clear she had figured it out. “I did, I broke his neck. I saw them drag his body off in a bag.”

“Yeah, but being dead it’s not sticking lately.” Dawn said. “What if Ben was not normal I mean given the way our luck has been lately….”

“Well shit he’s immortal.” Faith said clearly not happy. “He rose again. You did not take his head.”

“So this time we take his head.” Xander said hefting his ax. “No more being nice. We behead him and any other bads we find. This is just going to be loads of fun.”

“Good plan Xander.” Cordy said clearly not happy with the idea of having to deal with both Glory and Adam again. Gzzz they so could not catch a break. It was as if someone was taking it out on them.

Anya watched from the distance sadly. In a way Cordelia was right someone was out to get them. She knew it was all her fault if she had never granted that wish…well it was too late now to change things. When Giles had ended the wish he had reset time and sadly that had given the other side a chance to save Glory, and even Adam. She had wanted to warn them but, she had been forbidden to. She looked down at the medallion on her chest and it felt like a lead weight. However she needed it to live. She sent a silent prayer for her friends and then left. She could do no more for them. She had left the tome for them with the full prophecy it was all she could do. It was time for her to leave she had a job to do weather she wanted to or not. However one thing she could do is deal more in justice then vengeance. With that she popped out of Sunnydale and hoped she never had to face an angry slayer when they realized what had happened.

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