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Lost Connections

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Summary: What if Death was more then Buffy's Gift? What if he was her father? What if immortality is a family trait? BetaedSiti Noor Adilla

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR184961,76911164119,5903 Jul 1014 May 14No

Part 43 Figuring it all out….clueless….

Lost Connections
Disclaimer: See Part One
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Part 43 Figuring it all out….clueless….

Glory smiled and grabbed a young man who was trying to flee Adam’s newest creation. He would not need a mind to be used as spare parts and she was hungry. She drained his mind then tossed him to a vamp that dragged him away after taking a small bite. Because the human would not need his blood either. At least the humans were good for one thing ok maybe two. She smiled as she considered the reset, she would get her key and get gone soon because she had no intention of dying again.

“Ok now that is just not right.” Xander said “I mean we only pause for a moment then that happens.”

“Yeah to lose one’s or blood but both, man he must have pissed someone off in his last life.” Dawn said. “We should never make wishes you know.”

“Yeah it would be wicked vengeance.” Cordelia said then she froze. “Ah has anyone seen Anya lately? I mean since we all got immortal like?”

Xander groaned with all the craziness they had lost track of the former demon. Something he was sure was not a good thing. He looked at Giles who was cleaning his glasses.

“No not recently, I wonder if perhaps she or one of her cohorts have had anything to do with this predicament we now find ourselves in.”

“Hey that’s not fair.”Xander said as he defended the blonde who he was kind of beginning to like. Not that he had acted on it. I mean he would be crazy to with both Cordy and Faith liking him. It was just he liked the kooky girl. “I mean we all been busy and distracted like. With Buffy’s family showing up; I mean Anya she split when she saw the Highlanders. Plus Giles you broke her power thingy.” Xander pointed out.”Though maybe it was a friend of hers that did this time warp, I mean it be kind of like time re-winded itself, or something; maybe it undid the good we did when you broke her power thingy.”

“It is possible.” Giles said as he took on a vampire who charged him. He staked it with ease. Really these things were so rude interrupting his conversations. Did they not realize that they needed time to process?

“Well maybe we should engage these rejects.” Dawn said.”I mean we are here to save everyone. At least we got help this time. I mean with our friends here we can all kind of take it easy. We are more evenly matched for once.”

Buffy rolled her eyes at that very obvious statement but Dawn did have a valid point. She decided snarking about it would be immature besides she really wanted to end this quickly they had far more important things to deal with. Plus it was never good to tempt Murphy.

She charged a trio of vampires that action had the rest of the gang engaging. Besides she so did not want to think about her family fighting vamps. I mean maybe they were immortal but still…. It was weird and scary. Hell her mom had been jumped. Recalling that made her mad and the next vamp was dust before it even could take a swing at her. She then got her mind back in the game because Dawn was right losing focus was not of the good.

“Tara, Willow can you cast some protection spells on the rest of the people here? I mean maybe something to keep the vamps at least from grabbing them.”

“We got that Buffy, Tara a can you help me with this. If we bless the water in the sprinklers then set them off.”

“Holy water will soak the people, burn some vampires and buy our side time. We should call the goddess of innocents Lusine.”

“Maybe you should make the call baby as you are more her type, innocent and sweet that is.”

Tara frowned but did as Willow asked. “Lady Goddess Lusine protector of the innocents please bless; us and lend us your aid to bless this water to defend your children from the dark creature of the night.” She waved her hand and the sprinklers began to glow and the water poured out hitting the mall patrons, protecting them while burning the vampires.

Methos had to admire his daughter’s straight forward actions. He himself was always more about action then talk. He drew a sword and attacked fully aware that time was not on their side as many were being killed, turned or dragged away. While mortals did not overly concern him he knew that Buffy wanted to keep them safe plus he knew that the destruction of the mall would upset Joyce as well. He had promised to make his absence up to the girls and a shopping trip was on his list of things to do to avoid groveling. One thing he did know and remember was Joyce loved to shop and it seemed Buffy and Perhaps Dawn took after her in that regard. So he had to save the mall the people well they would be incidental.

Connor helped guard the cousin as Duncan as usual headed straight into battle. You would think that after 400 years his kinsmen would learn restraint. Hell even Harris Alexander that is did not rush into battle. He sighed sometimes he thought his cousin should have been a knight rather than a Highland warrior.

Duncan beheaded the nearest demon it was what he was good at. He avoided the blood spatter which was a good thing as it was like an acid to human flesh. He watched dispassionately as the thing turned to goo. Nasty creatures, he was just happy he knew how to kill the thing. At least the acid like blood would not damage his blade. He moved to engage another creature but was shocked when Xander took it out by cutting its legs out from behind.

“Careful those things spit nasty mucus.” Xander warned.

He nodded and let the young man take its head with his double bladed ax. He had to admit the boy wielded it well. He just hoped they never faced off in battle. If he was right then the game was over because really no one would be able to kill these people or rather it not be worth it as their quickening was painful and not possible to absorb.

Oz tackled a vampire that tried to sneak up on the girls covered in an umbrella. He tore it out of the creature’s hands and smiled as it burned. Well sometimes magic was cool. He considered what Cordy had said and knew she was likely right it was probably a wish that made things all messed up. He was suddenly tossed back and he hit the newspaper stand. He toppled over several papers. Then seeing one he sighed. Yep Queen C was right. How had they missed this? Damn sometimes the Scooby Gang got a bad case of Sunnydale Syndrome themselves. Time had been altered, someone had reset the clock. The gang so was not going to be happy when he told them this. As he rose he noted that the battle was suddenly over. Huh? What happened? He shook his head and decided that today was just too weird even for them.

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