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Lost Connections

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Summary: What if Death was more then Buffy's Gift? What if he was her father? What if immortality is a family trait? BetaedSiti Noor Adilla

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR184961,76911164119,5963 Jul 1014 May 14No

Part 1 Lawyers Part 2 Lost Connections

Monday, June 28, 2010

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or Highlander. They belong to their creators and the companies that helped bring them to life. No profit will be made off this story. This will be an AU Storyline.

A/N: There will be lots of twists in this storyline. They may not appear to follow either cannon at first. All will be explained in time. Please be patient as the story unfolds.

By : Fire Wolfe

A/N: I had some difficulties posting this. Because of that I had to edit this work. All this means is that the first 2 parts are in chapter 1. The numbers will therefore be off for chapters and parts for a while. It will eventually fix itself around Part 19. I appoligize for this mistake. I am having some server issues and this was the easiest way to fix the mess the upload created. Again my appologizes to the readers for any confusion this may cause.

Fire Wolfe

Lost Connections

Part One Lawyers and Lost Connections

Buffy sat stunned and immobile in the attorney's office. She could not believe what he was telling her. Her father was not Hank Summers. Her father was instead a man named Adam Pierson.

Hank Summers glared at his ex-wife bastard. How he loathed the girl. It had not always been so but, ever since she turned 14 the girl had been unruly and crazy

. He was glad it was all out in the open now. He would not have to pretend to care. He looked over at the Buffy and smirked he was going to take his daughter Dawn and leave.

Let Buffy deal with Joyce. After all she was just out of a coma and of no use to anyone. Buffy could pay the mounting bills or not. He honestly did not care.

"Mr. Jones are the papers ready for me to take custody of Dawn?" Hank asked.

That snapped Buffy out of her deep thoughts. She might have been shocked but, her mind was racing with calculations. She had to find a way to support Dawn and herself while her mother was sick. Who could take care of The Gallery and how could she pay the bills, go to school and slay. "No way, Dawn is staying with me and mom."

Hank glared at Elizabeth. Buffy was such a silly name. "I am afraid that cannot be allowed. Dawn is mine." He smirked.

knowing he needed the girl to gain access to her trust fund. Howard Scott Summers had left sizable trusts for both his grandchildren and he needed that money for his business. He had Elizabeth's because she had been declared unfit and it was tied up until she was 30.

He of course could use the funds as the executor. Joyce had never fought him because he had used it as leverage. If she let him keep the money he would let Elizabeth out of the insane asylum. Dawn was a minor and as he father he had even more right to the trust then he did with Buffy.

"I do not think so." A voice said from the door. Hank looked up in shock. Adam Pierson walked into the room.

"You are dead!" Hank said in shock.

"Yeah ,I get that a lot."Adam said with a smirk. "However there is no way in hell I am allowing you to take either of my children." His look was carrying death and Hank swallowed hard. "Next time Hank hire competent killers. Be certain that your victum is dead. I stayed away because I was afraid you would hurt Joyce or the girls but, that is over as of now. Get out Hank, Buffy and Dawn are mine."

"You just want the money."Hank shouted.

Buffy's head snapped up. She looked at Adama suddenly suspicious. "The money is significant. However I do not need it. I never have." Adam pulled out a black card and handed it to the Mr. Jones. "Use this to pay for the legal fees and draw a check for the amount of the girls trusts. I know that is all idiot boy here wants. He can then sign the trust over to Buffy. Sign Hank and get out. The money was from the girls grandfather and you are not getting any more of it. I know you black mailed Joyce into marrying you but, your games stop now."

"There is over 10 million in each account."Hanks said. "How the hell can you pay it? There is no way you have that kind of mony on a credit card."

Buffy choked on her coffee at this figure.

Adam laughed and said. "20 million is pocket change Hank old boy. Now sign before I request an audit. And Hank change your name back. You do not have the right to the Summers name Mr. Snyder. I won't let you use Joyces's family name and run it into the ground any longer. Summers is an honorable name one you besmirch with your use of it. Tell your idiot brother to stop bothering my children. Because I hate trolls."

Hank Summers swallowed hard and ran out after signing. Hell for 20 million he would gladly change his name back. His big brother was on his own. Hell he was tired of paying him to keep an eye on the brats anyway.

Hank's real last name is Snyder. Shit that explains so much. Buffy looked up at the attorney and this Pierson guy and decided it was time for answers. "Ok what the hell is going on." She asked her spirit seeming to come back with her anger. She rose and put her hands on her hips demanding answers.

Adam smirked at her stance. She certainly took after her adopted mother. Well it was a good thing because really he could not stand cowardly people. "I will explain everything." Adam said. "Jones file the papers, I want custody of Dawn by noon. Buffy you and I are going to see Joyce."

"What the hell! I want answers."Buffy said her look would have sent have of the supernatural world running. Adam the man once known as Death merely smiled.

"Ok, Buffy here the deal. I am your father and Dawns, I am very wealthy. When we get done taking care of your mom we will all go shopping. You , me, Joyce and Dawn when she feels better. Mr. Jones please explain the situation to Buffy. I have to go see Joyce."

"Of course sir. Miss Summers..." Adam slipped out before Buffy could stop him. He headed to the hospital. There was no choice now. Joyce had to die. He loved her and had hoped to spare her this but, his girls needed their mother so Joyce Summers mortal had to die and Joyce Summers Immortal had to be born.

Part 2 Lost Connnections 1

Buffy was stunned that Adam just left. She was about to chase after him when Mr. Jones stopped her. "Miss Summers I really need you here. If you do not help me with this paper work there is a good chance Hank Snyder could still gain control of your sister Dawn. Unless you decided to let him take Dawn and move her away from you and your mother at this time. Buffy rolled her eyes and sat back down."What papers do I have to sign Mr.Jones. I really need to go see / check on my mom and Dawn will want to know what is going on."

The elderly lawyer smiled at his client. She was a powerhouse. She was a fitting daughter to Methos. He picked up the papers and handed it to her. Buffy took them and noted the strange tattoo on his wrist. She stiffened. Well that could be a problem she thought. Gwendolyn Post had a similar tattoo. After the disaster with Faith and Gwendolyn Buffy was not as trusting of strangers who said they were there to help. She was especially with the fact that she had trusted the council and they had then tried to kill Faith.

They had barely gotten Faith cleared of the killing and then Gwendolyn had shown up. Faith had almost fallen in with the mayor. Only Joyce had managed to stop the girl. Telling her she was loved, trusted and wanted.

Buffy was ashamed to admit it but she had been petty and jealous of Faith. Her mother's acceptance of the girl had hurt but, when she learned Faith's whole life had been like her summer away she stopped trying to compete. Faith was a good person a slayer and she deserved support.

Now Buffy considered the younger girl her sister. They had faced the killing of Alan Fitch together and they had been able to prove they were attacked. Of course the gang got away and Mr. Fitch had tried to help. They had tragically stabbed him thinking he was another gang member. Buffy and Faith had gotten lucky because the first police officer they met was Kate Locksley. She had been picking up a prisoner to take to LA. Her taking their statements had ensured an honest report and they were cleared. Buffy snapped out of her day dream. Faith might be watching Dawn but she still had to get back soon. Buffy signed the papers and hurried out. She had to tell Giles about Mr. Jones Tat and see her mom.

Methos was amused; he was suddenly acting out of character for both himself and his persona of Adam Pierson. He had just tossed away 20 million dollars and he was found it a great lark. He shook his head as he considered Elizabeth Anne Summers, no his beloved daughter "Buffy". Buffy the funny little girl he and Joyce had taken in so many years ago. For her he would consider the money well spent. Most who knew him would be shocked to hear he gave away money. He was despite his apparent excesses of the moment, a very frugal man. Adam Pierson was rich because he simply did not make idle gestures.

Methos was probably one of the wealthiest men on the planet because; to be frank he had looted a lot of the world. Of course much of his money was in various differing identities. Methos was amused because soon he would allow his death side to come out and play in the corporate world. Because he was as efficient at corporate raiding as Death had once been at raiding towns and village only it was not quite as bloody. The funds spent would not be gone long. Because as Adam he fully intended to take over and control Hank's company and kick the fool to the curb. However, not today, tomorrow was soon enough to play the corporate raider. In many ways raiding companies was not so different then taking out a village. It was often entertaining and no one ever really died which was a bonus. Today he was going to make his beloved immortal that was far more important.
Originally he had intended to take Buffy with him. His daughter needed to understand what was happening. As the slayer she had to see that immortals were not evil. Well not exclusively at least. Adam knew he still had a lot of redemption to seek for his time as Death. However, he was honest enough to admit he was not completely sorry for his actions. In many ways he had been forged by the time. He had become evil as a defense. It was not an excuse but fact. In those days it was kill or be killed have the world afraid of you or, be a slave and victim. He had evolved into a modern man so he had developed some deep and true regrets. Adam firmly believed that as one lived one had to grow. He might still have some part of his past life and influences but, he was still a man of this time. He could not simply remain as only death. Death was a part of him and it had defined him for many years however, it was just a small part of his life. Living 5000 plus years gave you time to mature and grow even when one did not want to. Adam was trying to be a good man. He had tried all those years ago with Joyce. He had found love and family which changed him.

He knew Duncan thought it was his and Connor's influence that made him try to be a good man. Adam knew differently. The very old saying that behind every great man is a good woman was true. He had met 16 Year old Joyce Summers and his world had changed forever. It had shocked Adam to meet a pre-immortal so full of life. It had been even more of a shock to learn her adopted father Howard Scott Summers was an immortal that was 1500 years old. At first Adam had thought it was a trap to lure him in. The truly frightening fatherly lecture he got from Howard changed that. He smiled as he recalled the threat to dismember him if he ever treated Joyce as anything but a lady. It had been the beginning of a true and lifelong friendship. Adam had stayed around the Summers family for several years and in time began dating Joyce. Howard had even given Joyce away at their wedding. It had been one of the happiest days of Adam's life.

They had been married just shy of three years when they had stumbled onto a car crash. Adam had rushed in to try to save the people that had been trapped inside the burning car. They were dead and he had to use all his power to save the small infant in the back seat. As it was saving the girl had cost him several third degree burns. The toddler had been handed off to Joyce as he faced off against several men and demons. At the time he did not realize that the men in question were a council controlled team that had been sent to take the potential into custody. Buffy's adoptive parent's had refused to let the take their only daughter and run away to hide. Buffy had been a foundling that had quickly been adopted and new family refused to believe in vampires and ran away from the crazy men from England. They died to keep her safe. The accident allowed Adam and Joyce to take the child away.

They found a small silver bracelet on her wrist that said Elizabeth Anne. To honor her family they had kept the name as they forged new papers. Both Adam and Howard knew that this child was in danger and they would not let anyone harm her. Joyce had taken to the child immediately and Adam knew she was not about to give her up. Her father used several high connections to help them become Elizabeth's new family. Joyce loved them both all the more for this and Buffy became the center of their world.

Adam grinned as he thought back to how she got that nick name. Joyce had been singing to her and little Elizabeth had been dancing with her. The small child sang at the top of her lungs. The artist was his daughter's favorite and she said. “Mama Papa I am going to be just like Buffy when I grow up. So call me Buffy now! I will be strong and sing like her."

Both Adam and Joyce had laughed at this but the nickname had stuck. Now years latter it fit. Because the woman his daughter had become was every bit as strong as the singer/ activist he knew so well back then. Adam pulled his car into the hospital parking lot. It was rather empty and he was grateful. He did not really want to fight crowds or deal with any other kinds of questions. This was going to be hard enough as it was. Adam got out of his car and headed inside. He hummed softly as he walked in.

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