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The Rocky Road Of Mystery Men, Aliens & families

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Gift of a Family Series.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Book two of my Gift of a Family series. Multi pairings and eventually more crossovers but will start with just Buffy and Stargate.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Past Donor)FireDragonFR15712,88199522,8343 Jul 103 Sep 14No


Chapter 3, Pangera.

A.N. I am sorry about the long wait for the updates on this. My laptop died and my backups were not as backed up as they should have been. So I lost just about everything, including contact info for my beta readers. Consequently this chapter is not beta read.

Also to clarify for those who know SG-1 well; in this story line Season 6 Episode 10 Cure never happened…yet. Also Season 6 episode 19 The Changeling hasn’t happened yet either. So Teal’c still has Junior. and there is no such thing as Tritonan yet. Also the Tok’ra queen Egeria isn’t dead yet either.


Finally the time had come for Buffy’s first trip through the Stargate. General Hammond always liked to have those new to gate travel go to a friendly and relatively safe world for their first trip. So he decided to have Buffy go with the Tok’ra agents SG-1 had requested to join them on Pangera. So she met with a female Tok’ra naked Kamel and a male Tok’ra named Malek.

“You are to be just an observer this time out Buffy.” General Hammond stressed to her just before she was about to leave. “I don’t expect you to have to do anything this time out nor do I expect there to be a need for your particular talents.”

“Good to know Sir. Should something unexpected happen,” Buffy asked?

“Then you will take your orders from Colonel O’Neill.”

So far things were a little dull. Apparently the Pangerans had created a super drug from a captured Goa’uld queen but they couldn’t duplicate it and the captured queen was dieing. At first the Tok’ra were impressed that people could come up with such a use for the Goa’uld. Until they found out that it was their own queen Egeria that was being used for experimentation. Then they threw a hissy fit. Though Buffy decided she couldn’t blame them for being upset. If someone had used a member of Buffy’s friends or family for experimentation she would have not only demanded they stop, she would have dealt out retribution in kind.

Instead the tok’ra, Kamel sacrificed herself to give her host over to Egeria putting the Pangerans in danger. They relied on the super drug they created called tretonin to stay alive but they had to continue taking it or die.

In the end the queen Egeria decided to make a last act in helping the pangerans with the Tretonin. She had just finished explaining how to save the people when Buffy decided she had to try something. A Tok’ra Queen could help not only the Tok’ra but the rebel Jaffa who were in need of young symbiotes to live.

“Jack, I am not sure if it would work but I could try healing her with my super doper sudoku sword.”

Jack blinked he hadn’t even thought of her being able to heal with her sword.

“I thought you weren’t sure how to use that thing,” he asked?

“I am not sure I can, but I would like to try. I had some dreams recently that may help me to use it.”

“To what is this woman referring,” Egeria asked?

“With your permission, Buffy will try to heal you. She has a special sword that heals and kills; depending on how she uses it.”

“Why didn’t you say anything before,” Malek asked? “If you can heal her you must!”

“I can try, but I can’t promise it will work.”

“My only other choice is death, please proceed.”

Buffy drew her sword placing the tip to the stone floor beside her, kneeling she kept her left hand on the hilt of her sword and placed her right hand on Egeria’s head. Silently she willed health and energy to flow through her and into Egeria. At first nothing happened but then she could feel a great wave of energy flow through her into Egeria. Then she found herself exhausted and dizzy. She collapsed to the ground Jack and Daniel rushed forward to help her.

“Buffy sweetheart are you ok,” Jack asked? “Talk to me.” He further commanded.

“Ouch.” Buffy moaned “did it work?”

Daniel and Jack turned to look at the woman on the bed who did seem to look much better. The Tok’ra, Malek checking her over stated, “Her vital signs have improved greatly. She will live for a while longer at least.”

“I can feel it, I may even have enough strength and health to spawn a new Tok’ra queen.” Egeria stated smiling.

Malek bowed to Buffy stating, “I thank you, all the Tok’ra owe you their gratitude and thanks for what you have done here today.”

Buffy smiled in return but quickly fell asleep in her fathers arms.

“Something is wrong with her, lets get her back to the infirmary NOW.” Daniel growled his protective instincts once again roaring to life around the tiny blond.

“Please allow us to take a look at her with our scanning device here. It will tell us instantly what is wrong with her.” The Tok’ra asked stepping forward as Jack stood up with Buffy in his arms.

Jack was clearly feeling torn about trusting the Tok’ra but finally stepped forward to allow her to be scanned.

A moment later Malek pronounced that Buffy was simply suffering from exhaustion and would make a full recovery.

“Thank you but no offense I want my people to give us a second opinion on that.”

“You do not trust me?” Malak asked clearly surprised. “I owe her for the life of my queen.”

“It isn’t so much that we don’t trust you. It is just that she is very special to us and we want to be absolutely sure.” Daniel tried to smooth things over.

“That and we don’t trust you,” Jack added.


Back at the SGC Sam stopped by the infirmary to see how Buffy was doing. She was sleeping soundly with Jack sitting at her bedside. Thinking back over the last few weeks she found herself certain that her hypothesis concerning Buffy Summers O’Neill was indeed correct.

Just being around Buffy over the last week Sam knew she was a lot like Jack in many ways; their sense of humor, their ability to go from playful to deadly serious in a heartbeat. Mostly she knew they both were more intelligent than they liked to let on.

She had quickly come to suspect that Buffy were far more intelligent than she pretended to be. The first clue was the ancient artifact she had assembled perfectly. When asked about it Buffy claimed that it must be some kind of weapon and explained that the Slayer within her had an innate instinctual knowledge of any weapon touched.

However the devise had turned out to be a storage devise for music, art and knowledge, Daniel had salivated over it before taking it to his lab to study and translate. The team plus Buffy had been forced to make sure Daniel ate and slept for days after that.

Meanwhile, Sam started watching Buffy closely while trying not to let her know. At first she was about ready to believe that Buffy assembling the artifact was a fluke of some kind. Then she noticed the number of projects and puzzles would find themselves mysteriously solved after a visit from Buffy. Buffy also had a tendency to run into people just outside of Sam’s lab just when Sam would be explaining about crystal technology to the other scientists. Finally, she got permission to check security footage of her lab, proving it was indeed Buffy who was secretly helping out.

“How is Buffy doing?” she whispered to Jack.

“Apparently she is just exhausted and will make a full recovery.” Jack replied looking at his daughter with worry in his eyes despite being told she would be fine.

“That is good. Sir, I need to talk to you about her. There is something you should see.” Sam motioned toward the door. Jack was obviously hesitant to leave so Teal’c offered to sit with her while Jack was gone.

Jack listened as she explained her findings.

“Carter, she was probably just trying to help out but didn’t want to have people know and bother her with boring geek stuff. Danny already tries to get her to help him translate things all the time. She is never sure if she should stay and flirt with him or run from the linguist.”

“I don’t think that is it Sir. I was trying to solve a complicated problem on a whiteboard the other day. Buffy came in and looked at it for a few minutes and said it looked like gobble-de-goop but then she said something that directed me to the answer. When I asked her about it straight out she said she didn’t know what I was talking about, but she looked nervous. I don’t think she plays dumb just to get out of work or just to get people to underestimate her.”

Jack’s eyebrows drew together in anger. “Dam it!”

“Sir?” Sam asked in concern. “What is it?”

“I think I know why. She shouldn’t feel like she has to hide her intelligence unless she wants to!” Jack hissed. “I need to talk to her to know for sure.”

“If I am right, she has genius potential, we need her to stop hiding her intelligence and help us.” She advised.

“I will talk to her Carter but I won’t make any promises. Her safety comes first.” Jack smirked a little smile to soften his news.

“What could be dangerous about letting her brilliance shine?” Sam asked.

“The same people who kidnapped her two older half-brothers might target her too.” Jack explained causing Carter’s eyes to go wide in surprise.

A.N. The half brothers are a reference back to Gift of a Family chapter 26. An Old Mystery Revealed. where Buffy and Jack talk about a mystery surrounding Joyce and the sad tragedy of how her first two son's were kidnapped before she ever met Jack. She was on the run from some mystery men and Jack helped her with a new identity.
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