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The Rocky Road Of Mystery Men, Aliens & families

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Gift of a Family Series.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Book two of my Gift of a Family series. Multi pairings and eventually more crossovers but will start with just Buffy and Stargate.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Past Donor)FireDragonFR15712,88199522,8613 Jul 103 Sep 14No

The Grass Isn’t Greener on the Other Side

A.N. This first chapter will be longer than usual. It has not been beta read. and it is the second book in my Gift of a Family series. It starts off a little silly. : )


'The grass is always greener on the other side. Nope; not helping.'

'People always want what they can’t have until they get it. Hindsight isn’t helping.'

'Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Hindsight again.'

'Patience is a virtue. I am not that virtuous.'

'Don’t kill your father because you only have the one. Ok we can try to chant that one.' Buffy decided in her mind as she stormed through the halls of the SGC. Maybe it will help.

Mostly no one knew about Buffy’s slayer abilities yet still they jumped aside seeing the angry and nearly feral look in her eyes as she made her way toward the gym.

“Buffy!” Jack called out seeing her.

“Speak of the Devil. I will not kill my father. I will not kill my father.” Buffy grumbled as she ignored him and continued on her way.

“I am still not talking to you.” She called out a little louder and increased her pace her shoulders tense and anger burning in her eyes.

“Hey Kiddo wait up. I really want to apologize and get you to move in with me.”

Buffy froze on the spot and turned to her father and started stalking him like a lioness preparing for the kill.

“Really?” She hissed in a whisper. Jack could swear he could hear her mumbling something about not killing her dad over and over.

“Do you even know what you are apologizing for this time?” She asked with fire in her eyes.

“Whatever you are mad at me for?” He asked with an innocent expression on his face.

“Ug! I don’t believe you!” Buffy cried out and clenched her fists in anger.

“Look Kiddo I know you are angry.”

“Angry? I am well and truly beyond that point Jack. Shall we recap for you? I can’t believe I wished that you were my father before I knew you were my father!” She growled to herself and started pacing before him like a caged tigress. “Flashback, my first night in Colorado Springs.”

Jack winced. “I thought we got past that?”

Ignoring him Buffy continued, “First you fought with Daniel to get him to stay away from me. Then when I am on my date with Paul you show up and announce to the entire night club that I am horny.”

“I am really, really sorry about that and it was totally not my fault. How was I to know that the music would die in the middle of my sentence? I thought you forgave me for that after a couple weeks of torture.”

“I am not finished! You were supposed to be home having your bonding night with Daniel and Teal’c. Instead you dragged them with you to stalk me while I was on a date.”

“I was not stalking you!”

“I forgave you...eventually and talked to you about interfering in my love life. You agreed to stop doing that, but then you went off and took revenge on Parker while I was in Gate Certification.”

“Hey he deserved everything he got and more!” Buffy couldn’t help the small smile on her face as she remembered Jack’s revenge before she remembered why she was angry at her father.

“That is beside the point! I can take care of myself and you had already agreed to stop interfering. I forgive you again and you promised again to stop interfering. Jack I am an adult now and if I want to boink the boys on base in our downtime that would be between me and them.”

“Ack!” Jack cried and covered his ears. “Buffy!”

“What did you threaten them with?” Buffy demanded.

“Who?” Jack asked once again all innocence and confusion.

“The guys on level 20. Yesterday I was making friends with them and today they are afraid to even look at me! Look not that it is ANY of your business but I was just making friends. I am new in town and would like to have some friends.”

“I am sorry.”

“I have been hearing that from you a lot lately, yet it keeps happening! How am I supposed to believe that you are sorry when you keep doing it?”

“Buffy, I really am sorry. I want you to have friends. I just heard them talking about you and what they were saying had me seeing red. I couldn’t help myself. Is there any way I can get you to forgive me and move in with your old man?”

Buffy sighed and looked at the ceiling in supplication. It wasn’t like she could stay mad at him forever, she totally sucked at holding grudges and he was her father. Yet, she was at a complete loss as to how to resolve his overprotective streak with her.

Buffy opened her mouth to accept his apology when there was a sudden commotion at the end of the hallway. Doctor Felger was scrambling around picking up papers and books he had somehow dropped.

Taking pity on the poor scientist Buffy stepped forward to help him and started picking up a stack of papers for him.

“Here let me help you with that.” Buffy offered.

“Buffy!” He cried out looking between Jack and Buffy in apparent terror. His face was ghostly white and his hands were shaking wildly. “NO! No thank you I...I have this. I can get this no problem. I wasn’t trying to get you to come help me because I wouldn’t do that. I...I like someone else!”

“Um, o.k. good to know.” Buffy stated handing him his papers.

Dr Felger looked to Jack with terror in his eyes. “I really wasn’t trying anything. Because I would never do that!”

Buffy closed her eyes and prayed for patience.

“You threatened the scientists too?” She cried out in shock and disbelief.

“I never said anything to him!” Jack cried out while Doctor Felger continued to repeat never ever ever.

“Hey!” Buffy finally cried out offended at how adamantly he was denying ever being remotely interested in her. “Calm down it isn’t like I was lying in wait to seduce you.” She turned to her father with fire once again burning in her eyes. “Take care of this Jack I have had it! This is ridiculous!” Then continued down the hall way even more angry then when she started.

“Crap.” Jack grumbled and turned to the scientist who had frozen with a far off look on his face that was slowly turning into a very happy smile.

“FELGER!” He cried out.

“What? I...I wasn’t thinking about Buffy seducing me! Honest I was thinking about someone else entirely! I swear!”

“Felger.” Jack took a deep breath, “Where did you get the idea that I would hurt you if you pursued my daughter romantically?”

“Everyone knows.” Felger admitted and at Jack's very irritated glare cried out. “I...I’ll just go get these papers filed.” This said he took off down the hall oblivious to the papers he was losing in his haste to escape the angry Colonel.

“Crap. How am I going to fix this?” Jack asked himself.


Teal’c stood watching the tiny blond as she killed the punching bag in front of her. She was obviously venting a great deal of anger. The bag broke from it’s chain and she growled in frustration causing him to lift an eyebrow in surprise.

“Is something troubling you Buffy Summers O’Neill?”

“My father is completely psychotic.”

“O’Neill has been acting in a most unusual manner, but I do not believe that he would ever kill people in showers.”

“Not psycho like the movie, psycho like totally insane. Did you know he even threatened Doctor Felger?”

Both of Teal’c’s eyebrow’s rose at that.

“I am just trying to vent my frustration with him but I keep breaking the equipment.”

“Perhaps you would like to spar. I must admit that I have been curious of your abilities as the slayer.”

“No way in the mood I am in I’m afraid that I might break you.”

“I would welcome the challenge. I have not been able to find anyone who can make me work at my fighting. I am concerned that I am going to start to lose my skills.”

“I get that. I have the same problem finding someone to spar with.” Buffy considered for a moment. “ I am not too anxious for the whole base to find out about my slayer-ness abilities.”

“We can keep it private.” Teal’c assured her.

Buffy’s smile was blinding. “Well then let’s go. I will try not to break you.”

“I shall endeavor not to harm you either.”

Together they locked the doors and sparred for hours, both warriors delighted to find someone who could keep up with the other so well. In the end they emerged together from the locked gym both covered in sweat and smiling. It was around the base in twenty minutes with a betting pool about if Jack would be able to intimidate Teal’c from leaving Buffy alone or not.

“Teal’c will you be my spartner?” Buffy asked as they walked to the lifts.

“I am unfamiliar with that term.”

“Sparring plus partner equals spartner.”

“I would be most honored.”

“Great, stick with me and we will get you caught up on pop culture and slang of all kinds. You are my first new friend since coming here. You wouldn’t happen to like old badly dubbed Kung Fu movies would you?”

Teal’c’s eyebrows rose but before he could reply she continued. “I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t but my friends and I used to watch them together all the time. Ever since we scattered to the winds it just isn’t fun watching them by myself. Though Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master can still be good.”

“I do like those kind of movies; I especially enjoy Bruce Lee. However, no one ever wants to watch them with me.”

“I am your girl. Er, while not actually being your girl. What I meant was your girl to watch Kung Fu movies with. That isn’t to say that we couldn’t do other things together or that I couldn’t be your girl but I only just met you and that wasn’t what I meant to imply. Please stop me from talking before I say anything else to totally embarrass myself.”

“Do not be embarrassed I am looking forward to being your spartner as well as having a friend to watch Bruce Lee movies with.”

“Thanks Teal’c, for everything. I am looking forward to movie night too.”

“No Buffy Summers O’Neill it is I who should be thanking you. If we are both still on world this weekend perhaps we can get together for a movie night.”

“I would like that Teal’c.”

Showered and changed Buffy decided that while most of the men on base were afraid to be around her maybe she should concentrate on making friends with the other ladies on base. This decided she went to visit Janet, a civilian scientist named Chloe and her next stop was visiting with Sam. She was feeling much better and there was a slight spring to her step as she entered the lab to see Sam and some guy working intently on a project.

“Just a minute please.” Sam called out to whoever it was that had entered the lab without even looking up to see who it was. Rodney Mackay did however and smirked in the young blonde's direction before getting back to work with Sam. This visit to the mountain was becoming very interesting.

It wasn’t long focusing on the project they were working on before they forgot all about the person who had come to visit them. Buffy meanwhile couldn’t hold still or keep from being curious about all the projects around the room.

A half hour later Sam turned from their project to finally notice Buffy who was inspecting one of the artifacts from P-17135.

“Buffy?” She asked in surprise and a little guilt normally whoever had come to visit would either leave or remind her that they had come to visit.

Said girl jumped to attention and smiled widely. “Sorry, neat stuff you have here.”

Rodney didn’t bother looking up while he replied, “This ‘neat stuff”is very sensitive and shouldn’t be messed around with by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.”

“That rules out everyone on the planet Rodney.” Sam spoke up with an arched eyebrow.

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to cause problems I just wanted to see if Sam wanted to get together with Janet and the girl on the other science level um Chloe! Chloe is her name. And go for coffee or shopping or something. New girl in town and was wanting to make friends.” She babbled as she slowly backed toward the door. “But, you are busy so I will just go.” Turning Buffy left before she could get into too much trouble for messing with the alien devises.

“Wait, Buffy.” Sam ran to the door but said girl was already gone.

“Good job Rodney.” She growled sarcastically. “The poor girl will probably never come back to see me again.”

“Please I did you a favor. Barbie might be as sexy as sin but she is obviously lacking in the brains department. You wouldn’t want her to come back and mess with this stuff. She could have blown up the mountain.”

Sam had frozen looking at the project that had been giving her the most fits as she tried to reassemble it. She had given up on reassembling it and was planning on sending it with Rodney back to Area 51.

“I think you are wrong about that Rodney.” She stated pointing at the now assembled object.

“That’s impossible she obviously did it wrong.”

Sam had been looking it over and it looked fully assembled. Reaching over she closed the shield doors and turned the machine on. It emitted a low hum indicating that it was ready for use.

“Ok, so it was a fluke. No way could Barbie pull something like that off again.”

“Her name is Buffy.” Sam enunciated as if talking to a moron. She wanted to get to know Jack’s grown daughter since meeting her but now she wanted to get to know her much more.

“Oh but she is hot though.” Rodney went on.

“She is Colonel O’Neill’s daughter.” Sam stated and watched Rodney’s face.

“ limits then?”

“That would be a safe bet.”

“What about you? I know you want me.”

“In your dreams Mackay.” She stated leaving the room.

“Every night.” He admitted to himself.

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