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Three Hundred Years

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Summary: You never forget the boy who gave you your first kiss. Especially if he’s the ghost who saved your life.

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NCIS > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
Movies > Hocus Pocus
JmariaFR1356,7680319,4714 Jul 1014 Mar 12Yes

Spitting Image

Title: Three Hundred Years
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-13
Disclaimer: NCIS is owned by Bellasario, Hocus Pocus is owned by Disney.
Summary: You never forget the boy who gave you your first kiss. Especially if he’s the ghost who saved your life.
Words: 2,034
A/N: I have loved Sean Murray since Hocus Pocus. I actually squeed the first time I made the connection between human!Binx and my loveable McGee.

Three Hundred Years
Spitting Image

NCIS Agent Timothy McGee stared dumbfounded as the pretty woman ran away from him. Not that it was something new. Gorgeous looking suspects ran from him all the time. Of course not all of them babbled out a weird name, kissed them, and then ran away. He really hoped that Tony never learned of this, but from the look on both Ziva and Gibbs’ faces, he had a sinking feeling that everybody would know about this.

Ziva would blab just so she could rub in the fact that Tony, who’d chosen to go with the hot sports car back to Abby’s make-shift lab while McGee got kissed by a random person. Gibbs would want to know who the girl was, who she thought McGee was, and if it was connected to their current case at all.

“I - I don’t know what that was, boss,” Tim couldn’t help but blush a little at the eagle eye stare of his former Marine Sniper boss. “I’ve never been to Salem.”

“You sure about that?” Leroy Jethro Gibbs just continued to stare at him.

“Uh, maybe once or twice when I was a kid. But -”

Thankfully, he was cut off by the buzz of Gibbs’ cell phone. When he was sure that neither Ziva or Gibbs were watching, he gently pressed his fingers to his lips. He barely noticed the odd looks both of his colleagues were giving him.

“Something is not right, Gibbs,” Ziva frowned at McGee’s back.

“Ya think? Get DiNozzo away from the car and look up that name the girl mentioned. Don’t distract Abby. I need her focused on the case, not on McGee’s love life.”

“Got it.”

“McGee, you’re with me.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Right behind you, boss.”


Tony was tossing a ball against the wall of the lab Abby had acquired, bored out of his skull. The flashiness of the hot rod had been short lived. And to be honest, he could be pestering Ziva and McGee, and you know, solving the case.

Which is why he perked up like an abandoned puppy the minutes Ziva pushed her way through the doors.

“What’s up?”

“A tail Gibbs would like us to pursue.”

“Who does he want us to tail? The wife? I knew it, it’s always the wife.”

“Not unless the ‘wife’ is guy, Tony,” Abby snorted from the computer.

“It’s an unrelated angle,” Ziva answered. “A different route.”

“A trail?” Tony frowned at her.

“Yes,” Ziva muttered. “One that I cannot divulge.”

“Why not?” Abby whipped around in her chair, Ziva’s allusiveness drawing the Goth’s attention away from her tests.

“Nothing, a name that came up in the investigation.”

“Then why didn’t Gibbs tell you to give it to me.”

“We can do our own footwork -”

“Legwork,” Tony corrected.

“Either one works, Tony,” Abby rolled her eyes.

“Besides, you are needed to run the tests here.”

“Has Gibbs never heard of multi-tasking? Cause I’m fairly good at it.”

“Abby, it’s not a matter of you being good - it’s a matter of priority,” Ziva sighed. “The case is high priority, this is not.”

“Then why is Gibbs pulling two of you off to do it?” Abby glared at them before the beep of her computers drew her back. “Whatever. I’ll find out what it is anyway. I have ways of making Tony talk.”

“Me? Why do you have ways of making me talk? I’m not the one being all super-secret about it!”

“Perhaps it is because I was trained by Mossad?”

“You can’t keep using that tired old line, Ziva,” Tony made a face at her. “No, seriously, why is it always me?”

“It’s not always you, sometimes it’s McGee, but he’d not here, so it falls to you to be the informant,” Abby gave him a quick grin.

“I do not gossip or inform. I speculate…out loud sometimes.”

“And you will inevitably ‘speculate’ to Palmer, who’ll blurt it out to Ducky, who will share it with me if I ask nicely,” Abby turned away from them again.

After grumbling for a few minutes, Tony reluctantly followed Ziva out of the building. He barely waited until she was - reluctantly - in the passenger seat before pestering her.

“What was that all about back there?”

“A strange woman came up to McGee and kissed him.”

“Funny,” Tony laughed. “For a second I almost thought you said McGee. Surely you meant Gibbs or even yourself.”

“She called McGee an odd name -”

“What a shock there.”

“Thackary Binx.”

“And what does that have to do with our dead Marine?”

“That is what Gibbs would like us to find out.”

After much bickering, they pulled into the lot for the Adams Public Library. Abby wouldn’t be able to hack into their phones and trace their search that way. After flashing their credentials to the elderly librarian, they made their way over to the bank of computers. Tony henpecked the name into the search engine and waited.

“I am not sure you spelled it right,” Ziva muttered.

“You’re looking up the Sanderson Sisters legend?”

Both agents turned around at the dark haired man with glasses. He looked to be in his early thirties and wore a librarian’s badge on his chest.

“Uh, come again?” Tony frowned at the man.

“Thackary Binx and the Sanderson sisters?” the librarian motioned to the screen. “Mrs. Applebaum said you were federal agents. What are federal agents doing looking into an old town legend?”

“This Thackary Binx is part of a local legend?” Ziva shared a confused look with Tony.

“Yeah, everyone knows it. There’s a museum and a memorial park dedicated to them.” The librarian frowned at them and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Really, Mr. ?”

“Ernie. Ernie Ingalls.”

“Wow, you’re parents must have -” Tony cut himself off, realizing he was just about to insult their one good lead.

“Hated me? Yeah, I know,” Ernie rolled his eyes. “Anyway, the computer won’t tell you anything. Just the basics, really.”

“Is this the part where you suggest who might tell us more than just the basics?” Tony asked after a moment of drawn out silence.

“The Dennisons. Dani’s devoted half her life to getting the Binx park up and running. Started fundraising for it when she was eight. Max and his wife Alison own the Sanderson Museum”

“This Dani would not be about my height with light brown hair and frequent the coffee shop on Fifth and Butcherson?”

“Yeah. Dani’s always there this time of day. She finishes her work at the animal shelter and stops there before doing the afternoon city tours of the graveyards and hanging grounds,” Ernie seemed to put two and two together. “What did the brat do now? Everybody knows you’re in town investigating that Marine’s death. Dani’s got nothing to do with that guy, and besides he was married.”

“We can’t discuss the findings of an ongoing investigation, more than to say Ms. Dennison is a person of interest at this time.” Tony cleared his throat. “Do you know where we might find her now?”

“Probably Max and Alison’s place. She watches her nieces sometimes for them. I’m telling you, Dani was not involved in that guy’s death. She may be a know-it-all brat who thinks she owns the town on occasion, but she doesn’t mess with married men. Hell, she’s lived like a nun since she left for college.”

“Then you are a close friend of Ms. Dennison?” Ziva crossed her own arms, her eyes narrowing.

“I have been since ‘93 when she and her brother Max pulled me out of a cage over a boiling vat of water,” Ernie snapped, a bit of a lisp to his voice as he got more agitated. “She’s like a kid sister to me and our friend Jay.”

“Can we have that address?”

Fifteen minutes later they were in front of a clapboard house painted a sunny yellow. Riding toys were strewn across the yard, and two little girls were playing with dolls on the front porch.

“Ugh, kid alert,” Tony winced a bit as the two dark blonde girls clapped eyes on him.

“Whaddya want?” the older of the girls glowered at him, standing in front of her little sister.

“Hi there, sweetheart, is your mommy or daddy home?” Tony smiled down at them.

“Ma! There’s a creepy old dude out here!” the girl shouted at the top of her lungs.

“Emily, what did I tell you -” a pretty blonde woman in her early thirties rushed out the door, a chubby bald baby on her arm. “Can I help you?”

“Allison, is that Dani?” a dark haired man stepped out behind her, another chubby bald baby in his arms.

“Mr. Dennison, we’re with NCIS. Have you seen your sister Danielle today?” Ziva asked.

“What’s NCIS?” Emily of the Loud Mouth frowned at them. “And what do you want with my Aunt Dani?”

“Emily, go inside and see if Grandmother Stone needs some help?” Max Dennison handed his baby off to the older girl.

“Grandmother Stone,” Emily muttered. Obviously helping her grandmother was a punishment for talking back that way to grown-ups.

“Sorry, she’s nine. She thinks she knows everything,” Max said as soon as the girls and one of the babies were inside the house. “Just out of curiosity, what is NCIS and what do you want with my sister Dani?”

“Naval Criminal Investigative Service. We’re here investigating the death of a Marine. Dani came up as a person of interest.”

“The guy was in his fifties and married. Dani would never be involved with that guy.”

“Do you know where your sister is now?”

“I wish. She was supposed to watch the kids for us when Allison’s grandparents came over,” Max sighed.

“Do you know where we could find her?” Ziva asked.

“She’s off tonight, so she’ll probably be at our parents house. They’re out of town for their anniversary. Dani moved back in when she came home from college.”

“If you hear from her, please contact us,” Tony smiled at them. “We’ll get out of your hair.”

Max shared a look with his wife and waited until the agents were gone. Allison nodded her head.

“Something’s wrong. If she’s not here, Dani won’t be at home,” Max frowned.

“Call Jay and see if she stopped by the museum. It’s close to Halloween, Max, you know how she gets sometimes,” Allison bounced the baby in her arms. “At least Ernie gave us the heads up.”

“Dani lived on the other side of town from that guy who was killed, and the only older men in her life are Ernie and Jay. Ernie’s engaged and Jay’s into guys,” Max sighed.

“Something happened at the Witching Hour, Ernie said they mentioned the shop. I’ll call Margo and ask her if she saw anything.”

“Are you gonna hate me forever if I bail on your grandparents?” Max frowned.

“You know where Dani went, Max. It’s best you find out what happened at the Witching Hour from her first before you lay the whole ‘federal agents are after you’ on her,” Allison shrugged, not looking forward to the visit with her grandparents and dealing with four kids. But what else could she say? Dani was in trouble and they had to get to the bottom of it.

“Have I told you how lucky I am to have such a great wife?” Max grinned at her and gave her a quick kiss.

“Don’t I know it. You owe me big time, Dennison.”

Max hurried to his car and drove quickly to the cemetery where Emily and Thackary Binx were interred. He didn’t notice as Tony and Ziva tailed him.

“Why would he go to a cemetery after speaking with us?” Ziva frowned.

“Well, if my sister had an unhealthy obsession with a dead boy from the 17th century and built up a life around him, chances are she’d be the kind of girl to hang out in a cemetery,” Tony grinned at her.

“So she is in the cemetery with a dead boy.”

“Still doesn’t explain why she kissed McProbie.”

“Or why she called McGee by the dead boy’s name.”
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