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Heaven or Hell or Magic

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Summary: Three very different people come together to save all the Universes

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic XanderXanderLuvsAllFR1574,92701311,9304 Jul 1011 Feb 11No

Meeting the In-Laws

As ONE they reached out to Castiel and drew him to them, holding him close to Them while Cas tried to figure out what they were doing and if he should smite them. Xander held onto the Angel while looking to his twin, who was watching them all in amusement. While Phoebe was unsure of exactly what was going on here, she was aware enough to know that Xander was in no danger. That the men he was with were..his in a way that she had never before experienced. Their emotions were even on the same wave length, as if they all felt the same thing at the same time. It amazing experience to feel and one that made her very happy for her twin.

Dean was surprised but happy at Harry and Xander reaction to Cas's appearance and happily touched Cas while keeping the contact with HIS mates. Finally he had something that was truly his, without anyone else having a claim to them that was stronger. Something that had nothing to do with Sammy and thus not something that Sam could ruin like he ruined so much..Though, wow, that sounded incredibly bitter. And he hadn't meant to sound that way. Sure they had gone their own way after Sam had trusted a demon..A DEMON, over his own brother but Dean...Didn't know what to do when it came to Sam. He loved him but he no longer trusted him in anyway that mattered.

Harry was unsure of how to take all of this and so just focused utterly on his mates, who completed him. This was an entirely new situation for him to deal with and while he would never wish for it to be lost, Harry did wonder what he should do now. He was bound to two people and..connected to a angel, which he hadn't believed existed until Dean told Xander and he about Hell, Lucifer and the angels. All of it was just...bat-shit crazy and unlike anything he had ever dealt with and for him that was really saying something.

Castiel was simply tying to figure out what these new people had done to Dean. Thanks to the bit of Grace that resided inside Dean after he raised him from Perdition, Cas could 'feel' the connection between the three of them and knew it was meant to be. That his Father had intended this union to be. So what was Cas to do about it as while he was still trying to understand his.. feelings for Dean, he did understand enough to know that with two soul-mates there was no room left for him in Dean's life. So what would he do now without Dean as his focus, his everything.

Everyone else was just staring at the four of them, trying not to look at the gorgeous flesh revealed. Well, most were. Phoebe, Piper,Prue and Paige were just trying to figure out how their brother had just gotten two mates. The four of them simply could not comprehend how this had come about, how Xander's freewill had so been taken from him to such a degree that who he was to be with. They didn't like it that Xander didn't have a choice in the matter, though they did hope that this....Whatever this was would make their brother happy.

All of them were just standing and thinking to themselves until finally Dawn just exploded." Okay, whatever this is.. Lets just go home and deal with it there.....Of course, our home is now a crater so..."Piper couldn't help but to laugh at Dawn's bewildered expression as she stepped forward.

"Lets all go to the Manor to figure this all out. Okay." They all looked at each other though all Xander, Harry and Dean cared about was what their mates wanted. The three of them nodded slowly, unwilling to be separated but willing to go elsewhere as long as they were together. Xander and Willow joined together and opened a portal and everyone walked threw it. Immediately upon arrival, the children ran to Xander and hugged him tightly. They had worried desperately for him, had wanted to go find him
themselves and would have if not for the combine effort of the Charmed Ones and Willow, they would have. Losing their Dada was not something they could handle.

Xander lifted Livia up and cuddled her closely to him as he breathed in her scent. Despite the closeness, the need to be with his mates, he had missed his children on an subconscious level. His children were his life just as his mates were his soul. Xander needed all all of them and together. He would not be separated from either his mates OR his children again. So while holding his daughter closely to him and touching the other, Xander turned around and looked at his mates.

"This is my daughters Livia,Hope and Juilanna and my son Julian." Dean and Harry looked at them and smiled, a part of their mate. Thus they were all perfect. Though they did make Harry yearn for his own children.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Heaven or Hell or Magic" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Feb 11.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking