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Heaven or Hell or Magic

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Summary: Three very different people come together to save all the Universes

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic XanderXanderLuvsAllFR1574,92701311,9304 Jul 1011 Feb 11No

Becoming Heroes

Disclaimer: Don't own anything. Buffy, Supernatural,HP,Tw, Charmed and Anita all belongs to their verses creators.

On a dark and vastly stormy night, a child was abandoned at the door of the town drunks, the Harris. In a twist of fate though, the Harris weren't home that night. And so the baby was found by Elena Kennedy-Medici-Montogermory-Orleans. Who saw what the child would one day become thanks to her Sight, a Champion, a hero of All That Was Good and once dead, the Power That Is. So she took him home to her husband, James and they decided to make him theirs, in all ways. Thanks to James being an extremely powerful sorcerer he was able to do a spell that caused the child to have four genetic parents. The child was then put into Elena, who was already eight months pregnant with a girl. A week later Elena gave birth to Alexandria Lindsey Elena and Alexander Lavelle James, Me.

Normal wasn't exactly what you could call my childhood, thanks to being the heir of the richest man in the world. Being called the Prince of America by the press but it was still great. Loved my family and my life. Jet-setting around the world, seeing exotic places and being able to do whatever I wanted. Though sadly I still had to go to school. Liked some of it because of my twin Alexa and my best friends Jesse & Willow. And then... everything changed.

For my parents, our parents died, killed by terrorists protesting some of my father's business practices in the East. After that nothing was the same. Our uncle Lorenzo allowed us to stay in Sunnydale. Not wanting to uproot us but our parents were dead. Leaving Alexa and I alone along with our little brother, Jason. We didn't we know what to do. Eventually we just began to do, everything. From gymnastics to reading everything we could get our hands on. We became so good at gymnastics and ice skating that we went to the Olympics. Both the Summer and Winter Olympics and we got gold medals in it all. We began to heal. Until, at only thirteen, Alexa was diagnostics with stage four cancer. She was dead three months later and I was devastated. My twin, my other half was dead and I was truly alone. I chose to join her and I slit both of my wrists. Willow found me and by that time I barely had half of my blood left. I was actually dead for three minutes. And I swear that Alexa came to me and told me to live. So I did. Spent a few months committed then I came home.

Four months later Buffy Summers arrived and everything changed again.
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