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Summary: Death meets his match. 200 word Odd couple challenge

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Highlander > Anya-CenteredAngrycupcakeFR131226033,02428 Nov 0328 Nov 03Yes
Title: Godlike

Author: Marie

Pairing: Methos/Anya (you'll see why)

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon blah blah blah BTVS. Panzer/Davis blah blah

blah Highlander. I lay no claim. I make no cash. Don't sue me.

Spoilers: None for BTVS. As for Highlander, that whole thing with

Methos's rebellious youth, I'm sorry I don't know the season

(Episode: Comes A Horseman?)

Death rode on horseback and knew no mercy. Truly it was a glorious

ride, he and his brothers laid waste to everything that crossed their

path. Want. Take. Have. That was the rule they lived by. The power of

life and death rested in their hands, they were gods. No one would

dare say different.

As the four horsemen approached their encampment Methos felt a knot

form in his stomach. "Brothers we have done well on this day. What

say we celebrate in my tent with mead?"

"Uh brother, a generous offer indeed, but it has been a long ride and

we wish to rest." Kronos said not quite looking at him. Methos

noticed that Silas and Caspian were doing the same.

"Ah it is of no consequence, another time then." Methos weakly

excused them.

Slaves and servants appeared to relieve them of their many burdens.

Methos walked in the direction of his quarters but stopped short when

he saw her. Anya stood in front of the open flap of his tent waiting

for him. She did not look happy. He paled as he followed her inside.

Steeling himself, Death prepared to deal with one incredibly pissed

off wife.

The End

You have reached the end of "Godlike". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking