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From the Ashes

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Summary: The aftermath of Sunnydale... kinda

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Twilight > Willow-CenteredKarieFR15813,84843810,0705 Jul 1016 Jul 10No

Chapter One

Notes/warnings/spoilers - I know the title's been used before somewhere, but I can't think of anything else right off the top of my head. This fic is pretty much done so you guys who are familiar with me and my nasty habit of dropping fics just when they get good can read this without worry ;)

I took lots of liberties with the final episode of BTVS, twisting it to fit my own little universe. You'll see what I mean as you read it. The only significant change to the rest of the series is Willow's age, which I explain in the fic sooner rather than later. From the LA side of things, I didn't get to watch alot of that series, so they're in the Hyperion, Cordy was made a half-demon because of visions, and Connor never existed... I skim over most of the details regarding their storyline anyway. Any questions that aren't answered through the fic, you can ask me in a review =) As for Twilight, I'm going with the book-verse more than the movies. First two books happened as written. This takes place after Bella and Edward get back to Forks. *takes a breath* Okay... hope that covered it. If not, yell at me and I'll try to explain.

Non-cannon pairings- Faith/Xander(eventually), W/A/Jacob (non-explicit, no worries- I won't go into details in this fic. Maybe in the sequel, but this fic is pretty much setting things up) All other pairings are self-explanatory. Because I don't go into slashy details, or even sexual situations in this fic, I didn't think I needed to put this in the slash category. *shrug* If there's anyone who disagrees, lmk and I'll post a warning.

So... that's it for now. =D Thanks for reading n make sure to review and lmk if I still know how to write.


"What do we do now?" The question was asked softly, spoken from slightly bloodied lips as tired green eyes stared out over what used to be their home. The slight redhead leaned against her best friend since second grade, taking in some of the strength he offered. The last couple of months had been one big drawn-out, never ending fight. They'd lost so much. Not just material objects, though that was going to be a problem once they came back to reality after the high of once again saving humanity.

Anya, Spike, Kennedy.... Willow Rosenburg closed her eyes at the thought of the dark haired girl that had offered so much comfort and love in such a short period of time. She knew the relationship was all about comfort in such a dark time and it wouldn't have lasted much longer than the danger existed. But the thought of the beautiful young woman taken away before her time was enough to make her want to be violently ill. There was a list of the other girls that didn't make it- slayers that Willow herself had activated with the help of the scythe and the higher deities. She could still feel the borrowed power flowing through her veins, and idly she wondered if it would ever leave. Her skin was crawling with it, and the knowledge she'd been the one to send the girls into a battle they never should have seen.

Faith's boy, Robin, was gone. His body had made it out of the sinking town, but that's all that was left. Willow looked over where the dark haired slayer was sitting on the edge of the crevice, looking out with blank eyes. She was holding her arm close to her chest, and the redhead noted that it didn't look quite right.

Forgetting that Xander was talking to her, she moved over to kneel next to the girl she'd once sworn never to trust again. Willow took her arm gently, ignoring the sucked in breath as the new pain registered on the slayer's shocked system. Not even needing to say the words anymore, the redheaded witch healed the break. There was movement, a tightening of dark eyes and a sharp snap as the bone moved back into place. The bone was fused back together, good as new. Too bad she couldn't do that to the wounds etched deeper inside. No amount of magical healing could touch that.

Unless they wanted to forget. Forget the entire thing happened- to go back to square one. Liquid gathered in her eyes as she sat back on her heels next to Faith. She looked back at the school bus containing what remained of the Scooby gang and the potentials-turned-slayers. She could see their mouths moving, could see them taking stock of injuries and supplies, but no sound touched her ears.

She could feel everything- the earth below, the sky above, the deep, buried evil that still lurked underneath the rubble that used to be Sunnydale. But at the same time, she couldn't feel anything at all. It was like the physical world was coming at her from a thousand miles away- just the dimmest of sensations actually making it through. She watched as Buffy came around the corner of the bus and nearly collided with Dawn. They stopped and stared at each other for a short moment, then the sisters were embracing, crying at the close call.

Dazed eyes moved on, seeing Giles sitting in the dirt next to Andrew, looking like he'd aged another five years in the last few weeks. So dignified, even caked in dirt and ashes, clothes torn and filthy. There was blood caked in his silver hair and his glasses were cracked. He wasn't responding to anything the young blonde man was saying, wasn't even looking at him. But that didn't bother Andrew. The nerd was going on excitedly, hands moving in what Willow could guess was a re-enactment of what happened when Spike... died.

Willow's heart gave a rough twist at the thought of the newly ensouled vampire. He'd given his life for them. For Buffy in particular, but Willow didn't hold that against him. The motives meant nothing, the actions meant everything. She knew he'd had it in him to be a hero. Not that he would ever admit it. No, there were some things even a souled Spike would never admit to. Now he wouldn't get the chance to see the love Buffy, herself, hadn't realized she felt until it was too late. It was too late. Far too late, even though Spike had been burned to ashes barely an hour ago.

A big, warm hand touched her chin and Willow's attention was brought back to her best friend. "You okay, Willow-mine?" Xander asked, his one dark eye concerned as he took in her pale, shocked face. Green eyes dark with pain and sensation overload took in his own face, pale under his tan and the sweat and tear streaked dirt.

She nodded silently, then closed her eyes and allowed herself to be pulled into his arms. Only then did the dam break and she started sobbing. Everything she'd been holding in poured out. Not just the final days of Sunnydale- but all the hurts she hadn't had time to allow herself to heal from. Oz, Tara, Warren, Buffy's last death, bringing Buffy back from heaven. Xander's eye, not being able to heal Xander's eye. Kennedy- falling in lust that could have turned deeper with the haughty potential slayer only to lose her again in a mere three weeks. Seeing Spike after he got his soul- the knowledge of how he received it making her sick. Listening to his ramblings when no one else could. Just because he deserved to have someone listen- even if it wasn't the one he really wanted or needed.

Feeling the magick of the scythe flow through her- becoming one with her mother goddess and feeling the divine power fill her so completely she thought her skin would burst with it. Then letting it go, directing it into the slayer line, bringing all the young potentials into their birthright. Then feeling them die, one after another as they faced the demon-spawn that crawled out of the hellmouth.

Still connected to her goddess, she had felt every death- Anya as she was sliced nearly in half, Kennedy as her neck had been snapped by a thing with tentacles. Rona, her throat torn out in a spray of blood and tissue. And another, and another, and another, ending with Spike as he was burned from the inside out, his sacrifice sealing the hellmouth forever and setting off the internal collapse that had destroyed her home.

Xander had pulled her out, finding her in the hallway outside of the office where she'd fallen. He hauled her to her feet and drug her along behind him as he raced to the school bus.

Dimly she felt Faith's arms wrap around both her and Xander. She squeezed her eyes shut so tight she could see little lights behind them. What were they gonna do now?

What they always did. Pick up the pieces and move on.

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