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Xander Season Three

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Xander Ascendant". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Just when Xander thought the worst was over, he gets a call from Willow - Buffy's dead. Also, Dracula is still out there somewhere. But in the end, it's Harry's life that will be thrown off the rails when someone from his past finally catches up with hi

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Chapter Four

Note: Hey guys! So, I know it's been awhile, so long that you might have written this fanfic off as one that would remain forever unfinished, but I has updated! But (yeah, I know, you don't want to see my but) to be honest, the next update might not happen for awhile, because real life is kicking my ass. Earlier this year I was laid off from my long term job, and the job hunt isn't exactly going well, which is trending my emotions negative - i.e. extreme depression and/or anger, and those aren't really moods that are helpful for writing this fanfic. However, because I had gotten the rough draft of this chapter mostly finished before the job loss I was (slowly) able to finish it off and do the editing unaffected by this dark unrelenting mood of mine. The downside is that I probably won't be able to write more on this one until my mood improves, because this fanfic while dark(ish) isn't supposed to be unrelentingly dark.
(Though, good news/bad news - I have about half the next chapter all ready written, but I only have about half of the next chapter all ready wrote.)

Xander Season Three
~Chapter Four~

By dawn, Xander was still sitting at his kitchen table with Harry and Lady Heather where they'd been all night trying to figure out what to do about Dumbledore. Neither Lady Heather or Harry wanted to kill Dumbledore, so they'd been trying to come up with ways to send him home.

They'd also confirmed Xander's thoughts about how Dumbledore arrived. The theory was that somehow Dumbledore had hitched a ride with Buffy. According to Lady Heather the spell they worked, to bring Buffy back, should've created a demon. Well, Xander had been there, and he knew there hadn't been a demon.

They weren't sure how Dumbledore had ended up in hell, though Harry had found that very amusing, but somehow as far as Xander was concerned Dumbledore must have been in hell, and then when they'd worked the magic to pull Buffy out of hell, Dumbledore came through instead of the spell creating a demon.

Lady Heather, on the other hand, insisted something else had happened. She believed that Dumbledore had simply been working a spell in his own reality to find and travel to this one, and that somehow his spell managed to connect with Willow's, and for some reason the universe had allowed that instead of creating a demon.

"Problem is," Xander said as his brain finally worked something out. "He got here once, even if we manage to send him back, he'll be back."

Harry grinned, and Lady Heather's lips quirked.

Xander frowned. He was more tired than he thought if he was reduced to quoting bad movie lines. Or would that be bad movie characters? Xander thought rubbing his eyes. Naw, the big dude was awesome.

"That may be true," Lady Heather admitted, "even if there isn't anyone strong enough to do a resurrection spell."

Xander could hear the clear disapproval in her voice, and he started to point out that it would probably be impossible for that to happen again since the urn they'd used had been the last one, and it had been destroyed.

"However, there may be a way to ban him from returning to this reality."

"How?" Harry said perking up again.

"I would have to consult with," a short pause, "a friend of mine, but I believe it can be done."

"I hate to be a buzz-kill," Xander said, and he really did hate what he was about to point out. "But what's to stop him from sending someone else?"

"There's nothing we can do about that, but perhaps if we send him away he'll get the point," Lady Heather said.

"How long will it take you to find out?" Harry asked.

"I should have an answer by tonight," she replied. "Tomorrow evening at the latest."

Harry nodded, but Xander couldn't help but wonder how they'd be able to hold Dumbledore off until then.

"He'll probably take the rest of the day to recover," Harry said. "And he might try to discover why the magic is painful for him before returning."

Xander nodded.

"And you were caught off guard the first time," Lady Heather added. "I feel certain in saying that won't happen next time."

Xander looked at Harry, and realized she was correct. Harry would be tense and alert until Dumbledore showed up again, which could work against him.

"You should try and sleep this morning," Lady Heather said before Xander had the chance.

Harry nodded. "There's a spell I can use to force myself to fall asleep. Once asleep, I should remain that way until I'm ready to wake."

"Good," Lady Heather said before rising to her feet. "I really must be going if I'm going to get the information we need."

Xander stood. "I'm guessing our appointment is canceled for today," which was almost disappointing, because Xander really did need to talk about all things Sunnydale yet again.

"Walk me out," she said. "And we'll have a quickie," she finished with a wink.

Xander started to laugh, stopped himself, only to end up snorting.

"You okay with that?" Xander asked turning to Harry.

Harry nodded. "I'll be asleep shortly, and I'm sure you won't delay her long."

Over three hours later, when Xander returned home, Harry was indeed sound asleep. He'd ended up returning to Lady Heather's office, and delaying her for over two hours, but at least he felt better about his Sunnydale demons now.

Xander looked around, and decided to grab some sleep himself. He activated the rarely used alarm system. In this neighborhood it was useless, the company nor the cops would respond quickly, but in this case it would act as an early wake up system just in case Harry had guessed wrong about Dumbledore.

~ * ~ * ~

Warrick entered his office, and hoped Penn would be out. He'd been gone longer than expected, but from his point of view it felt as though he'd only been gone about a month, and yet almost five months had passed. He couldn't understand that, but he didn't believe the entire world had moved calenders forward just to screw with him.

At first it had been almost like a visit to the doctor. You arrived, and then you waited, and waited, then waited some more. But after the long wait he'd managed to ask three questions.

"Why have I only gotten two visions from the Powers?"

"You've only gotten one vision from the Powers," was the almost musical reply.


"You only received one vision from the Powers. You were meant to receive one other, but there's been a disruption/distraction/interference."

The last word, or words, over-lapped and echoed in the closed white space which had suddenly seemed like a wide open space.

"Then where did my second one come from?"

"Things are neither clear nor easily understood," the musical voice said, sounding almost confused.

And then the background had become suddenly noisy. It was almost as though there were conversations happening all around him, but none of it was clear enough for him to understand.

Warrick had opened his mouth to ask another question, but before he could ask, he was back in his motel room.

He was also sure he'd never have another vision. It hadn't been a voice, just a certainty that if he did have another vision it would not be one sent by the powers, and that the theory from the voices was that his second vision had been a distraction/diversion.

All that had, for some reason, taken almost five months in real time. He'd been warned before going that in some places, and even around some beings time moved differently, but he hadn't really believed it until now.

Warrick smirked. He had the distinct impression that whoever or whatever he'd been speaking with didn't honestly know much about his second vision, and he suspected that was why he'd been sent away before he could ask. Sometimes people just didn't want to admit they didn't know, and he suspected it would be worse with beings of a higher nature.

He headed for his room, he was going to sleep, then when he woke he'd call Catherine and let her know he was back. After all, it was after nine, she was probably working anyway.

~ * ~ * ~

The tall blond unsnapped her bra, and Xander was instantly hard by the sight of her overly large boobs breaking free of their confinement. There was almost nothing he liked more than the sight of large boobs springing out a bra.

He didn't bother to resist his urges, he reached out and touched them, but only lightly.

She giggled like a clueless blond which drove Xander wild. He got rougher with her beautiful breasts, and she moaned.

Finally, she was under him, and Xander was ready to plow into her, but before he could, she started to ring.

"What the hell?" He asked as the scene before him started to fade.

Moments later his eyes opened, and the dream was gone. He didn't have time to properly mourn, because the phone was ringing.

"Hello," Xander barked.

"Thank goodness," Kate said.

"Kate?" Xander still wasn't quite awake.

"I was attacked."

"What? When?"

"I was attacked by a vampire. Just moments ago," she replied, and Xander realized she was breathing hard.

"Where are you now?"

"Inside my house," Kate said. "I know the rules, he can't get in."

"Is he still there?"

"He was moments ago," she replied. "And Xander, I don't think this was a normal vampire."

Xander tensed. There was a vampire out there that wasn't like the others that Xander still needed to deal with. But he hoped what he was thinking wasn't what was really going on.

Wait! Xander's mind broke in. Isn't it daylight?"

"What time is it?" Xander asked.

"What?" Kate sounded exasperated.

"I was asleep, I went to sleep a few hours after sunrise," Xander said. "I haven't been asleep that long."

"I'm afraid you have, it's after ten," she said. "At night."

Xander jolted up right. As far back as he could remember, Xander had never sleep so long. If she was right, and he had no reason to believe she wasn't, then he'd slept almost twelve hours.

"Okay," Xander said pushing away the mystery of his long sleep. "How do you know this wasn't a normal vampire?"

"Because," Kate replied slowly, giving Xander the impression that she suddenly thought he was stupid. "When I had him, stake in hand, ready to push it in..."

Xander manly refrained from giggling like a twelve year old.

"He turned into some kind of mist," she finished, and Xander's heart sank. "That's when I ran for my front door. Luckily, I had forgot to lock it, otherwise I'd probably be dead now."

Wait, Xander's mind interrupted again. House, front door, when had she gotten a place?

"Will you be all right until sunrise?" Xander asked. He'd go to her if she needed him, he owed her that much, but he wasn't eager to face Dracula without a plan for getting rid of him.

"I know the rules. All lights on, stake in hand, holy water anything that moves."

Xander almost laughed again. He would have to figure out how to use that sentence in conversation himself.

"I should be fine," she said, and now she sounded embarrassed. "I think I just needed to hear a friendly voice."

"Understandable," Xander replied. "And I'm sorry, I think it's my fault you've been attacked."


"I think you were attacked by Dracula," Xander admitted. "He came after me when I went back to Sunnydale last summer, not this past summer, but the summer before that."

"He's the one that turned your mother," Kate said understanding in her voice.

"Yeah," Xander muttered. "With all the things that have been going on, I completely forgot about him."

"What's so bad that would make you forget about this vampire?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Xander replied, and realized he sounded a little harsh. "Sorry."

"That bad, huh?" Kate replied.

"It really is," Xander said. "Anyway, give me your address, and I'll be there first thing after sunrise."

She gave him her address, she lived on the other side of the strip in a much better neighborhood.

"But you don't have to come, I'll be fine."

"I know, but after this call, I'll want to see for myself."

"Thanks, Xander," and Xander could hear the smile in her voice, and it warmed him.

~ * ~ * ~

Author Note (Friday, June 29, 2012): I'm so sorry about the delay(s) on updating. The truth is that I had been moved to full time work and after that I simply didn't have the time/energy to work on fanfic. I'd love to promise that all these fics will eventually be updated/finished, but my current mood won't allow me to promise that. So I'll just say that I haven't actively given up on ANY of them, but in some cases it will be necessary for me to reread what's all ready been posted before moving on to writing more of the story, because in one case I had gotten close to finishing a story chapter (and I won't say which story) when I realized that while the chapter itself was good it did not actually fit with what had come before. So, I am sorry, but it's probably gonna be awhile before any of my stuff sees any updates.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander Season Three" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Aug 11.

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