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Mystical Science

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Summary: Magical meets Science when Rodney McKay meets Xander Harris and loves bloom.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Rodney McKayXanderLuvsAllFR1564,60502111,8006 Jul 1031 Oct 10Yes

Rebirth and Renewal

A month after the death of Rodney, Daniel happily embraced his death due to radiation poisoning. Not even fighting it for Jack as Rodney was his best friend and his wish-he-was -something-else. The fact Sam was dead to didn't help. Jack was devastated but eventually understood and let him Ascended, leaving him behind. Alone. Again. Oma helped Daniel and then guided him to someone that caused him to cry out. For floating before him was Rodney. Daniel immediately rushed forward and they 'merged'. They both held onto each other essences as tightly as possible. Happy to be reunited.

Once they pulled apart, Daniel demanded to know what was going on. So Rodney told him. One: Oma was his mother, she had taken mortal form for a little while, married his dad and had me. Then returned to Ascension. His dad had then met and married Melinda, who he had thought was his mom. Oma had watched over his entire life, protecting his life and assuring that he was safe and happy. Then when he died, she had stepped in and forcibly Ascending him. Causing his eternal hatred as she had prevented him from maybe joining Sam. Daniel was stunned and had no idea what to do.

So Daniel was forced to watch as Rodney kept the other Ascended from him, refused to have anything to do with Earth, the place of Sam' s death and basically withdrew. Then Rodney was just gone. Having been 'seduced' by Anubis, who found Rodney intriguing, beautiful and brilliant. For months Rodney stayed at Anubis side, pampered and sheltered from his grief and even his hatred for Oma. Anubis promised to give him the universe, to never allow him to be hurt again. So Rodney simply let him. Blindly turning his back on what Anubis was doing,uncaring to everything. Even when he was 'with' Daniel, he refused to speak about it. Anubis was his love, the only living one. Though Daniel was....something else.

It was only until Daniel was forcibly descended into human form with no memory did Rodney realize what was going on. So he left Anubis and Descended. Returning to Earth and more importantly Daniel and Jack's side. The three of them came together and Rodney managed to be healed. He was reunited with his children and was happy but he was still mourning. Then Anubis came to Earth after him. Which caused a fast search for Atlantis. Then they found it. Jack absolutely refused to allow Daniel or Rodney to go and the government agreed with him, unwilling to allow the most intelligent man on Earth,galaxy, to leave. Let alone the foremost export on Ancient technology, most especially the Stargate.

It took alot of fast talking to convince the government and alot more for Jack. Jack really didn't want his lover going to a different galaxy, with no way of knowing if he would come back. But eventually Rodney convinced him that he had to. Not only was he needed, he needed to go. Needed to get away from Anubis, away from the memories of Sam and Martouf/Lantash, away from everything. And that while he desperately loved Daniel and Jack, he couldn't be with them anymore. He had used them to move on from his grief and his longing for Anubis. He loved them absolutely but they'd never be able to move past the fact that he was still in love with Sam and Anubis. So even though it devastated him, Jack finally gave his consent to leave.

Before Rodney left for Atlantis, Jack did three main things to protect him. One was to tell Col.Summer that he was to be protected at all costs, no matter what. Two was to speak-threaten Major Sheppard. Who reminded everyone of a younger Jack, who he was attracted to. Thus Jack threatened him with ending his career, torturing him then killing him if he touched Rodney or hurt him. Rodney was outraged when he learned of it and confronted Jack. Jack explained that it was a test. He could see that John was attracted to Rodney as Rodney was to John but if John wasn't willing to risk all for him then he wasn't worth it. Exasperated by his over protective behavior but also finding it a turn on he rewarded/punished him severely in bed that night. The third was to give him a chest of weapons:energy sword,mini staff weapon,lightning thrower, ribbon device, and several guns.

Then after a lovely goodbye with Daniel and Jack the night before Rodney stepped through the Stargate and into another galaxy, receiving a little present once he arrived in Atlantis and a starting of a new life.
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