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Mystical Science

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Summary: Magical meets Science when Rodney McKay meets Xander Harris and loves bloom.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Rodney McKayXanderLuvsAllFR1564,60502111,8006 Jul 1031 Oct 10Yes

The End

Faced with Anubis, the...being he had nearly destroyed All for was rather difficult for him. For a long time he had let Anubis consume him, in his grief and despair over Sam and Martouf/Lantosh's death. Rodney had even grown to love him and it was only at Daniel's 'death' that he realized what Anubis was doing and reacted. by leaving him as he couldn't bring himself to attack him. As he still loved him and not even the fate of the Galaxy could make him kill someone he loved. So instead he fled his galaxy to ensure Anubis wouldn't attack the Earth just to get him back and now he was faced with him in the Pegasus.

So he really didn't know what to do about the situation he suddenly found himself in. Anubis simply smiled at him in his new cloned body while he moved to grab Rodney.Only to find himself facing Athos, who would not allow Koyla...friend to be harmed. Especially not the one who had kidnapped them. So he prepared to kill him only to find himself hitting the wall as Anubis used his powers. Rodney reallllyy didn't know what to do now. He didn't want Athos dead even though he had been horrid to him but nor could he bring himself to attack Anubis.

Xander helped solve the problem by attacking Anubis for him with his magic, something Rodney still had issues with. Magic. Demons. Vampires. All of it caused his science brain to melt. In this case though it was a good thing so he choice not to focus on it. Rodney went over to Athos who was extremely groggy and was bleeding from a deep wound on the back of his head from hitting the wall. Before he could try to bandage the wound Anubis was there and then the two of them were simply gone. Anubis having used beaming technology to get them to his ship. Once they arrived, Rodney quickly pulled away from him and scrambled away.

"Where are we, Anubis?" Anubis laughed as he approached his love, actually happy to once again be in his presence after so long apart. So he simply drew him into his arms and kissed him. Rodney sank into his embrace for a moment but then he remembered Koyla and Xander and would not betray them. Not even to be with Anubis again. So he pulled away and tried to move away again. Anubis simply used his powers to bind him to him.

"You shall never leave my side again, Rodney. I will not allow it. You achieved the impossible of making a Gou'ald love, of making me love. You should have known I would never allow you to leave me. I am possessive of all I claim, did you think I'd be lesser of what I love. You are Mine and nothing shall ever change that. Perhaps its time you accept that and NEVER ALLOW ANOTHER TO TOUCH YOU.......It is only my love for you that prevented me from killing the you were with. Be grateful of my mercy, which I shall never show again. Another touches you and they shall die."

"Your love.....Where WAS YOUR LOVE BEFORE. WHEN YOU NEARLY DESTROYED THE EARTH AND DANIEL....Why did you betray me? I was happy with you for so long until you threatened to destroy my world......WHY?" Rodney couldn't help but to yell repeatedly, he was finally faced with Anubis and he needed to know. Anubis had hurt him deeply. Anubis looked at him and didn't know what to say to that so he just ignored it.

"We are leaving this galaxy behind as we speak and going to a completely new one. The Asgard's abandoned one. There we will be happy. No one else lives there so I will have you to myself. I am giving up my quest for power for you so be happy." Rodney scoffed, unable to believe the gall of the man.

"Happy. Your taking me from the people I love, my family, my home, Earth and you expect me to be happy with you. Did the years battling my mom destroy what was left of your sanity." Anubis frowned at him.

"You will have a long time to accept your new situation. So you will." With that he left the room, locking him in.Rodney knew with an utter, soul crushing certainty that he was right. There would be no rescue this time and even if there was, if Atlantis or the Genii sent someone after him, they wouldn't fair well against Anubis. Not to mention he had been missing for a while so neither Atlantis or the Genii knew where he was. Nor did Earth. And if Athos and Xander was never found, they wouldn't even know Anubis was back and had him. And even if they did discover that, they wouldn't know where to look.

The Asgard were gone, killing themselves, Rodney was going to an empty galaxy with only Anubis for company. He would never see his children again, Koyla, Xander, Jack, Daniel, John, Teyla, Ronon.....all of them were gone. Rodney sank to the floor in despair. He was lost. Forever.

Sequel?.Anyone.? Or shall this be the ending? Would like to know if anyone would care. Happy Halloween

The End

You have reached the end of "Mystical Science". This story is complete.

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