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Something's gotta give

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This story is No. 6 in the series "A Light in the Dark". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dean shows up in a tux to surprise Buffy at the prom but sees her dancing with Angel then comes back to help with the Mayor

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterAstridWinchesterFR13811,272253,9977 Jul 1012 Jul 12No


A/N: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television and Kuzui Enterprises. The show is distributed by 20th Century Fox and the Warner Brothers Television Network. Supernatural belongs to Erik Kripke, Warner Brothers and quite possibly others who are not mentioned here. No money will be made from this fan fiction.

A few minutes before:

Dean threw the Impala into park and jumped out, approaching Oz and Willow with urgency.

"Have you seen Buffy? She's not answering my calls." He asked, stopping to catch his breath, they looked at each other. "What?"

"Well.. we just saw her at Angel's." Willow answered and Oz nodded. "She didn't have Faith with her so we're headed back to the library to hit the books. Is something wrong? Oh no something else can't be wrong, there's already so much going on with Faith and the Mayor and Angel. Oz something's wrong!" Willow rambled but Dean had already gotten back in the car and taken off in the direction of the mansion.

"Busy night." Oz commented and put an arm around his upset girlfriend.

Dean was relieved to finally find himself at the mansion but didn't stop to think about what he'd find. All he knew was Buffy was going to do something dumb and he needed to get to her; fast.He tore through the foyer just as the sound of something breaking reached his ears. Rounding the corner into the room, his rage overtook him as he saw Angel leaning over a motionless Buffy, blood dripping down her neck.

"Buffy?" Angel tried to wake her.

Dean shoved Angel away with a snarl, "Get away from her!" Angel didn't argue, backing away in shock. Dean picked up the lifeless Slayer in his arms, alarmed by the blood and the lack of response. His worst nightmare was coming true, he was far too close to losing the only girl he'd ever loved. He carried her out to the Impala, not even caring that Angel was following or that his baby now had the bloodsucker as its passenger.

The two hurried into the Emergency Room, Angel carrying Buffy while Dean determinedly flagged someone down. Fielding questions as they came, he refused to leave her side until the nurses took her into a room to examine her.

One nurse decided to come speak to them and addressed Angel, "What happened?"

"She needs blood."

"Try to stay calm. We're going to take care of her."

"Something bit her. She needs a transfusion."

"You found her?" The doctor asked and Dean stood to answer, "Yes."

"Was she conscious?"

Angel looked flustered at that so Dean stepped in again, "Yes."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! I'm sure, he's sure, we're all sure. Can you just fix her please?" Dean cried in frustration.

"I need a type, I need cross-match. Get her on two lines of Wringer's lactate, and watch for hyper-bulimic shock." The doctor instructed a nurse before turning back to Dean and Angel, "Tell me: What - happened?"

"Something bit her. We don't know what."

"Okay. I need a rabies shot treatment." Also to the nurse before turning back to them, "Any allergies?"

"None." Angel ripped the handle of the door without really noticing what he was doing, Dean glared at him. The doctor jumped back in surprise, seeing that both Dean and Angel were very upset. "Just help her."

"You guys been doing drugs?" Dean slowly began to laugh at the absurdity of the question, unnoticed by Angel who's just looking at the doctor. "You want her to live, you have to be straight with me."

"She's clean," Angel confirmed.

"All right. Wait outside. Let us work."

"A phone," Angel managed to ask and the doctor gestured. "Right out there."

With a last look in the direction Buffy had disappeared off to, Angel left the room and went over to a payphone, digging some change out of his pocket.

Dean placed a call to Sam, pacing in the hallway. He quickly filled his brother in on the events with the promise to call back for an update. Dean noticed that Angel had finished his call and kept a close watch on the vampire.

"The bones are set, and the damage to the kidneys is repairable." A doctor told a distraught looking Mayor down the hall in another room. "But the head trauma, its… well its simply to severe. You know, it’s a wonder she's alive at all, with the blood loss. - I… I'm sorry Sir, there is almost no chance at all that she is ever going to regain consciousness."

Faith was laying in the hospital bed, looking badly bruised. She's wearing an oxygen tube, an IV, and several monitoring devices. The Mayor reached down and gently brushed her hair from her forehead and stroked her cheek affectionately.

"It's your day." The Mayor whispered to the sleeping girl, as a nurse came to the doctor behind him.

"We have another girl with severe blood loss. Doctor Pal wants you to prep this on an anti cubal cut down."

"I'll be right there." The Doctor replied as the Mayor realized just who that other girl must be. He left Faith's room and headed over to Buffy's bed, then put his left hand over her mouth, also blocking her nose. Buffy starts to move her head with a soft protest but the Mayor doesn't stop.

A nurse entered and ran for the bed, trying to pull his hand away, but was unable to budge him. "Oh, my God. Sir! No!" Frantic, the nurse turned and ran out of the room shouting, "Somebody call security!"

Buffy struggled harder as two pairs of hands grabbed the Mayor and pushed him away from the bed. "Don't do that!" Angel growled at the Mayor while Dean frantically soothes Buffy's still unconscious form.

The Mayor stumbled, then got right into Angel's face, "I will. I do that and worse." The Mayor looks over Angel's shoulder at Buffy, and a furious Dean. "Murderous little fiend! Did you see what she did to my Faith?"

"Oh please! Is that what this is about? Good riddance!" Dean scoffed.

"Hadn't any plans to weep over that one," Angel agreed.

"Well, I'd get set for some weeping if I were you. I'd get set for a world of pain! Misery loves company, young man, and I'm looking to share that with you and your whore!"

Angel's hands shot forward as he threw The Mayor clear across the room. The Mayor impacted with a window looking onto the corridor, broke it, then dropped to the floor overturning a small metal hospital table holding various implements. The ruckus brought two nurses to see what was going on but The Mayor looked up at a mad Angel and picked himself up, laughing.

The Mayor brushed off his suit and gestured towards Angel, "Looks like somebody has been eating his spinach." He looked over to the two nurses and helf up his hands jovially, "No, its okay, folks. It's all right. The show's not over, but there will be a short intermission." He looked back at Angel before walking out the door. "Don't want to miss the second act. All kinds of excitement!"

Angel watched him leave, breathing deeply. "I'll be there." Swallowing hard, he looks back at Buffy laying still on the bed.

"Not that seeing him tossed into something doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies, but you really need to get out now." Dean spoke up, deciding that he really didn't want Angel in the room with her. "You want to wait, you don't need the invite, but do it in the waiting room."

Angel scowled at Dean, "What is your problem?"

"My problem?" Dean laughed again, without humor. "You took a chunk out of her neck! That's my problem. I may not be able to shoot you, this being a hospital- and believe me, I really want to. But I have enough holy water to make sure you're several feet away at all times."

Angel stared Dean down before huffing and walking into the hall to wait for the rest of the Scoobies, reluctant to leave Buffy alone with the little punk.

Dean turned back to Buffy and held her hand tightly, "It's okay princess, no one's going to hurt you. You're going to be just fine, then I can lecture you about recklessness." He forced a smile, "You have to be okay." His smile began to falter as worry set in, "Please come back to me?"

The End?

You have reached the end of "Something's gotta give" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Jul 12.

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