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Xander Keshar

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Summary: Xander finds a journal written by one of those who drove off the Old Ones. Now what?

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Games > FantasyGantithorenFR1833,5530107,5207 Jul 1011 Oct 10No

Prologue: Xander finds the journal

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Battle for Wesnoth. BtVS is the property of Joss Whedon. According to the official site, Battle for Wesnoth own’s itself.

Xander grinned slightly as he walked down the path to what used to be The Master’s lair. Sure, he had been old and powerful, but not enough to scare the other demons the way he did. The real reason was what his lair was near, just next to actually. Just when the path turned left, Xander turned right, and walked into a stone wall, which rippled like it was water, leaving a rather baffled Vamp blinking at where he vanished.

Mayor Wilkins didn’t get to be over a century old by taking chances, and knew that human ingenuity was possibly the most powerful force in the world. This meant that when a young man successfully terrified Angelus into taking him into the lair of The Master, he was someone to watch. When the same young man ended up reviving the bloody slayer, that merited some hefty surveillance. That was why he currently had no less than three spies tailing Xander at all times, often more. He was also getting worried about the young man. Despite having school and the long stints demon hunting with the slayer and watcher, he still found time to vanish into The Master’s lair. And his grades were improving. Either he was one of those who thrived on adversity, or he had been hiding what he was truly capable of. Possibly both. This required much careful planning.

Xander’s grin became a full smirk as he passed through the portal. The wards on it prevented anyone who was not actively working on the side of good from passing through. This would prevent just about anyone from passing through. After all, there is a difference between “light” and good. This chamber would have been destroyed by most people on the side of light, never mind the fact that one of the greatest champions of good had made it in case his greatest work had ever come undone: The banishment of the Demons back to whence they came.

The chamber was half the size of the school library, which was understandable, as it contained numerous bookshelves, all holding books on one of the lost arts of magic: that of True Necromancy (True Necromancy differed from modern necromancy in that today’s necromancers struggled to raise a zombie, while True Necromancy considered zombies the most basic type of undead they can animate). Of course, Xander didn’t bother with these, as they were in a language he couldn’t read. Instead he picked up a small, beaten leather-bound book, which was probably the most valuable of them all. It was the journal of the man who built this chamber, and his battles against the demons, and their rulers, the Old Ones. It was the journal of Mal Keshar.

AN: Yeah, this is a tad short. It just felt like the right place to stop was after revealing who’s journal it was. Battle for Wesnoth is a turn based strategy game, and is worth checking out at least once.
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