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The Wizard of Sunnydale

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Summary: Xander's parents had a reason for acting like they did all those years and after Xander's sixteen birthday it is revealed.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredJCHattenFR1578242,23928563321,7217 Jul 1012 Oct 13No

Chapter 2 (V1.1)

Chapter 2

At the same time on a higher plane of existence.

"The mortal is learning High magic, it cannot be allowed," a female voice said.

The male voice answered, "We must destroy him or he will change our plans."

It was then that a voice interrupted them. "No you will not. He may interrupt your plans, but it fits perfectly in others plan for the future." It was a cultural voice from a man with great white wings on his shoulder.

"Le Metatron," the male PTB whispered nervously, as the Voice of God interrupted them.

"Well that's my title old bean. The creator has spoken. The young man is the herald of High magic. The balance is broken between the humans and the civilization they have created. Governments, corporations and technology will in a near future control humans far to much, ensuring that the humans are nothing more than slaves to their own creation, and stop the growth and change of humanity itself. High magic, the power of the individual, will be the future counter balance to government, technology and corporate might." The Voice of God said, as he was looking slightly interested towards a DVD he was holding in his hand.

The female PTB whispered. "Will he be a force of good or evil?" She asked worried.

The Voice rolled his eyes. "Good, evil, green, blue, black or white take your pick. You lady are thinking to small minded. He the first Herald of high magic, the symbol of its return for the first time since the fall of Atlantis and that makes him the champion of the free spirit of humanity. What he does with his life or what he does that effects others are no concern to you," he smirked.

"The creator of all has declared that we live in interesting times. Remember where he comes from, his sub-race of humans are called High humans, as they are all gifted with power of magic. And he has the stubbornness to spit in both a devil's or a god's eyes." With that the angel vanished in search of a DVD player. "You do not order them around, you trade with them. Take a look at the number of magic using human being born. You should have noticed that fourteen years ago was when the raise in numbers slowly started."

The two PTB looked at each other. Thinking hard as a herald of high magic and champion of the free spirit Alexander Harris was not a bad choice. He was just someone that was unwilling to obey their commands without questioning, but this was natural for somebody like that.

Taking a closer look at humanity they were shocked. All around the world, millions after millions of humans where born with the ability to learn magic. A second awakening had been started. All in all it started fourteen years ago slowly at first, just a small group few in numbers were born and it had been rising in number ever sense and now today it exploded all but through the roof. Less than half of humanity would soon be unable to learn magic and among them more Zero would be born.

A Zero is extremely rare. They are immune to any direct magical attack. Be it an illusion or a dark magic curse, a transformation or a sleeping spell. The bad part there, it is also impossible to use healing spells on them. Indirect magic works, like lifting a car and dropping it on them or using magic to create a fireball that you throw at them. Even most magical potions do not work on a Zero.

The help of a Zero in Wiccan magic could be of incredible value. The Zero could soak up dark magic or even accept the three fold return, with no personal harm. A Zero could also be used by other magic user as an anchor, stabilizing a ritual where to much power is used.

At the moment any Zero discovered by wand-wizards were killed out of fear.

"We should do our best to gain the Heralds approval. What we cannot get by trickery and force other means can be used," the first one suggested.

The other pondered for a moment. "Agreed. Let's send our messenger." By the time the Herald gains enough skill, he will not have to seek long to find a student or fifty students even. All types of magic was returning in number and the current ruling form of magic, what wizard and witches alike called technology, was to powerful and loved by the masses to be forgotten or diminished, as a new age of magic was born. Having the first herald on their side would indeed be useful and if no arrangement could be made, they would destroy him at a later day.

The two whispered in awe and fear, "A true age of magic, if all forms exist side by side." What would the future bring? Not even they could see now. To many options, they would have to carefully guide their champion a short distance at the time.

Magic defined by them was the power and ability to convince reality to make what you want to be, happen. An example is a human cannot fly, it's not possible, but with the right magic a human can fly and with technology humans have even entered space and returned alive, something no other magic form had managed so far.

Unlike all other forms of magic, technology was a pure tool and equipment form of magic. You did not cast a spell instead you created a tool or equipment that let you perform or have the tool perform in your stead. Its strength lies in reproduction of what is invented and in the production of more objects, which give incredible abilities to many people.

Some humans like Janna had discovered simple tricks that showed that computers were magical indeed, when she and her friends used techno pagan spells over the Internet.


Later in Sunnydale

It was a tired Xander that ragged up like a drunk to Giles apartment and he more or less forced himself in, before he lost consciousness.

Not more than quarter of an hour later Buffy and Willow arrived after Giles had called them. They all looked worried, as their male friend was sleeping. His jeans shirt was torn in parts and dried blood was all over him, but no wounds could be seen.

"What happened?" Buffy asked, worried that Angelus had attacked him. All over town demons and vampires had been running for their life. She had seen a huge fire bird sweeping down on them, burning both vampires and demons alive, screeching in sorrow before it continued attacking more vampires. Whatever the bird of fire was, she had a strange feeling that somebody it cared for was dead.

"I am not sure," Giles said, polishing his glasses. "The blood on him is his own, but he is not hurt from what I can see or from what my spells are telling me." He was wondering about that. "We should focus more on the bird of fire, Buffy. I believe it's some kind of elemental animal or even a true elemental life form."

Willow asked Giles. "Why is he sleeping, if he is unhurt?"

"I can answer that, tots," a voice interrupted them.

Buffy spun around. "Whistler, tell us or better yet. Hold out on us so I can beat it out of you."

"Slayer, I am going to tell you so lose the anger. First Xander is in no way hurt, he was healed and now he is tired. More tired than he has been in his whole life. I would not be surprised if he sleeps a day or two, don't try to wake him before that or you will hurt him. Giles, the Bird of fire? Don't bother. It will fade away and the people who summoned it are dead."

"What happened to him?" Willow asked.

Whistler replied, "My boss said that the kid over there has been chosen as the herald of High Magic and as the champion of the free spirit of humanity. He has spent time learning theory of High Magic in an accelerated time dream. It was around five year's pure study of the basic theory and nature of High-Magic as well as his mom and dad's history and background."

The gang blinked.

Giles cleaned his glasses as he pondered the meaning of that. "Good lord. What exactly is High Magic and what does the herald do?" he asked.

"Well the kid is the first of the heralds to arrive and the idea of the heralds is to spread the word, be a teacher or an example when he is ready. It's his choice. The Creator has lifted the potential of humanity. All over the world most children born from this day forth have some magic ability, even children his age and younger have an increased potential of magic. Even the number of magical Zero's has been increased. High Magic is a new type of magic, which had been banned from this reality for a millennium by the creator. Now it's been decided by the creator to lift the ban, allowing High Magic once more in this reality as a counter balance to technology, governments and super-corporations or all humans would, within less than hundred years, be nothing but government drones. High magic is going to be a magical big hammer, the equalizer against technology. From the information I get, Wiccan seems to be more powerful, but suffers more consequences if a spell on that level of magic is cast and High Magic is faster," Whistler replied shrugging.

They were silent, as they all tried to digest the information Whistler gave them.

"Oh my," Giles said, twitching a bit. "I always knew computers were evil," he said silently, not to upset Willow. He looked a bit uncomfortable. "Magical Zero's, are you sure?" He asked.

Whistler nodded. "Yeah they too have increased."

Giles frowned. He knew a Zero was difficult to detect by using magic. They seem to drain magical wards, Illusion mind magic, curses did not work and they often did not even notice it when somebody tried to curse them. The blood of a Zero could kill a vampire by forcibly banishing the blood demon. No vampire would ever drink the blood. They felt wrong to a vampire.

"Um what does Xander have to do then?" Buffy asked worried for her friend.

Whistler grinned. "That's the cake. We have no right to order him. We can suggest and hope that he is willing to listen. As the champion of the free spirit he is a breaker of prophecy. We can only hope that he stays on the side of good."

Giles nodded. "I see. We will of course do the best we can to keep him there," he said.

Whistler shook his head. "No, just explain it to the kid. You, the slayer and even the beginner witch over there," he said pointing at each of them, "has a hand of order. You can be his friend. You can suggest things and be an example on how he should behave, but not order him around. The kid has lived most of his life with a magical curse on him, which had limited his intelligence and his ability to learn and still using only part of his ability he kept up with you Willow. His true abilities are now free and he can once again become what he was meant to be. I suggest you help him learn, be an example and let him join you, if he chooses to, as an equal partner." He sighed and then continued. "Enemies will come after him. Servants of evil and misguided fools of the church and worst are the followers of the gears. They all will seek to destroy him."

"That's more than I have ever gotten from you and your Powers." Buffy said.

"Gears? Where did he hear that before?" Giles thought and then he remembered. "Jenny let me talk to a Techno-pagan friend and he told me about them. They worship technology and have an almost magical talent in building, programming and creating tools," he said wondering.

Whistler nodded. "Yeah. The guys' upstairs wish to keep the champion of humans' free spirit and the first herald of High Magic's attitude positive. He was born as a High human. They are born with magic and have a do what they wish attitude. They hate being manipulated or doing things without knowing why, unlike some people. The only way to gain the loyalty of a High Human is in proving you deserve it first." He then nodded at Giles. "That's the Gears alright, Janna showed ya right."

Giles sighed. Fools that believed in technology as some others believed in a god. They treated technology as if it was magic. They knew nothing about real magic.

Buffy frowned. "Hey I hate being manipulated to."

Whistler blinked. "I was not talking about you, but now when you mention it. You still do what you are told. Don't you? Remember. Advice, don't order him around," he said with a smug tone of voice.

It looked like a volcano eruption at Mount Buffy, a small sized mountain, but feared among the vampires and the demons for its fire like fury, all of them, even Willow and Giles moved away from the point blank position to her explosive rage, as she stood angry and shivering in rage.

"Damn it," she said, the balance demon was right. She started to sulk.

Willow blinked. "Buffy?" She said at the now sulking slayer.

"He is right. I still do whatever those, those guys order me to do. IT'S NOT FAIR." The slayer whined.

Giles hurried over "There, there," he said "Don't worry, I am sure you are real rebel at home," he tried.

Buffy lips were vibrating as she squealed out. "No I'm not. If I don't obey, mom won't make me cookies. I like cookies so I must obey momma." Her eyes felt filled with water. Why could she not be a wild rebel?

Whistler decided to sneak away before the girl used and discovered his one and only weakness, a weakness that rendered him helpless and paralyzed in fear, a crying girl. It was worse than kryptonite for him and others of his kind.

Get a balance demon trapped in a room with crying girls and they would sing their soul out, just to keep the human girls from crying. Some weaker minded Balance demon would even offer to destroy themselves, just to keep girls from crying. No he was running like hell.

Additional Disclaimer: Dogma and Metatron belongs to Kevin Smith.

Additional Note: Our thank you goes to Joe Mow, who was kind enough to look over this chapter again and we hope it is smoother to read now.
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