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The Wizard of Sunnydale

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Summary: Xander's parents had a reason for acting like they did all those years and after Xander's sixteen birthday it is revealed.

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Chapter 74

Chapter 74

(In the Room of Requirement)

Xander was losing himself in a good old book. Harry just had to ask that question. ‘Did he love Cordelia?’ Damn…YES. ‘Was it romantic love?’ NO..., but then why did it hurt so much?

The answer was his child or children would grow up calling Robin Daddy. Merlin how selfish could a person be? And naturally the door opened at that moment and the whole crowd rushed in.

“Xander are you alright?” Dawn asked.

“I understand how painful it to lose somebody you love,” Hermione said in a sad tone.

Xander snickered, but it sounded quite depressed. “I… its worse than you can imaging, I never knew I was so selfish, so bloody awful selfish.”

Dawn and Hermione looked confused at each other while Luna walked up to Xander.”I think you are selfish, yes. I also think you are a young man with too much on his shoulders doing the best he can to keep all he loves and all he cares for alive. And if you do have a moment of selfishness, you deserve it.”

Xander captured her in a one handed hug. “Thank you,” he said letting the blond girl go.

Luna blinked and smiled as she sat down beside him. “You’re welcome.”

Hermione frowned and asked, “What is it then?”

“You’re going to hate me. I love Cordelia nowadays as a sister. I don’t love her romantically. I just wanted her to be happy and that’s why it hurts so much. I discovered I was an asshole. I got totally and utterly heartbroken not because she found another man, but because that man, Robin, is going to be the person my child or children is going to call Daddy. I will just be the stranger coming with gifts saying hello on holidays. Robin is a great man and he is going to be good dad to my children. Children need a good dad. They need a great father. He can that be and I can’t. Not with Cordelia, we fight to much.” He poked his feet together. “It just hurts. I can see them as a family all caring and me on the outside. And it hurts.” He said trying not to cry, but it bloody hurts.

The crew was silent.

Luna looked like he had killed her pet Snorlack. “That is foolish and selfish of you.”

Viktor disagreed. “You are not selfish. You are more mature I think then I would be. Instead of hating Robin try to make him your brother in all but blood. That way your brother would raise your child or children.”

Xander blinked. “That is not a bad idea. Mission… Get to know Robin.” He slowly started to smile. “Not a bad idea at all.”

Hermione took her chance and hugged him. “I think you are quite mature about this.”

Luna shook her head. “I still am disappointed in you.”

Xander just looked up towards Luna letting himself relax in Hermione arms. “Luna, that’s my main problem. I’m disappointed in myself. I thought I was better than this. I wanted to be better than this.”


It was later in the next morning when Harry and Xander were called up to the headmaster office. It were McGonagall and Flitwick that were waiting for them.

Harry was about to ask when he was interrupted.

“Where is Albus?” Xander asked, quickly interrupting Harry for a bit of fun.

“I was just about to say that,” Harry said irritated.

“Snoozer losers,” Xander explained in a mature tone.

“Ahhh. What? That’s just so mature...,” Harry said. “A real example for us young inexperienced wizards.”

Flitwick was laughing so hard he was on the floor.

Minerva sighed. “Aright children sit down.” Taking a deep breath she continued. “To my eternal shame the reason Albus isn’t here is that he is in a crisis meeting with the international confederation of wizards and it isn’t because of Voldemort’s return. It will be covered during other free subjects. No the reason is Sorcerers. When you published those four books you used the word Sorcerers instead of Wizard and Witches for us wand-users and the name stuck. All over the world the title Sorcerer is being used as a gender neutral title. “

She was interrupted by…“YES… strike one,” Xander said with a silly grin.

Minerva snorted and continued. “The crisis is because some of them dislike it. And they heard that a High-Wizard that knows more than one type of magic is a High-Mage. A High wizard that knows two extra forms of magic is an Arch-mage.

So a second group would like to find a good title for a Wiccan Witch that also knows Wand-magic and make it permanent before the Witches create their own title.”

Harry looked at Xander who was giggling on the floor together with Flitwick. “Are you saying there is an international crisis because a new name has been created?” He couldn’t believe it. When he thought the Sorcery world could not sink any deeper in stupidity they did this.

Minerva nodded. “I thought by now ‘Boy who lived’ that you learned and you understand that tittles carry powers with them,” she grinned, trying not to giggle. ”They want that title to be impressive and good sounding.”

Xander started to giggle even more. “They are going to be so disappointed. I finished the rewrite of book 4 –The Three Sisters. About the magic. There were too many complains. I made two different books from it. Sisters three. About the magic- the child version to introduce and compare all forms of magic, it includes some amusing jokes.

Then –Three paths to walk. About the magic.- Where I take a more adult exploration of the nature and the familiarities and the difference between them. ” His grin was evil. “I also said in both of them that some people can walk more than one path of magic and a sorcerer I called a Thaumaturge, meaning a wonderworker.”

“Um when is the books going out for sell?” Harry asked.

“Today… I write fast. Beside most of the material was already finished, I just had to rewrite some and put it together in the correct way. Archimedes spell checked it for me and more important I had Hermione to help me,” Xander explained.

They all stared at him.

Xander blinked. “What I have a good Owl.”


(In the Great Hall)

“It’s coming… the book is coming,” an overjoyed Hermione squealed.


(In the Headmaster’s office)

“They are going to be upset. People seem to have accepted that you give it a name. So I’m afraid that the title Thaumaturge is going to stick,” Flitwick said grinning.

Minerva nodded. ‘Thaumaturge’ It did have a certain charm to it.

Xander wrote a note and send it with Archimedes. “I asked him to tell my printer to send a copy to the International Confederation meeting room.”

Harry grinned. “So why have you asked us to come?”

“Well it’s not a school subject. We have found the location of the other Horcrux. Filius and I are going to get it back so that it can be destroyed. I wish to say if anything does happen it’s been a pleasure teaching all of you. Specially Harry and Hermione,” Minerva replied.

“Wait why? You let us come, we can help,” Harry muttered.

Minerva nodded “Yes you can. But I would be a lousy example as an adult if I allowed children to fight all my battles for me. Sometimes a person must stand up and do his or her own fighting or she will never be able to look at herself in the mirror again. Allow me this honor Harry. Too long have I allowed a child to fight a battle I should have helped him with.” ‘After all how danger filled could a pair of simple Horcrux be? Harry had fought and survived the dark lord himself,’ she thought.

“Anyway, once we are back the quickest way to destroy them is the Sword of Gryffindor used by you. It has the ability to destroy a Horcrux and from our research an object or person can only be turned into a Horcrux once and never again, they are immune.”

“Another good reason to keep you out of harm’s way, destroying a Horcrux often causes the death of the one trying to destroy it. You can safely destroy it. I can’t. So if you go out there to find them and die because of a trap, twice as many people may die just to destroy them,” Xander said.

“I don’t like it, but I agree. I will not shame you Minerva,” Harry said sulking.

“I would like to check what we have found and what we need to find,” Flitwick said.

Tom Riddle’s Diary, destroyed by Harry
Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem, destroyed by Uraki
Helga Hufflepuff’s cup, in safe keep, Charlie found it in Lestrange family vault.

Looking at the list they nodded.

“Sirius and Remus are going after another one. It’s Salazar Slytherin’s locket,” Flitwick explained.

Minerva continued. “We are going after the Gaunt’s family ring. Albus said after you destroyed the Horcrux you should keep the ring. I’m not sure why, but it sounded important. With Albus you know how he can be, he refused to give a straight answer.”

“And the last Horcrux, the snake, how are we going to take her down?” Xander asked.

Flitwick giggled. “Oh that was the most hilarious. We watched the memory recordings of the battle. Harry… you already killed it. The explosive curse that missed Voldemort hit Nagini and it died.”

“So all we need to do is round them up and destroy them. We know where they are and we have one of them,” Harry said and then looked at Xander. “We do have it?”

Xander nodded. “It’s in a safe place,” he said. “Before tonight it’s in Hogwarts. No let’s meet at a different place. I don’t want dark magic like that around children, do you McGonagall?”

The deputy Headmistress replied, “No I don’t want that as well. I asked Mr. Black if we can use No. 12 Grimmauld Place. Take care we are leaving later tonight and Mr. Harris…. Xander, do be a bit more careful with the books you write. You do seem to have a gift.”

Xander smiled a sinister smile that made none of them calmer. “I’m working on my seventh book. The two new ones are just re-writes and an improvement of my fourth book that isn’t longer going to be published. It’s the High-wizard codex. The beginners guide to learn high-magic.” This time it was written by him and not like the version Willow had printed on the Internet. Well most of the internet version was written by Willow using his notes.

“Are you sure that is a good idea?” Flitwick wondered.

Xander looked at the roof and was surprise to find a painting hanging there waving its hand at him. “Yes… High-magic is apparently the key for us to survive when the war comes.” He looked at them. “Conventional bombs and huge armies, none of those can be defend against by Wicca or sorcerers by themselves. We can. I don’t know how exactly yet, but I suspect High-Wizard group rituals could be used. A turn missile spell cast as a ward would return any missile aimed at the place protected by it. A group-ritual version of an earthquake spell could crush a city.

Rituals cast by a group of High-wizards can do terrible things just like Muggle Atomic or Fuel bombs can do and in a scale normally only Muggles are able to do. Even a lone High-wizard of my strength could cast earthquake as a ritual with strength enough to destroy part of London. Then on the other hand I’m an extremely strong High-wizard, most likely a level four if not a level five.”

The two teachers flinched. They had read the book. Level five was rare and most wizards ended up a level 2 after years of using magic.

Harry frowned. “What level do you think I’m? The sorting hat said I was a strong High-wizard. It also said Hermione was stronger than me.”

Xander shrugged. “Low 3 I think. With time you can reach level 4. Hermione I would say is a high level 3, perhaps a low level four. Without advance magical spells or checking equipment they are kind of hard to measure.”

“What about Ginny, she was strong in all three?” Harry asked then.

Xander nodded. “Yes she was, wasn’t she? Her strength level in High-magic is weaker than yours, most likely a level 2. She is weaker then Hermione in Wand-magic by a hair and in Wicca Neville is stronger than her. Ginny strength is diversity. Something she isn’t using as she is more interested in learning sorcery and High-magic and only dabbles a bit in Wicca before she turns her eyes back on the other two forms.” He honestly was starting to dislike Ginny. She had the potential to learn all 3 forms and didn’t take it. Something about having one of the Crew not learning at her full potential was like having a finger constantly poking you.

Harry frowned even he heard the anger towards Ginny. What had she done? “Why do you sound like you are angry at Ginny?”

“I’m not,” Xander lied. All of them looked at him in disbelieve and he sighed. “She has the potential to learn all types and she isn’t using it. When I said all forms I meant all forms. She is a seventh child of a seventh child. She is blessed by higher beings given the power to learn all forms of mystical magic. If she truly understood it she could even learn Dragon magic without having dragon blood in her. And what does she do? Ignore Wicca as boring,” he said sulking.

“I heard about that myth and I’ve seen more than one child who was a seventh child of a seventh child. None had ever powers like that,” Flitwick said.

“It’s not that easy. Two conditions have to be fulfilled. The seventh got to have all six siblings alive at the time when she starts her journey in the art of mystic and magic. And not only that, but her father or mother must have all of his/her six older siblings alive as well when his/her first child is born. “

McGonagall nodded. “Arthur had a big family. Not long after Bill was born the Death Eaters started to hunt them down one by one. And none of Ginny’s older brothers are dead. Even if it had been close in Charlie’s case being seeker and more reckless then Harry was and now working as a dragon tamer.”

“So you are irritated that young Miss Weasley doesn’t learn at her full capacity?” Flitwick asked.

“Silly right?” Xander said.

The two professors snickered. “Not at all, we so understand you,” they said in one voice. They had all had students like that and they both stared at Harry in a way that made him nervous.

“I have been doing better lately and I promise I’ll do even better now,” the boy who lived whispered.
“Now boys better get out and back to you friends. Flitwick and I are going after talking to Sirius,” McGonagall said and so the boys walked out.
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