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The Wizard of Sunnydale

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Summary: Xander's parents had a reason for acting like they did all those years and after Xander's sixteen birthday it is revealed.

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Chapter 77

Chapter 77

The dinner was wonderful and by the end of it a tired one armed McGonagall returned.

Xander thought about it. “I can give you a magical construct as an arm until the real arm has re-grown. Nobody will know the difference.”

McGonagall nodded and replied, “Please do so.”

“Replace,” Xander simply said and McGonagall smiled as she waved her new arm.

“It’ll last a week, than I have to recast it. The real arm is around in four week before its finished growing,” Xander said. “But I can easily replace the magical constructed arm once a week until it’s healed. I think Hermione could cast it as well.”

“I couldn’t. I read the instruction in how to cast it. You have to first analyze the working form of a healthy arm. I haven’t had the time to find people willing to let me analyze them,” Hermione said.

Xander blinked. “I taught the analyze spell to all in the crew. You mean none of you have used it to learn medical spells?” He frowned for a moment and then continued. “Well to learn the bone healing spell you have to learn how the bone heals before you can master it. Most of them are level 1. All you need is using the analyze spell to find out how the body works. Then you can cast it.”

“The spell you cast then….?” Moody asked.

“That’s a more difficult spell, a true healing spell. If you know the dedicated healing spells you can learn it. It’s actually easier to learn in skill. It just takes much more power to cast and demand that you know five of the dedicated healing spells,” Xander said before continued eating.

Molly fretted worried once Xander had finished eating.

“Is everybody done? Then we can start an Order of the Phoenix meeting. I asked William Weasley to help us because his skills in curse breaking could be useful. Your mother’s skill in making potions will be more at use now than ever. Snape has betrayed us,” Dumbledore said.

“Snape never was loyal. Snape hates Voldemort more than his own life. He only worked with you because he trusted in your ability to destroy Voldemort. Now we have a mad Snape that may try to take out Voldemort before we are ready,” Xander said.

“What does it matter if he is killed now or later?” Bill asked.

“Because William, Voldemort aka Tom Riddle has created Horcruxes, six of them,” Albus said with a sad smile.

“Oh Merlin, he’s immortal then,” Bill said shocked.

Albus nodded. “He can be banished from life for a while, but he will return as a wraith. Those of you that don’t know about wraiths should consider yourself lucky. A wraith is in the beginning weaker than a ghost, just a shade of its former ability. But it grows in strength and becomes stronger and stronger until it’s almost unstoppable. Almost no magical way exists to lock or hide from a wraith,” Albus explained while he looked at them.

“The only good thing is that a wraith always wishes to return to life. And once they gain the strength equal to twice or more than their mortal strength they can by will power alone return to life. Of course then their wraith strength vanishes and they only have their normal human strength. Imagine Voldemort twice as strong and able to enter any or all buildings, if he dies before we make sure all the Horcruxes are destroyed that could be what we would face,” Xander added.

“It would kill us. He would show no mercy,” Kinsley stated.

“Indeed. We are lucky that in his foolish fear of death Tom did the only thing that weakens a Wraith. Possessions and unicorn blood and if he becomes a wraith again I don’t think he will make that mistake again,” Albus said.

“So how do we find those Horcruxes?” Arthur wanted to know.

Xander pulled out a box. “One Horcrux, made from Helga Hufflepuff’s cup.” He pulled up another box. “Second Horcrux, made from the diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw, it’s destroyed.”

Albus pulled up a diary belonging to Tom Riddle. “Third Horcrux, a diary, it attempted to drain the life of Ginny Weasley when she was eleven.”

Arthur and Molly gasped in shock finally learning what that dark artifact was and Bill looked like he wanted to murder something or someone.

Flitwick pulled up a closed box. “Fourth Horcrux, the ring of Marvolo Gaunt. It belongs to Harry apparently and it was the curse on this ring that almost killed Minerva.”

“And Harry accidentally killed Nagini Voldemort’s snake Horcrux, number 5. Harry and I destroyed with the help of a Zero the fragment in his scar,” Xander added.

“You had a Horcrux in you scar?” Bill asked with shock in his voice.

“Only a little one,” Harry replied meekly.

Albus smiled as he said, “Indeed only a little one. You can rest assured it’s gone. Xander used his contact to find a Zero, a human unable to be affected by normal direct magic. She drained the Horcrux off so much power that they could cut it out of his head and then heal him. I cast all spells I know and then some new ones I learned just for this. Harry is free, no Horcrux affect him any longer or can affect him ever again.”

Bill frowned. “A Zero? They are not good. I hope it is killed.” He knew firsthand how a Zero ignored the best protective wards and was immune to mind spell. Even a death curse didn’t affect them.

“HEY,” he yelled surprised when burning fireballs were aimed at his head from three directions by Xander, Harry and Hermione.

“One wrong word Weasley and you lose your head,” Xander hissed out. “That Zero is a person, a human like you or me and she is a friend I know and care about. You on the other hand I barely know.”

“She saved my life. If she dies and Wand-wizards are responsible, you better have a perfect excuse and be able to prove yourself under truth serum or I will revenge her death,” Harry growled.

“The way you Sorcerer keep on murdering people just because they don’t fit in your little world makes me sick,” Hermione said.

“Calm down. William didn’t mean it like this. And the Wicca have forbidden us from actively hurting or hunting down Zeros. Beside now that evidence exists that a Zero can help in casting powerful rituals and wards the Ministry of Magic is eager to test it,” Albus said.

Xander and his friends powered down. “Remember, she is under our protection.”

Bill nodded. “Never said I was going after her, I wouldn’t do that. I had bad experience with a Zero in Egypt. The asshole liked to murder sorcerers and used the fact we were almost helpless against him. I just over reacted, gut instinct and fear.”

Xander nodded. “A Zero that turns to magic hunting is about the worst there is.”

“Sorry, but she was real nice and helpful. She cares about people, magic or normal, she risked her own life jumping in front of a shade made from fire and Voldemort’s spirit and drained it,” Harry said.

“And remember if she gets hurt no magical healing in the world could heal her,” Hermione explained.

“It sounds like I was wrong. She sounds like a good person. I would like to talk to her. Perhaps she could help me get over my memory seeing that killer swallowing cutting curse after cutting curse with no effect. Dukhamir cast two killing curses at him with no effect, he just took them like candy and then he pulled his knife and attacked. That was scary,” Bill said shivering at those memories.

“Indeed, no direct magic can hurt them. Levitate a camel and drop it on them has been more effective,” Albus said.

Bill nodded. “That’s the way he died. Dukhamir managed to cast a banishing spell on one of the camels and it crushed him.” He still had some nightmares from that night. Most of all war spells were direct magic. It was simpler and took less energy using direct spells and curses than using elemental spells or other indirect spells. Dukhamir’s solution of sending a flying camel to crush him was caused by pure panic, combined with a severe head trauma, but it worked.

“Let’s see. What did you find then Lord Black, Mr. Lupin?” Albus asked.

The two were not that happy with him and he couldn’t blame them. The way he forced Harry to grow up was awful. Yet not even now could he have found a better and more secure way of keeping the boy alive and the Horcrux inside him weakened.

Sirius and Remus looked at each other then. “We found this,” Sirius said, throwing a locket at him. The gold was beginning to fall of and it was apparently a fake. “Inside was this note.”
To the Dark Lord.

I know I will be dead long before you read this, but I want you to know that it was I who discovered you secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more.

“Who could that have been?” Arthur asked.

“I would recognize that writing anywhere. It is from my younger brother. He became a Death Eater to make FATHER and MOTHER proud and then died,” Sirius said and you could feel the utter disgust he had for his mother and father by the way he spit out those words. But you could also feel the sadness about his brother’s death. “I’ve never been so proud of him as I’m now. I always knew he would regret becoming a Death Eater. At least he changed his way before he died,” he added.

“Now we just have to find out if your brother managed to destroy it before he died and if not where he hid it or his death will be meaningless,” Remus said.

Albus nodded. “Indeed, this letter clearly says that he was trying to destroy it. A Horcrux is not easy to destroy at all. The chances that he hid it away are higher. If we don’t find out where it is, then all of our attempts and his sacrifices could well be worth nothing.”

He looked at the others. “We should research where or what Regulus could have done with the locket so that we may destroy it or be sure it’s destroyed with the others. We know for a fact now that Harry is immune to the lure and danger of a Horcrux. So it will be young Harry’s duty to destroy them. Anybody has something they like to add?” Albus concluded his speech.

Xander nodded. “We need a protected room. The spirit fragment may not be able to hurt Harry, but unless it’s done in a protected room, we could get hurt. I suggest a combination. Myself with my high magic and Bill over there. I think I can arrange some spirit banishing wards that will put the hammer down on Voldemort’s spirits.”

Albus nodded. “That’s good. Now first thing first, create a room where the Horcrux can safely be destroyed. I think it’s best if Harry, who is immune to them, could hold them safe.” He seemed to think and then continued. “Kingsley, Molly and Arthur, until we are ready to destroy the cup and the ring, guard Harry.” He looked at Harry. “The things you guard can affect the mind of others. Don’t let them out of you sight. If you forget the adults will remind you and only you may carry the box they are in. Until they are destroyed you are under house arrest. Or was it protective custody?”

“Hey… why should I be?” Harry complained loudly.

“Think about it. If you would walk around out there somebody may attack you. I know you can defend yourself, but what if it was Voldemort and what if you lost one of the Horcrux? Our only chance to destroy him is their destruction and you are the only person that can keep them safe. We just need to keep you safe in the meantime,” Hermione explained.

“Hey… what are you doing?” Harry asked as a strange house elf picked up Regulus fake locket.

“Kreacher wants to know. You find master Regulus locket where?” it asked.

“They found it in a cave. We are trying to destroy the real one. We know how to destroy it, but not where it is,” Harry replied.

The house elf trembled. “Kreacher failed. Kreacher last order was hide it and destroy it. I failed my Regulus,” it said, crying a river.

The silence was thick as the armor plating on a battle tank. Then Hermione kneeled down and asked, “Do you know where it is?”

“Kreacher will tell blood traitor dog master and half-blood, not Mud blood,” the elf mumbled. It looked at Sirius and Harry when it said this and at Hermione and Xander calling them mudblood.

Xander tried to hide a grin as he said, “For your information. I have generations of pure high-human blood in me and Hermione has the same from her mother’s side.”

Kreacher looked impressed. “Dirty mud-blood is dirty half-blood instead. I will remember.”

“Get me the locket. That way I can safely store it in the box with the others until destruction time is here.”

The house elf agreed.

Xander Bill and Albus marched away with Sirius too ward a room.
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