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Godly Covenants

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Godly Loves". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Reid wasn't what he seemed and soon his Brothers would discover that and a whole new world

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Movies > Covenant
Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the Olympians
XanderLuvsAllFR1554,280046,6307 Jul 1024 Dec 13Yes

Meeting the Family

Having found happiness in Caleb's arms, Reid no longer looked at anyone else but Caleb. Though he had yet to talk to Percy and Annabeth and was in no way looking forward to that conversation. Was actually thinking about having one of his Godly siblings delivering the news...Though that was a cowardly approach and neither of them really deserved that. They loved him and he them. It wasn't their fault that he found something..deeper with Caleb. Something that as of yet had no true description. Yet was already important to him on a whole new level.

Now the thought of being parted from Caleb was distressing in the extreme, when before Caleb was just an annoyance to him.And he never really minded being parted from Percy and Annabeth every year, it was simply normal. Yet the thought of being parted from for even a day was..wrong. An adobapmtoin. Just the thought of it had him clinging to Caleb's hand, something that he had never, ever done before. As he was not the clinging type, at all. Caleb though brought out a whole new side to him that he wasn't entirely sure that he liked.

Not that he was complaining but sometimes it felt like he was turning into a girl with how Reid sometimes felt. He shook those thoughts away as he dragged Caleb into a fiercely passionate kiss. Before he allowed himself to be dragged back to class, no more bathroom snogging. At least for now. Though it also meant a chance to running into Pogue again and he had no interested in that at the moment. Not to mention what Caleb might do to him as Reid could fell his fury at Pogue trespass. Thankfully the day passed without running into Pogue though. As had yesterday. In fact, Pogue hadn't been seen since Reid had learned what he had done four days ago.

Which he was in no way complaining about as he still wanted to kill Pogue, Reid would have no one see Caleb in that manner ever again or he would smite their ass. Caleb was his and since he was Caleb's first, he would ensure that it stayed that way. Caleb's passion was HIS. So Pogue would suffer even more for having witnessed something that was completely HIS. And in showing how right they were for each other, Caleb thought the same thing save in regard to Reid instead of Caleb's passion. While he couldn't give Caleb his virginity, he could give him everything else. As he would not be like his family and take lover after lover until they grew bored. He was already planning on asking for an apple.

So Reid was waiting impatiently for the bell to ring as today was the day that Caleb was going to meet his family. Caleb had already met his mother any Nyx liked him well enough so next was his Fathers and Ares, as he had insisted on meeting him immediately. Caleb was understandable worried and as much as Reid wanted to assure him that he wouldn't be killed on the spot, he was unsure. This was the first time he had ever introduced a lover to his family and was thus not sure how they would react or how to proceed. His mom told him to just be honest with them about how much he loved Caleb and everything would be find. Of course to ruin that assurance, Nyx told him that she wouldn't be there for it. Running from the approaching storm of FATHERS.

Still when the bell finally came, Reid said goodbye to Tyler and dragged Caleb home. There he used his powers to change Caleb's clothes for over an hour before he was finally satisfied that Caleb looked presentable. Then he had to spend another two hours calming Caleb down. Who was well on his way to a complete freak out.

Nothing had ever prepared him for meeting the Godly parents of his lover. The strongest thing he had eveer fast before was Chase, compared to this Chase was a walk in the park. He was about to meet Gods, literal Gods, parents of Reid who he had repeatedly hurt. Oh God, he was going to die. They would take one look at him, deem him unworthy to even breath in Reid's presence and they would kill him in unimaginable ways that defied the imagination. He....What should he do. Maybe if he begged they would see that he was sorry for everything that he had ever done to Reid and they would approve of him.

Reid sighed at Caleb, who was finally calmed down and just kissed him. Intending to keep it light as who knew when his fathers and brother would pop up. Still the kiss quickly progressed in intensity. So much so that they lost count of the time and began to think about moving to a more flat place. SO of course that was when a throat was cleared. Pulling apart they looked where the noise had come from and both winced upon seeing five vvvveeerrryyy unhappy beings. Caleb gulped and started to prepare his will. Reid looked at his parents in slight embarrassment, trying to figure out how long they had been there. When Caleb made a
noise, he turned to him. Upon seeing that Caleb looked ready to pass out, Reid rolled his eyes and got up.. Turned to his parents and..

"WHAT?" Figuring that having an attitude would work in his favor at this point.
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