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Godly Covenants

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Godly Loves". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Reid wasn't what he seemed and soon his Brothers would discover that and a whole new world

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the Olympians
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Blessings and Threats

No matter what Reid had said to Caleb, he was very worried about Caleb meeting his family as he knew how they were. How vastly overprotective they all were of him and that none of them were particularly fond of Caleb, or any of his 'brothers'. So no, Reid had not thought it would go particularly well but Reid had never expected the meeting to start with them stumbling on Reid and Caleb about to have sex. That was not a particularly good start to the meeting but Reid would roll with what he had as Reid had no choice.

Moving to his families side while dragging Caleb with him, Reid smiled as charmingly as possible.

"Fathers, Ares, this is my boyfriend Caleb." The silence that followed was even more awkward as all his parents did was glare at Caleb while Ares looked like he was planning ways of killing Caleb. Hades was the first to speak and Reid really wished he hadn't after he had.

"So you are the one that dared to tell our son what to do. Dared to think you have a right to dictate how my son should live."

The coldness and anger that radiated from Hades after each word caused Caleb to gulp and have to consciously stay in the same position as every part of him was screaming at him to back away and run.

"I didn't know that the Power wouldn't effect him...I was trying to prevent him from dying."

Ares looked at one of his brother's 'Brothers' and didn't see anything worth anything. Sure he was better than the Brat but still not by much. There may be power within him but it was corrupted power. Hecate had long ago given the ancestors of the Five the power but it hadn't been as a gift but as a curse. They had insulted her and she had made them pay. Ares had never really paid attention to that curse until after his brother was born and then Ares had made sure that Reid would not be touched by
it. Reid had the power but he didn't have the issues that came with it.

"Tell me, why should we let you be with our son. " Thunder rumbled outside while lightning flashed so brightly it was blinding while Zeus looked at the human that had dared to touch his son. The human that dared to call himself Brother to his son. Zeus had never liked any of the so called 'Brothers' of Reid and had wished to see him either in Olympus or the Camp but Nyx and his brothers had said otherwise. Now though this entire situation proved that Zeus had been right all along. If Reid had been where he belonged then he never would have taken Caleb as his lover. Zeus knew about Percy and Annabeth and while he wasn't fond of Percy, he was better than a simple mortal boy who was cursed by Hecate.

"I believe that it is up to Reid who he should be with but I do love him and I never intentional tried to hurt him.. I want to spend my life making him happy."

"And I him. And Caleb is right, Dad. I want your approval, for I know what your willing to do to protect me and I would not see him hurt, but I don't need it. "

Poseidon had watched his brothers, son and nephew while they all spoke and he had seen how his had looked at the mortal. Poseidon was well aware of his sons relationship but at the end of the day he didn't think they belonged together while Reid looked genuinely happy at Caleb's side. Despite everything Reid had said about Caleb, he had never said anything truly horrible. For at the end of the day Reid had always been protective of his 'Brothers'.

"Reid, do you truly love Caleb."

"Yes, Papa. I love him....I know it seemingly comes out of no where but I.. want to be with him for the rest of my life.. And yes I know how much that does not sound like me but it is how I feel."

"Reid...Its not that out of no where.. The way you've talked about Caleb.......I've thought for years that you had feelings for him....Then you started dating the Brat and Annabeth and I thought...Never mind." Ares had never been comfortable talking about feelings. It was only for his little brother that he was even trying.

The Three brothers looked at each other and tried to remember all the conservations they had ever had with Reid about his 'Brothers' and realized that Ares was right. Ares had noticed what they never had, which shocked the Hell out of them. Reid had always spoken of Caleb in a different way then he ever had about anyone else. Including Percy. Reid was in love with Caleb and had been for years and that was enough for them in the end. As all that mattered to them was their son's happiness.

"Very well, Danvers. If you do anything to my son I will fry you to ash but as long as you make Reid happy, you have my blessing."

"If you hurt Reid, I will drown you till your within an inch of death, stop then keep doing it for all of eternity but until then you have my blessing."

"And if you hurt my son, death will be nothing but exquisite eternal torture. Until then you have my blessing."

"Hurt my brother and I will unleash all the armies oaf the world on you. You have my blessing."

Reid grinned at all of them." Thanks."

With their approval, Reid was happy and the years that followed were peaceful as the Four of them moved on to college. The same one as rarely did the 'Brothers' like to be parted for long. The connection between them had always been strong and that would never stop being true. Pogue eventually moved on from what he had seen and the emotions it ha given him and Reid eventually forgave his 'Brother' for seeing it. Eventually Reid asked Caleb to marry him and unsurprisingly Caleb said yes. On their wedding day, Zeus gave Caleb an apple and Caleb became immortal. Reid and Caleb did not have happy ever after, of course for this was real life but they did have an eternity of being together no matter what was thrown at them.

Merry Christmas, one and all and a Happy Holidays

The End

You have reached the end of "Godly Covenants". This story is complete.

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