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Not So Helpless

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Summary: What if the choice of Costumes were not weak characters?

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Marvel Universe > Captain AmericaFireWolfeFR182636,285396120,9257 Jul 1030 Nov 14No

Altering Fate

Disclaimers: See Part One
By Fire Wolfe

A/N: This will be AU everyone so please be patient with what will happen.

Part 2

Janus watched the chaos with a frown. He did not like his power had been called upon to harm children. While Ethan was one of his most devote followers his plan and actions did not please Janus.

Janus and the other gods had long been pushed aside by TPTB and they were tired of watching them muck up creation and humanity. Janus now had a legitimate way to interfere and make things right. He smiled as he considered that his plan would create chaos but still help right the balance.

He appeared before those affected by the spell he wished to empower forever. He found Buffy Summers/ Donna Theresa fighting a vampire named Spike. The blonde vampire had disregarded his sire's warning and come out to play. Janus however, knew this dark creature had a very vital role to play one day. So he touched the creature and sent him running away. They could fight again latter when he was done setting his plan in motion.

He froze time and went to Buffy's side. He looked the girl over and found she would do well for his plans. However, she still needed to be a slayer for his plan to work. So with a tweak here and there to her costume she would become a slayer when the spell wore off again. He would however allow her to keep all of the skills and memories of the lady whose clothing she now wore. It was fortunate that the Donna Theresa the Queen of Swords had been an uncalled potential. It allowed him a lot of room to work. Janus faced down the first slayer who backed from his in slight awe and fear. "All will be well slayer. I am not taking your charge merely augmenting her."

There was a grunt and growl which Janus took as approval. He left Buffy then to come out of the trance and sent her to find her friends.
Next he visited Xander. For such a comic book Geek he had slipped up. Janus chuckled at this boy/man's mistake. Oh well it would serve his purpose. With a touch and alteration here and there and a solid smack down on the hyena he was done. The ordinary mortal Xander Harris would be no more. He was now the grandson of Steve Rogers also known as Captain America. He would be able to stand side by side with his friends now. Janus placed a paper in the boy's pocket he would be able to find the bank account his grandfather set up and the tools he would need to make his own shield. Given that the money had not been touched in 60 years it would be enough to get him away from his abusive home. Plus there was also a house here in Sunnydale where he could move. The place would need work but, Janus knew Xander was a lot like his grandfather and a little hard work would not bother him at all. He like Steve would want to help his friends no matter what. He like Steve had stepped up when needed and been change because of it. Yes, Janus was proud of this youth and would gladly call him an avatar.

The next on his list was Cordelia Chase, Queen C. If ever he was to have a female avatar this girl would be it. She was a force for change. He grinned at her thinking she was merely Miss America. Janus was not often amused by people's ignorance but this time he could not help but smile. It would be interesting to see how Wonder Woman felt about the hell mouth. Of course Cordelia would be pleased because now she would be a genuine princess.

The last of the mortals was by no means the least. Willow would do great things as Ms. Mystic. Janus tempered the skills and boosted the moral compass. Willow was going to be a very powerful Wicca hopefully her joining with Ms. Mystic would prevent her falling to the darkness. A little chaos was fun but if this child fell to evil...Janus shivered it would not be good at all.

Now for the biggest problem of the night. Angel the vampire. Janus shook his head and wondered why a vampire would want to dress as a man who needed the sun to live? This was going to be a problem. He pondered the issue for a while and then decided there was nothing for it. Angel had to be mortal again. He would need the sun and his soul would become that of the character he became. With a touch the vampire screamed and the demon cried out as two souls became bound to the now living Clark Kent. He would not be as strong as the modern superman but he would be able to fight at the slayers side night or day.
Even as Janus completed his tasks Giles was listening to his children's concerns paling at the implications of what Ethan had done.

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