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Not So Helpless

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Summary: What if the choice of Costumes were not weak characters?

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Part 22 Communication

Disclaimer: See Part One

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not So Helpless

Part 22 Communication

Xander called the Summer's house. He wanted to let Buffy know what was going on. He knew that with all the crazy changes it was more important than ever to have strong communication. Oddly he was relaxed with this latest possession. Maybe it was because it was human and a family member but for the first time in years Xander was actually beginning to feel whole and complete. He knew he was going to miss having Cordelia around but, he also understood that the woman he knew was different. The fluke had destroyed their chances of being a couple and frankly the new Cordelia was so different he could not see them working out. As much as he hated Angel he had a feeling with his new possession/ Soul he would be a far better match for his former love. That being said however Xander promised himself that this time he was going to have what Willow called the 'Shovel' speech with the king of hair gel. He would warn him that should he hurt Cordy he would end him Superman or not. He grinned as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. Upon opening it he had found the key to carry out that threat. Yes the small green stone was going t ensure that his nemesis turned good guy would stay that way. This time he would make sure of it. He was only glad that Buffy no longer wanted him.

He was a little annoyed that Cordy seemed to but, there was no accounting for taste and he had a feeling that her attraction had been a long time coming and it was also being influenced by her alter ego. He could hardly complain about that given his own new feelings. He smiled at that. Maybe he and Faith could make it work this time given they both had mature sides to give them advice. If he had to move on from Cordelia and he had to let go at least he had a chance of working it out with a woman he liked and respected. Xander knew deep down that part of his issues with Cordelia had been a lack of maturity on his part and maybe even a little lack of respect. Not for her but for himself. Because he had forgiven her much and in doing so swallowed his own self respect. Because as good as Cordelia had become she had once been Queen C and that lady had never liked or even slightly respected Alexander Harris. He prayed his new relationship would be better.

Joyce Summer's answered the phone. She smiled when she realized it was Xander. He was so good for Buffy as a friend. She called Buffy to the telephone.

"Hello" Buffy said as she took it from her mother. She listened and frowned. "Well Xander when you are done at the hospital why don't you come over here for dinner. No you and your mom need to eat to. We are going to order out and it will be fine. Ok call again before you leave so we can have the food here nice and hot. So what do you want?"

"Whatever is fine. I really appreciate it Buffy."

"Yeah, well were family Xander. Faith and Giles are here too. I'll call Willow and see if she and Oz want to come with."
"Good, oh I have to go the doctor's coming back."

"Take care Xander." Buffy hung up the phone with a frown on her face. "Mom, we need to talk."

"Ok Buffy come with me into the kitchen."

Buffy followed her mother and noticed Joyce seemed concerned. She however knew that this was going to be a little hard. She had an idea and wanted to run it past her mother before she brought it up with the gang.

This whole situation had changed everything and she decided upon hearing about Xander's mother injuries that it was just too dangerous for them to all be spread out across Sunnydale. She wanted her friends, no family safe. Oddly enough Buffy knew that this need to protect was not just coming from herself or even the slayer. Her alter ego was as protective of her people as she was. She wanted to have her family close and that to her mind meant living together. Last week while she had been patrolling she had spotted a large house for sale. She had went in to check it out. It made Angel's old mansion seem like a shack. The house had was situated on over 250 acres and was on near the vineyard in the hills.

She normally did not patrol that area but she had wanted to do a workout as well. Plus after going over the map she realized she had been leaving a large area unpatrolled never wise in this town. So she had gone over and taken a look. The house was a large Spanish style hacienda and it called to her even before Donna Teresa had shared her body. She had slipped inside and looked around. It was all in all her dream house. More importantly there were several guest houses near the main one and she knew it would be perfect for her family. That is if she could not convince them to live in the main house with her and her family. She had checked the price and while it was expensive it was doable now that she had Teresa' memories and money. All she had to do was convince her mom and then Giles. She grinned at this. Maybe she could get them together but even if he chose someone else it was still safer for her watcher to be there with them. Xander and his mom would need a new home too. Because really that place was falling apart and she was certain Xander would rather have his mom with them then alone. Also Willow lived alone for all intensive purposes. If she had to she could ghost home for when her parents made their ever rarer appearances in town. Oz would love the place because it was open and wild. He could feel free and safe. The stables with the horses would please Dawn and Buffy felt her own desire to ride again come into play. Plus Giles enjoyed it and she had a feeling that Faith would take to it like a duck to water. Yes she wanted her family close.

There was also the fact that it would be a good place for Angel and Cordy to fly into if and when they came to visit. While she knew they had to leave there was nothing saying that they could not come and visit sometimes. Besides it was a place she could put roots down in. She needed that. She had to have a reason to keep going and having a home would help anchor her to the world. There was also the fact that it there was a plenty of room to grow herbs and others supplies they might need. They could make money off the ranch and that would free them from the council's purse strings. She was really tired of the games they played and being independently wealthy had to make life more safe and secure

Across Sunnydale another criminal awoke. He looked around as he wandered the town in disgust. He could not believe what he was seeing. He was attacked but tossed the would be vampire aside and staked it with ease. Magneto was not happy at all. Humanity were sheep and he soon crush them. All humans were good for was to be his slaves. He briefly recalled his life as a human but pushed it aside. It mattered little who he had been. He was now a powerful creature and he would not let the worthless mundane rule him. He remembered the camps and his parents and sister being murdered never again. Never again he would ensure all like himself were on the top. With a wave of his hand he created a metal disk and stood on it. He rose through the air and left behind the city of his birth. He would raise mutants to be the rulers of the world. As he flew out he looked around and was joined by several allies. Toad, Mystique and Avalanche. Yes he would begin the brotherhood once more and this time there was no Charles around to cause him problems.

Lex Luther was not happy. He could not believe he was bald again. Damn it every time he tangled with Superman he lost his hair. That last battle was epic. Oh well a new world a new chance. Chaos was a wonderful thing. Lex sighed and climbed into the stingray he had stolen. It was not his usual ride but it would do. Besides he had a plane to catch. He was grateful to what every power had changed him. He was no longer that fool Jonathan Chase. While chase was a criminal he lacked imagination. He had no flare more importantly he was a fool. He had trusted his accountant. A really pathetic mistake. He was a new man, Lex Luther and he would take over the world. Well he would do that after he killed his no good accountant. To think that the man actually thought he could steal from him? Really? He floored the car and headed to Bernie Barnes house tonight was the perfect time to tie up loose ends. The chaos of the night would more then cover his tracks. Plus he was certain that his beloved daughter would keep the man of steel occupied. Life was good. He looked over at his lover and smiled. While she was chase's wife she was his fiancé and as such he was certain she would be far more loyal. Because she wanted the ring again. He pushed Jonathan Chase aside even as he absorbed his memories. The man was a big fish in a small pond but that was ok. The Chase family wealth would be a great starting point. He would make it into his new empire.

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