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Magical Hero

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Summary: The story of the Flash and Batman's love and all that's in between

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DC Universe > Justice League
Charmed > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
XanderLuvsAllFR1588,064052,7397 Jul 105 May 11No

Restarting Life

Unsure of what to do after losing his loves and turning his back on being Magic, Pagan decided to go back to school. To Stanford. He couldn't decided what to major in so he choose several as majors. Not like he had to worry about money or time as he had nothing else to do expect be there for his children, who he loved beyond anything else. They were all he had left now. Or so he thought for some time. Until Bruce came and demanded that he come to dinner.

Bruce told Pagan that he would always be welcomed at the Manor and he missed him and the children. That they were all the only family Bruce had left. He had lost his son long before his actual death because of his stupidity and he would not make the same mistake again. Understanding where Bruce was coming back, Pagan agreed to come to Gotham sometimes.

Things went on like that for years until one day while in Central City, ten miles outside of San Francisco, and he was witness to supervillians robbing a bank. And he realized that his Uncle's city was unprotected and he knew that it wasn't what Richie or Donna would have wanted.

So he deiced to come back but was unwilling to be Magic anymore as magic itself had betrayed him by allowing soul-mates to die. So he took up his Uncle's mantle and became the Flash, he even put a spell on the costume so that as long as he wore it he could only use speed. And unwilling to in danger his children, he created a new identity. Wally West.

Two years after the Flash was reborn, he and several others created the Justice League.

Working with a team again for the first time since Richie's death was difficult for Pagan but he managed. Though he didn't allow himself to get as close to them as he had the Titans. For the Titans had been his family after the Loss of his first family and those that were living still were. Though he had basically ignored them since Richie's death, something he sought to fix. He called Garth and Roy and the got together and though it took time, they got their connection back. As for the League, they didn't even know his true name. Expect for Bruce, Diana and Clark of course. As they were his father in law, sister in law and close friend before the Loss.

When the Lords trick the League into going to their reality, Pagan woke up with Lord Batman watching him. Closely. Looking at him, Pagan knew instantly exactly what had happened to himself. L.Batman leaned forward without warning and claimed his mouth. Kissing him passionately and possessively. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead against Pagan's. Pulling away fully, he told Pagan that he would stay here forever. That he was his now. Then L.Batman left. Freaked out but trying to be calm, Pagan managed to trick L.Batman into freeing him then he freed everyone else.

Hours later he was faced with L.Batman who was now helping him, Bruce had convinced him that destroying free will in Pagan's name was not a good way to honor his memory. So L.Batman had dominate his world for Pagan and he was stopping for Pagan. Ironic
,huh. Pagan cautiously asked him what had happened to him. And learned that Luthor had killed him after becoming President, that he had learned of his true identity, and using a spell managed to turn Pagan's magic against him thus destroying him completely, soul and all. Pagan grimaced at the thought of it but continued his questions. Next was why build such a machine?
L.Batman looked at him and told him it should be rather obvious, he'd built it to find another Pagan, unwilling to simply accept his loss. After losing his parents and son, he wasn't willing to lose his lover. Pagan was startled by that, unable to believe that in two years he would become Bruce's lover.

L.Batman noticed that look and reminded him that he had been in love with him since he was sixteen. That it was only because of Richie that he didn't pursue him. He told Pagan that nothing and no one had ever touched him in the way Pagan had. That he was his, the one he was meant to be with in this life. And that after losing him, he lost himself. Then he asked him to stay, to live in this reality with him. Reminded him that his children were here still. Pagan kissed L.Batman softly and whispered even softer no. L.Batman nodded sadly and promised to look after his children for as long as he lived. And he promised to love him till the day he died.

Pagan tried to tell him that wasn't what he wanted but L.Batman refused to listen, saying no one could ever match him. Then it was time to return to his reality.

The League confronted the Lords, with Pagan facing L.Superman. Confident in his belief that he wouldn't hurt him, Pagan was shocked when L.Superman seriously tried to kill him. L.Superman told him that he had died in his arms, speaking of his love for Bruce. Uncaring of how much L.Superman loved him. Pagan was about to take his mask off, to free his magic as he seriously believed he was in danger. And then Clark was there and he was safe.

Now he would just have to face Bruce and Clark's emotions.
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