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Magical Hero

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Summary: The story of the Flash and Batman's love and all that's in between

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DC Universe > Justice League
Charmed > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
XanderLuvsAllFR1588,064052,7397 Jul 105 May 11No

Birth of Greatness

Disclaimer: Don't own any of it. CH and JL belong to their creators

Warning:Mpreg and very brief and character death

On a bright and sunny day all that was evil and all that was unpure disappeared. For the most pure, the most powerfully good and the most innocent being in existence had come into being. Pagan Harold Christopher Merlin Halliwell-Potter-Black-Gryfindor-Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Malfoy had been born. Also called Heir of All Magic, Thrice Blessed, Child of the Stars, Magic's Child, Prince of Heaven, Merlin Reborn and Evil's Bane. Pagan was the end all be all of power. He was the destined ruler of the world, the one who would guide the world into peace. And as the only child of Wyatt Halliwell, part witch and white-lighter the Twice Blessed, King of Magic, Father of Magic and Wielder of Excalibur, his brother/mate Chris Halliwell, part witch, white-lighter and God, the Twice Blessed, Father of Magic and King of Heaven and Lillian Jamie Serena Potter-Black-Gryfindor-Slytherin-Malfoy, part wizard and Veela, Heir to the Founders, Princess of the Veela Realm and Magic's Mother.

The three of them were true soul-mates and were married in a wiccan/wizard ceremony two years before Pagan's birth, and were very much in love. Together they were an unstoppable force.

Pagan came into this world and made it free of all that was wrong with it. But after a day it all reverted back as it wasn't yet time for that. As the most powerful force in the universe, he had a pretty normal childhood up until his seventh birthday. When the demon rose against the Halliwell family and managed to kill them all by overwhelming numbers. Pagan had been with his Uncle Barry, married to his Aunt Melinda. So he wasn't there but he did walk into a house filled with his families dead bodies. In one moment he had lost everything and inherited a fortune.

After that he....changed.

Three years after Pagan was Magic, a superhero and sidekick of Flash, his Uncle. Then he decided to create a team of superhero, sidekicks. He named it the Titans. Richard Grayson,Robin, and Donna Troy, Wonder girl, were the first to join and also the first everything. For the moment Pagan met them he loved them, the connection was instantaneous. They were his soul-mates. They began to date within hours of meeting and were quite happy. Roy Harper, Speedy, and Garth, Aqualad, came soon after to join.

At sixteen, Pagan realized that not only did he have feelings for Bruce, Batman. Bruce was also in love with him. He wasn't sure how to handle that so he talked to Bruce, who after alot of badgering, admitting to it all but assured him that he would never do anything to hurt his son. Saying that he loved him but loved his son more. Pagan loved him more for that
and told him so. And asked him to be at their bonding/wedding ceremony. Which he was.

Donna gave birth to twins the same year, Patience Julianna Lillian and Payton Julian Wyatt Christopher. Ten months later to Paris Thomas Robert, beyond a doubt it was Richie's . A month later, Pagan realized he was pregnant, which he could be thanks to his Veela genes. He gave birth to triplets: Phillipa Piper Alexandria, Pantheon Richard Alexander and Phillina Phoebe Alyssa.

When he is barely nineteen Barry was killed by the Anti-Monitor and Pagan mourned greatly. The fact that Donna and their unborn daughter is killed by the demon lord Thavastrix, causesd Pagan to lose it. He went to the Underworld and destroyed them all. Vanquishing the entire Underworld, causing it to cease to exist. Richie went to him and comforted him, preventing him from losing himself. Richie's love enabled him to survive losing Donna. And then his Dad, Chris, appeared before him for the first time since his death. He explained that he couldn't see Donna now because he needed time to grieve but that she was fine as was their daughter. Chris told Pagan that as the Prince of Heaven he could now visit them UP There and one day he could
see her.

As the years went on he was able to see Donna again and accept but then everything went to hell again. Richie, now Nightwing, was killed by Zoom. Pagan lost the baby he was carrying and just lost it. He altered the fabric of the universe, casting out all that was wrong to preventing anyone from feeling grief again. It took away free will completely but he didn't care. But it
wasn't enough. So as he prepared to destroy all life in all realities, universes and cosmos, he wasn't prepared for Richie to appear before him. Richie convinced Pagan not to do this and to reverse everything. Pagan wanted to stay with him but Richie reminded him of the children, and told him that it wasn't his time, that he had a lot to do yet. So Pagan fixed everything save he kept Zoom dead. He only let Bruce remember what he had done.

Then he quit as Magic.
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