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Picking Pairings out of a Pocket

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Summary: Basically I picked names out of a hat while listening to my ITunes Shuffle and created some pretty random (MOSTLY NON-ROMANTIC)pairings. So far:Wesley/Haldir, Angel/L.Malfoy, Aragorn/Sparrow, Sam/Edward C, Dean/Luna. Life, death, & everything between.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings(Recent Donor)LunaFR1576,8610182,4918 Jul 1023 Dec 10No

Picking Pairings out of a Pocket

Summary: What happens when you put names from 18 different worlds into a pocket & pick out pairings? While also putting your I Tunes on Shuffle and choosing a song to go with each pairing? Well… It’s an adventure!

Rules: I put 66 names in a pocket (Okay, so they weren’t really put into a pocket but a pocket folder & I do love alliteration for my story titles!) and picked out all the pairings. I will attempt to do them all and the theme for that drabble will depend on whatever song plays on my I Tunes Shuffle at the time! Considering I have 2,450 songs from every genre, it should be fun ;D

Rules for Other Writers: If anyone is interested, I might open this up to other writers, just because some of these pairings are like 'whoooa!' ;) Not sure how I'll handle all of them!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Rights to any of these TV shows or movies. They belong to their respective creators and studios. Please don’t sue… I’m already in student loan debt! :)


1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2. Supernatural

3. Harry Potter

4. Boondock Saints

5. Underworld

6. Xena

7. Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood

8. Lord of the Rings

9. X-Men

10. Avatar: The Last Airbender

11. Law & Order: SVU

12. Twilight

13. Star Wars

14. Venture Brothers

15. Pirates of the Caribbean

16. Anita Blake

17. Gilmore Girls

18. Sherlock Holmes (movie version b/c I love Robert Downey Jr ;)


1. Wesley/Haldir

2. Angel/Lucius

3. Aragorn/Jack Sparrow

4. Edward/Sam

5. Luna/Dean

6. Spike/Sherlock Holmes

7. Lando Calrission/Brock Samson

8. Sookie/Faith

9. Buffy/Marcus Flint

10. Rory/Dru

11. Aang/Benson

12. Lorelei/Stabler

13. Munch/Legolas

14. Hermione/Pansy

15. Queen Sophie-Anne/Ice-T

16. Dawn/Bill

17. Wolverine/Neville

18. Bella/Snape

19. Xander/Eric

20. Sirius/Ginny

21. Anita Blake/Draco

22. Narcissa/Connor McManus

23. Zuko/Ron

24. Harry/Alice

25. Xena/Rogue

26. Andrew/Storm

27. Lorne/Theo Nott

28. Asher/Han Solo

29. Katara/Selene

30. Giles/Remus

31. Jacob/Murphy McManus

32. Prof. McGonagall/Leia

33. Bellatrix/Gambit
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