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The Cousins with the Same Taste: part 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Cousins with the same taste!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy makes it to Mystic Falls.

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Chapter 7: The Going Away Party

Chapter 7: The Going Away Party

The next morning Buffy had everything packed and ready to go later that day and since it was Saturday she figured she’d spend the day with her cousin just having some fun before she had to leave. Little did she know that plan wasn’t going to work out as flawlessly as she had hoped.

“Ok so what do you want to do today.”

“Well I kind of need to stop by Stefan’s because I forgot my phone at his house yesterday when I was there so after that anything you want is good with me.”

So they both got into Buffy’s car and drove over to the Salvatore brother’s home. When they got there they parked and started to walk up to the door when they heard what sounded like a fight going on inside.

“Elena stay out here.” Buffy said pulling out a somewhat large knife from the back of her pants.

“Where the hell did she get that from?” Elena said more so to herself because Buffy was already running into the house. When she got in there she saw five vampires surrounding the two brothers. Stefan was on the ground with two bullet holes in his shirt.

“Oh come on this is no way to throw a party.” She said as three of the vampires turned to look at her.

“Buffy look out they have guns.” Damon said as one of the vampires looking at her pulled out their gun and shot at her. Buffy didn’t even have time to react when she heard the ‘bang’ of the gun going off. She just closed her eyes and waited for the pain to come, but it didn’t. When she opened her eyes she saw why. Damon had run and jumped in front of her to protect her from getting shot.

“Thanks….now it’s time to fight back.” She said putting her knife away and pulling out her guns.

When Damon saw them he dropped to the ground and she pointed her guns at the intruders.

“Now of course there is an easy way to end this and there is a hard way…You can either go peacefully and never come back or well you can meet what is inside chamber number one.” She said shaking the gun in her left hand. “Or chamber number two.” She said shaking the gun in her right hand.

“Huh let us think about this one…you are going to shoot us with bullets….which inadvertently will not kill us but ours will kill you…human.” He said with hatred.

“Well now…you can’t just jump to these conclusions you know why…because I know something you don’t and you know what that is?” she said looking at them. “No.....well I’ll tell you….I know how to accessorize.” She said pointing and shooting her guns into two of the vampires that were nearest to her which died almost instantly. “Now what was it that you were saying about these not killing you?” She said ducking for cover as the enemy fire started. Within a few minutes all the vampires were dead thanks to Buffy and her rather awesome artillery.

“You okay Damon.”

“I’ll be okay I just need some blood to heal and so will Stefan. What the hell do you have in those guns that killed them so quickly vervain?!”

“Ha… no.” She said popping out the magazine of one of her guns after she put the other one back into place under her jacket. “UV bullets…with a little magical twist that kills any power of their rings or necklaces that let them go in the sun.”

That is when Elena walked into the room and Buffy put the magazine back into the gun and put the gun away before Elena could see it.

“Oh my god Stefan…What happened?” Elena asked with pain filled eyes.

“Don’t worry Elena he’ll be okay it's only wooden bullets.”

“Here I got it.” Buffy said walking over to Stefan. When she got over to where the couple was on the floor she called for the bullets which then orbed out of Stefan and into her hand. She looked at Elena with a compassionate smile and couldn’t help but flashback to a time when she was in Elena’s place and Angel was the one on the ground hurt.

“Ok so you guys sure know how to make a girl feel welcome with your awesome coming and going away parties.”

“Going away party?! You’re leaving?....So soon?” Damon asked.

“Yeah, I have to leave tonight or morning at latest to make it in enough time to spend a few days over with my other cousin before I have to go back to work.”

“Oh ok whatever…” He said trailing off. “I’ve got to go.” He said leaving in a blur.

So after everything occurred that day Elena just stayed with Stefan until he woke up, went hunting, and even after. Even though Buffy really wanted to spend some time with her cousin before she had to leave she didn’t say anything because she remembered the days when it was her taking care of Angel when he was hurt even though he healed faster than she did most of the time. A few hours later Buffy said her good-byes to her cousins hopped into her car and started heading down the highway out of Mystic falls and to a better secure place where she could orb the rest of the way to Bon Temp, Louisiana.

‘I don’t think my visit to Sookie’s is going to be as eventful as Bella’s and Elena’s…nothing ever happens in Bon Temp.’ Buffy thought to herself and boy was she wrong.


Thanks for those of you that reviewed...Keep them coming....I hope you like it and enjoy reading it as much I did writing it... :D

The End

You have reached the end of "The Cousins with the Same Taste: part 2". This story is complete.

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