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Little Sister

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Summary: Despite her memories, Dawn was always told she was made from Buffy, she was a part of Buffy. So who was this woman she dreamed of? How, exactly were they connected? Seems the monks forgot to mention something to Buffy...

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: 2nd verse, same as the first…

Sooo this is season 7ish…. Willow is back from England… there are no potentials as of yet…

Ummmm wow, thanks sooo much for all the reviews...
--- --- ---

It’s not that Dawn Summers hated going to school, it’s just that she hated going to school on the hellmouth. How Xander was ever able to complete the actual rebuilding of this school was beyond her. Sure, kids complained all the time that their school was pure hell. But honestly, hers really was...sorta. It sat on the top of a magical convergence of energy known as the Boca Del Inferno and it was her older sister’s job to protect it from all the nasties that wanted a piece of the Hellmouth. Sometimes it seemed like every other week there was a new Big Bad intent on opening up the Hellmouth and somehow, (always), she was stuck in the middle. Being the Slayer’s sister had left her wide open for kidnappings and the occasional sacrifices. It had gotten to the point where it wouldn’t be a Tuesday if she wasn’t kidnapped.

Dawn thought her sister was pretty cool, of course she’d never say it loud, she didn’t want her getting a big head or anything. But despite her being the new guidance counselor and being potentially embarrassed on a daily basis, her sister was still kind of cool. That might’ve had to do with the fact Buffy was finally taking her out and teaching her how to fight Vampires and the other baddies around town. She just had to get through school today. The school of hell, the one that, you know, actually sat atop the mouth of Hell. What had Xander been thinking?

The last bell of the day had finally rung and Dawn quickly gathered her books, sending a smile to her friends as rushed out of the classroom.

“It’s now 3:02 and we have been here two minutes too long.” She announced, bursting into her sister’s office.

Buffy quickly righted herself and the pencil holder she was balancing on her forehead crashed to the ground.

“Working hard?” Dawn snickered as she watched her sister pick up the fallen pencils and pens.

Buffy sent her a glare as she straightened up. “Hey, I’m very busy coming up with- with plans and ideas for all the problems the student body has. My quick thinking and ability to sympathize with you guys is what got me this job in the first place.”

Dawn let out a snort of laughter as they walked out of the office and she spied Principal Wood staring at the older blonde. “Right, your great ideas, it has nothing to do with the fact the new Principal is staring at you like a scrumptious treat.”

Buffy swung around to look at the office as the principal closed the blinds.

“Liar.” She said with a pout.

“No really, I think he wants you.”

Buffy smiled, “Well he is kind of cute.”

Dawn shook her head as she grabbed her sister’s arm and pulled her out of the office. “All this means is he’s evil. So stop looking.”

The slayers lips turned down into another pout. “Just because someone is interested in me, doesn’t mean he’s evil.”

“No but you’re interested back, which means he’s evil, or has the potential to be evil.”

“Says the girl who’s first kiss was with a vampire.”

“Says the older sister, who boinked not one but two vampires.”

Buffy’s mouth opened but quickly snapped shut as she realized her sister was right. Instead she settled for glaring at her little sister as they went out to meet Xander.

--- --- ---

“So you remember what I taught you?” Buffy asked from her seat atop a gravestone; Xander and Willow beside her.

Dawn nodded as they watched the latest fledgling climb out of the grave, stake at the ready. “Yes, I may have the stake but he always has the power.”

Willow nervously licked her lips. “Buffy, are you sure this is okay?”

“She can do this.” Buffy replied, closely watching her sister.

The vampire pulled himself out of the grave and smirked at Dawn. “Excellent. Nothing better than feeding as soon as you wake up.”

“This is where the Slayer shows up with some witty remark before staking your ass and since we haven’t hit the wit and puns section yet, we’ll settle for the second part.”

The vampire laughed. “You’re the Slayer?”

“No.” Dawn snapped, “I’m way worse, I’m her sister.”

The Vamp charged her and Dawn lunged forward with the stake, missing the vamp, who ended up tackling her to the ground, batting the stake aside. Dawn let out a small eep of surprise as her hand moved to her waist, to grab what, she didn’t know but she was hit with the strongest sense of déjà vu as she lifted her eyes to meet the Vampire’s as he was about to swoop in to bite her neck.

He stopped, frozen where he was as he stared into her eyes, seemingly hypnotized by what he saw.

“Master...” The Vampire whispered before exploding into dust above her.

“What did he just call you?” Buffy asked, grabbing her sister’s hand and pulling her up. “Did he just call you master?”

Dawn shrugged, dusting herself off before looking at her sister.

“What is wrong with your eyes?” She stepped closer and went to grab her sister’s chin, but Dawn quickly stepped out of reach.

Buffy paused, her head tilting to the side as she tried to figure out how her sister was able to move so quickly.


The younger Summers closed her eyes and shook her head, trying to rid the feeling of déjà vu that still clung to her. Only when it faded did she open her eyes and look at her sister.

“They’re normal again.” Buffy said with a frown.

“What was wrong?” Xander asked, stepping up beside Buffy.

“Her eyes. They were solid blue, all of it. She had no white part, no little black dot in the middle, it was just all blue.”

Xander and Willow looked closely at the youngest Summers.

“The lighting maybe?” Willow suggested.

Buffy’s expression turned thoughtful, “And I swore he called her Master before I staked him.”

Dawn frowned. “I don’t remember him saying that. I lost my stake, he tackled me. You staked him.”

Buffy continued staring, but when nothing else seemed to happen she shrugged. “I guess we’re done here then.”

The four left the cemetery, Dawn trying to ignore that small tingle at the back of her neck that was telling her she was missing something.

--- --- ---
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