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Little Sister

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Summary: Despite her memories, Dawn was always told she was made from Buffy, she was a part of Buffy. So who was this woman she dreamed of? How, exactly were they connected? Seems the monks forgot to mention something to Buffy...

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Chapter One

Title: Little Sister

Author: Music

Category: Anita Blake/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Rating: T for Teen

Summary: She dreamed of a world where Vampires were legal, where all kinds of were’s existed. She dreamed of a woman who once hunted them and was now caught up in the middle, a woman far too dangerous to remain where she was. But once awake, her life continued on, her dreams forgotten…mostly…

Disclaimer: not mine… not yours… unless you’re Hamilton or Whedon, in which case, why are you reading this?

Spoilers: all televised seasons of Buffy and all Anita Blake books

Feedback: Please, how am I doing?

Author's Note: My first Anita crossover... finally venturing out??? Everyone is always going to the Anita verse and becoming Anita’s kids… sooooo let’s go to Sunnydale. Thanks to my beta, Mistress for going back over this...

--- --- ---

The Dream had started like any other. The sky blue, the sun shining, a breeze that gently lifted their hair as the two women sat on a blanket in the middle of a meadow, picnic basket between them. They talked quietly, voices not carrying far enough to be heard.

The younger one produced a dazzling smile for the other as the wind picked up, tossing their hair around them as paper plates and plastic cups flew away from the blanket. They both giggled as they reached for the items, not noticing the sun fading, the sky growing darker around them. It wasn’t until the younger one straightened up that she noticed she was suddenly alone. The picnic and her companion were gone. The sun and its warmth had faded into cool darkness. She stood and realized her bare feet were no longer cradled by grass, but dirt. She looked up; vaguely wondering how she had ended up in a circus tent.

A spotlight appeared and she blinked, throwing her arm up to stave off the brightness. She gasped as something definitely furry pushed past her causing her to stumble forward. She threw her arms out to take the brunt of the fall. Dark curly hair fell forward, trailing down her arms and she stared at it, feeling as though all that dark hair was just somehow wrong.

“Anita…" A whispered call, male or female, she was unsure, and she wildly looked around, trying to find the source. She scrambled to her feet, her hands moving to her waist of their own accord. For what? She was unsure and as she moved her hands away, empty, that also felt wrong.

“Necromancer…" This voice was different and definitely female. A shiver ran up her spine as she continued staring into the dark. “I will find you…"

A low growl came from beside her, not directed at her but in the direction of the voice. She stared harder into the shadows, trying to find the source of the growl. She tentatively reached out a hand closer to the growl never expecting to see a wolf, larger than any she had ever seen, make its way into the light. It didn’t look at her, growling at something or someone, shrouded in the darkness.

“Ma petite…" She spun around, the french accent of this new voice striking something familiar in her.

“Where…where are you?”

She could feel something moving closer, a black boot appeared in the light and she held her breath as he slowly revealed more of himself…

“I swear, if you’re not downstairs in 5 minutes, you’re walking.”

In a small room in Sunnydale, California, Dawn Summers eyes popped open.

--- --- ---
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