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Buffy and the Haunted Pyramid

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Buffy in the Hyborian Age". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: After the events of "The Gift" Buffy finds herself in the Hyborian Age and has to deal with an evil warlock.

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Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and 20th Century Fox. Conan and the World of the Hyborian Age was developed by Robert E. Howard (and butchered by Lin Carter and L. Sprague de Camp), they now belong to Conan Properties International. Everything new is MINE!
Warning: Femslash ahead!


After the fight was over and the dust had settled Buffy had looked for Askel. Teje kneeled beside him and examined his wounds. “I‘m sorry for your friend,” the priestess shook her head. ”He will survive. The wound‘s too deep and his spin has been severed. Even if I could stop the bleeding, he‘ll die. All I can do is pray to Isis.”

The AEsir turned his head to Buffy who had also kneeled down at his side. “By Ymir, that was a good fight... And we‘ve won...” he said between coughing blood. “Then my death doesn‘t matter...” He coughed again. “You‘ve fought like a valkyrie... I‘m honored... to have fought beside you, Slayer...” He coughed for a last time. “May we meet again in Valhalla!” Then he closed his eyes forever. He was dead.

“We have to go.” Teje urged Buffy. “There might be other demons hiding here.”

But Buffy could not leave the man behind, who had wanted to rape her, who had followed her for three days through the desert and who, in the end, helped her in a fight against one of the most powerful vampires she ever fought. So she gave the priestess her weapon, sheathed her dagger and carried him and his large axe out of this unholy place. The way out was easy to find for they had only to follow the still burning torches.

It was silent outside the pyramid. The cultist had left the place in a hurry. Some tents had been knocked over, caskets and bags were lying around. Sp they gathered together what they could need for a trek through the desert. Bedrolls, full water skins, and other provisions. Most of these were trail rations consisting of dried fruits, some salted meat, and some loaves of white bread. They were so famished that they did not acre if something had followed them and ate some of these trail rations at once. It might not be the best meal, but for Buffy even this frugal meal was the best meal she had since her arrival in this world.

They buried Askel of the AEsir with his double-bladed battle axe near the outer gate in a barrow made out of stones from the ruins nearby. Teje, the priestess of Isis gave an heart-breaking eulogy that drove both of them to tears even if they did not knew him. On a large stone Buffy scratched a simple inscription. Then the slayer and the priestess left the place forever.

So, later that day, Buffy was lying on a simple bedroll, starring into the clear star-filled night sky. “What are you thinking?” Teje whispered in her ear. The priestess lay beside her on another bedroll and looked at the slayer.

“I was thinking, about what has happened this day... the last days. I sacrificed myself for my bady sister, found myself naked in a desert, was enslaved by my rescuers, escaped them, stumble across a vampire worshipping cult and killed humans. I‘ve never killed humans. I‘ve killed demons and vampires, but never ever humans. I‘ve vowed that I never kill humans, but I did. Am I now a bad girl?” Buffy babbled but was interrupted by Teje kissing her on the mouth. “ I‘m babbling?”

“Yes, you are.” The other girl said with a smile. “But it is beautiful.”

“What? What is beautiful?” Buffy asked.

“Your babbling.” was Teje‘s reply and she kissed her again. “I‘m glad that you were there and stopped them. I don‘t dare to imagine what would have happened if they were successful and had awoken the vampire god at full strength.”

“That Cook-A-Thing was a god?” an astonished Buffy interrupted her.

Teje only noded in reply.

“But that vampire was not harder fight than the Master or Angelus or any other master vampire I have slayed, and I have slayed many. And I have fought and defeated a goddess, a hell goddess, but that‘s still a goddess...”

“Stop babbling!” Again Teje interrupted the slayer with kisses. “I will return to Stygia my home country. But what about you? What will you do now?”

“I don‘t know.” Buffy shrugged. “Perhaps I find a way home. Or a place in this world. But first, I need to find some fitting clothes.”

“What‘s wrong with what you wear?” This time the priestess was astonished. “Many women in Stygia are dressed like you are now. And in many other countries it is normal for a woman to show her beauty.”

“At home,” Buffy tried to explain, “ it is considered immoral and illegal. You have to cover your breasts and your...” She was searching for an innocent word. But Teje interrupted her.

“And is it wrong for a woman in your culture to show her gratitude by making love to her savior?” She asked innocently.

“It is not.” Buffy answered the question. She wanted to add something, but a kiss stopped her.

“Good.” Teje kissed the slayer on the mouth and caressed Buffy‘s breast with one hand. Her kissing lips were traveling across her neck and shoulders to her breasts, while her caressing hand also traveled down for Buffy‘s breasts across her belly to her center.

Buffy got aroused by this. Then the priestess started to caress her clit gently with her fingers and Buffy got wet between her legs from arousal. And as Teje started to probe Buffy‘s center, she could not take it any longer and started to scream out of passion: “Oh! My! God!”

Know, oh prince, that long after the realm of Atlantis sunk beneath the seas and long before the world changed again, there was an age undreamed of, when the Hyborian kingdoms lay across the lands that once belonged to the empire of Acheron. It was the time before the crown of proud Aquilonia was ripped out of the hands of a defeated tyrant by a barbarian from the north. It was the time when Conan the Cimmerian roamed the continent still searching for his destiny. In that time she came out of nowhere: A girl lost in a world strange to her. An adventuress, a mercenary, a thief, a lover of women and finally a queen of amazons she would become. She was the Slayer and death was her gift. Her name was ... Buffy!
- The Nemedian Chronicles

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy and the Haunted Pyramid". This story is complete.

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