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Buffy and the Haunted Pyramid

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Buffy in the Hyborian Age". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: After the events of "The Gift" Buffy finds herself in the Hyborian Age and has to deal with an evil warlock.

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In the Desert

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and 20th Century Fox. Conan and the World of the Hyborian Age was developed by Robert E. Howard (and butchered by Lin Carter and L. Sprague de Camp), they now belong to Conan Properties International. Everything new is MINE!

Buffy and the Haunted Pyramid
In the Desert

She woke up from what she thought was a long slumber. She felt the sand on which she was lying. She felt the warmth of the sun and a cool breeze on her bare skin. It was as if she was naked. Then she opened her eyes and starred into a blue cloudless sky. “Where am I?” she asked herself. Sitting up she she looked around and only saw sand. Lots of sand. And the sun was stand low in the east. “Great, really great! That‘s surely not the beach of Sunnydale, that‘s a desert!”

She stood up and walked to the ridge of the next dune. There she had a better view of her surroundings. And again she only saw sand. The desert extended in every direction. On the horizon she thought that she could make out a mountain range, but she could not see anything that could be a sign of civilization. “Where the hell am I?”

With a shrug as if it really does not matter she began walking towards the mountains. “Let‘s hope that I can find a way home there … or at least something to slay … or the bastard who stole my clothes.” A thought let her shudder. “Let‘s hope that that was all he did. Everything else would be ... eek!” Out of disgust she grimaced. But then she dismissed that unpleasant thought. “At least I get an even tan. Who would had thought that I will wander around nude in a hell of a desert? Or is it a desert of hell?” Suddenly she remembered a fight. Not a simple fight, but a battle. A battle against a goddess. No it was a hell goddess. A hell goddess called Glory. And she had won by jumping and falling through a portal. A portal that connected every plane of existence with her native. A portal which was opened by blood and which could only be closed with blood. “I should be dead.” She muttered again and again. There was no way for her to survive that drop from the tower through that portal. She really should be dead. Or perhaps she was dead and her soul was trapped in some desert like hell. She did not know. “I hope that the others are safe.”

Buffy, that was her name or at least the name she remembered, marched through that desert, the blazing sun above her, a cool breeze caressing her naked body, the distant mountains in front of her and a sick feeling inside. And which every step that feeling got stronger as if something evil was near. But Buffy marched on. And with every step she got sicker. Suddenly she realized that this sick feeling was not completely inside her. It was in the air. A sickening smell. A smell of blood and decay. Like the smell of a vampire fresh out of his grave. But this smell was stronger. Much stronger. And there were cries in the air. The cries of birds. Very large birds.

Crossing the next dune. She saw the source of that horrid and sickening smell and those bird cries. Corpses and vultures. A wide area littered with dead corpses and carrion eating vultures feasting on them. That was a battlefield. Two armies have battled here not so long ago and left their dead behind. There was no chance that she will find something useful here but Buffy still looked. As she came closer she noticed that those corpses were human. And a closer look told her that they were not killed by guns but by swords and arrows. She saw tattered clothes that reminded her of those old sword-and-sandal movies they had watched some years ago. But none of those could be worn anymore. Stained with blood or shredded to pieces either by weapons or by vultures made them useless to her. Even the weapons were useless. She could not find a single sword with an unbroken blade. The handles of the axes and spears she found were also broken. Even the few intact arrows were useless because the only bows she found were also broken. It seemed that the victors took with them everything useful and left only the dead behind.

But she did find something. There was a narrow belt made of leather and adorned with metallic ornaments. A sheath with a small dagger was attached to it. Buffy buckled the belt on and noticed that it had no loops to keep the loose end in place. So she loosed it that it sat at her hip.

Buffy crossed that battlefield without any problems. The vultures were not interested in her. They had still had a meal that did not fight back. She pressed on wanting to get away from this sickening place but the sun had already passed the zenith and heat had started to take its toll. She felt weak but she know if she rests now she will never get up again and die. So she marched on and passed a dune and another until her vision darkened and she could walk no further. Exhausted from the sun, the heat and the lack of water she fell down and lost consciousness.
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