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Fan Art

Summary: Art for my own stories and others, including Southern Comfort, Mr. & Mrs. Winchester, CousinMary's Gotham Slayer, jezaeiri's Learning to Breathe, and kerrykhat's Warriors in Exile. Latest update: Buffy/LotR and Buffy/Lindsey.

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Multiple Crossings > Fanart(Past Donor)akatFR152792933912,59410 Jul 108 Mar 12No

Illusions of Sunlight

Disclaimer: Neither BtVS nor Battlestar Galactica belong to me. All images obtained from photobucket. The text is from the song, “Shattered” by Trading Yesterday, which was the prompt for this fic. The background belongs to Immortal Memories, at here.

A/N: This was a Christmas present for kerrykhat over at The Rooftop . I also wrote her a fic to go with this, here.

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