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Godly Hell

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Godly Loves". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander discovers a whole new way of life

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansXanderLuvsAllFR764,66901419,24611 Jul 1010 Jan 11No


Happy New Year, one and all/

Explaining to Giles all that had happened to him since his disappearance wasn't easy for Xander but he managed it. Thankfully so did Giles, who didn't faint again which was a good thing as Ares would have done far worse than give him a headache if he had. Waking mortals up who were to stupid to handle the truth was only something he'd ever do for Xander. Anyone else would find themselves blasted to kingdom come and the mortal dead. So Giles was lucky,sorta. AS he was having difficulties coming to
terms with all that Xander had just told him. It was just so..impossible. And while he knows Xander is capable of pranking him to such a level, the powers of the..beings in front of him. Well. Godly was true. No other explanation. Bugger.

Watching Giles have a 'crisis' was actually fun for Xander on a whole other level. Never before had he seen him so lose control of himself to such a degree. Giles was practically curling in a ball in his complete shock. Xander didn't know if it was the God thing or the Gods thing. Either way, Giles wasn't handling it very well. Zeus was getting annoyed by it all if the storm outside was anything to go by. Which made this entire situation so much worse. Who knew what would happen next. Xander felt like slapping himself for even thinking such a vastly stupid thing on the Hellmouth.

Sure enough, Buffy stormed into the room, soaking wet and not at all happy.Upon seeing Giles freaking out with a lot of odd people around him, she prepared for attack. Xander quickly moved in front of her, which caused her to squeal and throw herself at him. This time everyone managed not to react to it, some only by the fact that Apollo was holding unto them. AKA, Ares. While Hades had a tight grip on Zeus. Xander was happy at Buffy's reaction as of late it had felt like they were no longer friends. As Buffy was so involved with the Angelus drama that she had no time for the one who had been right all along.

Xander touched her hair."I've missed you too, Buff. It's been to long."Buffy grabbed him tighter, tight enough that Xander knew if he was still 'human' he would be in alot of pain. Maybe even broken ribs or spines. Thankfully not happening though as Slayer' strength was no match to a God. Artemis and Athena would never have created something that could threaten their own family after all. Managing to pull away after several minutes, Xander looked at Buffy. He saw how tired she looked despite her current happiness and knew why.Angelus. She was worried about the monster and soon she would probably mourn for him.

With that Xander broke away from Buffy and moved back to his families side. Ares immediately engulfed Xander in his arms,causing him to sigh in contentment, feeling safe once again. He wondered at the safety he always found in Ares's arms after only just meeting him. It was..odd. Very odd and despite what his father had said, Xander wasn't at all comfortable with the fact that he was attracted to his family. God he may be but he was raised among mortals and they did not sleep with family. It was highly frowned upon and illegal in most states. And to desire two of his brothers, which made it worse as they were male. never before had he been draw to a male and now he was two and his brothers at that. His love life sucked, big time.

None of that meant that Xander moved from Ares's arms though as he needed the comfort and safety they proved right now more than he needed to freak out over all this. There would be plenty of time for a huge, gigantic freak out party later. Shaking his head he turned back to Buffy. Who was looking at him in confusion, sadness and annoyance. Buffy didn't understand what was going on with her best guy friend. Where had he been? Who were the people he was with, especially the guy Xander seemed so comfortable with? Where had he been? With his disappearnce timed with Angelus they had all worried about, fearing the vampire had him. So she had feared what was happening to Xander because of her inability to kill Angel. Now..She wanted answers.

"Where have you been, Xander? you worried us all for forever and you come back, not at all hurt and with strange people...Are you possessed again? Are they demons? You know your track record when it comes to meeting new people. Step away from them so I can slay them and rescue you once again." With every word she spoke, the temperature in the room rose as the fury of the Gods was rused in an amazing manner. That she would dare speak of their son and brother in that manner was preposterous and infuriating. They would see it ended. NOW. Though all were surprised by who got to her first.

Buffy shot threw the air and hit one of the book attacks hard enough that the bookshelf caved in and crumbled around the prone body of the fallen slayer. Buffy wincingly got up and prepared to attack, only to find herself dangling off the ground. Held up by the "Woman' that was smaller then her and looked younger to. Humiliating on a whole new level it couldn't even be described. Artemis squeezed the insect in her hand harder.

"If you ever speak of my brother in that manner again, I shall show you how small you really are in this world. You pathetic meaningless worm. What was given can be taken away."Then she dropped Buffy like something less than bacteria and went to Xander's side. Touching him lightly, reassuringly. She remembered the day he was taken, the pain she felt and she would allow no harm to come him again. Hades went next,looming over Buffy with dark shadows consuming him.

"As for protecting AleXander, you did not do very well on the day the vampire you love more than innocent nearly killed him. The day I rescued him. Where exactly were you if all you do is rescue him,hmm?" His voice was menacing in the extreme and caused all of Buffy's instincts to scream"RUN RUN RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE." Never had she ever felt such fear. His voice was also what finally snapped Giles out of his shock. Seeing Buffy, he knew they were only steps away from killing her and he knew that his Slayer was no match for a God. Let alone several. So Giles turned to one 'person' in the room he thought would be sympathetic.

"Xander.Please." With a sigh Xander turned to his Father, he may have been enjoying seeing Buffy put into place after her comments but enough was enough. He was about to speak when there was a scream and another body slammed into his, knocking him against Ares as he still thought mortal so still reacted like a mortal.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Godly Hell" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jan 11.

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