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Links Broken, Bonds Forged

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Summary: Xander was kicked out of the group at Buffy's request, so why does he look so happy about it?

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Television > Action(Current Donor)dogbertcarrollFR18718,4803123475,76412 Jul 108 Jan 14No

The S is silent, in fact it’s non-existant!

Buffy and Angel stood side by side swords ready, but even they would admit that they weren't looking forward to the fight. Oz had a mace and a stake and was guarding Willow who was really wishing she knew a spell that would allow her to set vamps on fire, and cursing herself for not downloading blueprints for a flamethrower off the net. Giles readied his crossbow and calmly scanned the crowd of vampires for their leader. Cut off the head and the rest could be dealt with a lot easier, hopefully. Cordelia stepped behind Giles and wished she'd brought something more than just a stake, like the U.S. Army.

"Hail, hail, the gang bang's all here!" a voice called from the back of the crowd of vamps, causing a few of them to turn around right before they exploded into dust.

That signaled the start of festivities as Buffy and Angel leapt forward, both thankful Faith had arrived.

"How long's Faith been dyeing her hair blonde?" Oz asked, using his mace to dissuade a female vamp from attacking Willow.

"Not as long as Buffy," Cordelia snarked, kicking a vampire in the crotch and causing it to stumble back into a beheading strike from Angel's sword.

"Gotcha," Giles muttered as his crossbow bolt sank into the chest of a very surprised looking vamp, just before it exploded into dust.

"That's not Faith," Angel observed, forcing a trio of vamps away from Buffy's back.

"A new Slayer's been called?" Cordelia questioned as she watched the blonde rip through the vamps on the other side of the melee.

"Wouldn't it take time for her to get here?" Oz questioned, before darting forward and ringing the bell of a vamp who was about to blindside Angel.

"Not if she already went to school here," Cordelia said as the vamps had thinned out enough to see who had come to back them up.

With only half of their number remaining, the vamps broke and ran revealing...

"Harmony?!" Willow and Buffy chorused.

"You're the new Slayer?" Oz asked.

"Please," Harmony rolled her eyes. "I'm the Layer."

"Uh guys," Buffy said worriedly. "I'm getting some pretty wigsome vibes here."

Harmony snorted. "Like anyone here isn't giving off strong wigsome vibes."

"I'm not!" Willow exclaimed.

"Please, all of you except Cordelia radiate blood and darkness, Oz has some sort of Jekyll and Hyde thing, Willow's aura just screams vengeance and dark magic, like she's done some big league evil curses, and Angel and Buffy both have demons in them."

"What?!" Buffy asked, turning to Giles.

"A powerful demon was bound and had its powers stripped to empower the first Slayer," Giles replied. "If you didn't know what to look for, it would indeed look like demonic possession."

"What do you want?" Cordelia demanded.

"To borrow those black pumps you wore to Aura's party last month," Harmony replied. "I have a dress that so totally goes with them."

"It's getting late," Giles pointed out. "We should continue this later."


"A guy could get used to this," Xander said sleepily as he awoke sandwiched between two girls.

"So could a girl," Faith replied, half-awake herself.

"I am used to it already," Lisa said, snuggling in and making herself comfortable.

"Is that your hand, Xand?" Faith asked.

"No-oh!" Xander said as Lisa nibbled on his ear.

"Good morning to me!" Lisa purred.

Xander groaned as Lisa did something at waist level. "I can't have sex with Faith, cause it causes trust issues," he reminded her.

"I think I can take a little peril," Faith moaned, burying her face in the side of Xander's neck.

"No, it's toooOOOooo perilous," he whimpered.

"She can take peril!" Lisa said, pressing her advantage.

"B-but, if I have sex with her, I lose her as a friend and I have a major shortage of friends!" he worried.

"Then, I'll have sex with both of you instead," Lisa said, working her way between the two.


It was lunch, and the Scoobs were gathered in the library with Harmony.

"So, your main problem with demons is?" Giles asked, making sure he had a clear idea of her motivation.

"They kill people I could be seducing," Harmony growled.

"And, you don't feed on life-force or eat souls, right?" Buffy asked. "No trail of corpses from you?"

Harmony rolled her eyes. "The only way a corpse would end up in my bed is if it turned out they had a heart condition."

Buffy looked over at Giles.

"The truth spell appears to be working," Giles confirmed.

"So, what can you do?" Willow asked curiously.

"Well, I'm as flexible as humanly possible, can hold my breath for fifteen minutes, and can lick my eyebrows," Harmony said proudly.

Willow turned red at the look Harmony gave her.

"I think she meant as a demon fighter," Wesley said, looking up from the book he was reading.

"About the same as the Slayer, except I can draw power from lust for small magics, mostly illusions."

"Are illusions really all that useful?" Buffy asked, thinking of Sailor Moon's disguise pen from back when she used to watch the cartoon.

Harmony snapped her fingers and an image of Angel sleeping appeared on the table. "Using Buffy's lust as a link, I can show what he's up to."

"Fascinating," Giles said.

"A bit limited if you need an emotional connection to the target, but definitely useful and probably one of the most skillful uses of illusion I've ever seen," Wesley said.

"You could show us where Xander is," Willow said suddenly.

Harmony snapped her fingers and the image changed...


"You are way late for school," Faith said as the three lay sprawled on the living-room floor, having rolled off the sofa some time before.

"I can't go to school, I have the flu," Xander said as he stared at the ceiling.

"The flu?" the girls chorused.

"I'm hot and sweaty despite lying here naked, obviously I've got a fever," he said smugly, making the girls snicker.

"Still friends?" Lisa asked Faith.

"We're cool," Faith replied, basking in the relief and happiness coming from the two. Things were so much simpler now that she could read emotions.

"Everyone ready to pick up our housekeeper?" Xander asked.

"If it gets me out of doing dishes, I'll fight the T1000 myself!" Faith swore.


"That bastard!" Cordelia growled, pissed at Xander getting over her so quickly when she thought he should have been suffering.

Harmony waved a hand and dismissed the illusion. Putting an arm around a white-faced Willow and a seemingly unconcerned Oz, she said, "Look, sex doesn't mean the end of the world or anything bad, sometimes it's just friends expressing their love for one another."

"You're no-longer dating him," Buffy pointed out to Cordelia. "He's pretty much free and clear to see who he wants now."

"I should've done what my mom did to her boyfriend to make sure he suffered for a good long time," Cordelia swore.

"What did she do?" Buffy asked curiously.

"She married him!"

"Mr. Giles, I believe we should retire to consult the journals," Wesley said quickly.

"Indeed," Giles instantly agreed as the two vanished into his office, locking the door behind them and shutting the blinds.

"I'll start the tea," Wesley suggested, relieved to escape from the teenage drama that was surely occurring in the library.

"Shame we couldn't rescue Oz," Giles said.

"No worries, Miss Kendal escorted him and Willow out in the confusion."

"That's a relief. I still don't know what to think over her situation."

"The spirit possessing her, the Layer, for lack of a better term, reads almost exactly like the Slayer spirit," Wesley said. "If I didn't have Buffy for comparison, I'd have thought it was the Slayer spirit.”

"I believe that it's Fay rather than demonic," Giles said thoughtfully.

"Possibly," Wesley agreed.

AN: Typing by Lucillia!
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