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First Love and First Loss

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Summary: A young girl comes into her powers and discovers love, death and destruction

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Marvel Universe > X-MenXanderLuvsAllFR1576,407044,27512 Jul 1018 Nov 10Yes


As Erica aged, her powers grew in unimaginable levels and her Godly family was deliriously happy but her mutant family was worried. Xavier spoke of finding a way to curtail her power, that no one person should have such a power. That got the Gods up in arms and Erica was withdrawn from the mortal plain. And stayed away for months.

Jean became desperate, needing her daughter, she went to the Empire. And begged to be allowed in every day for a week before Zeus finally admitted her. She was forced to prove that she wouldn't do anything to Erica's powers. Which she did, only then was she allowed to take her back. Though Xavier wasn't allowed near her, if he was then Erica would never be allowed near Jean. For as far as the Gods were concerned, Xavier was nothing more then a manipulative, arrogant idealist who was blind to the true world.

Things progressed from there and when her father's lightning bolt was stolen and she was faced with her fathers going to war against each other, she reacted. By going with the supposed Lightning Thief, who she knew was not the Thief. She felt a connection to her brother the likes of which she'd never felt before.

Once the God war was averted and it was discovered Kronos was responsible, Erica went to her mother. Who had been frantic with worry as Erica hadn't visited since the weird weather started weeks ago. Erica didn't tell her anything, just that there had been an issue and now it was over. Then she mourned for Luke, one of her favorite nephews. She knew what lied in his future. And so she mourned as he was lost forever to her. The first of her family to die.

After that Erica took to staying on Olympus more and more, unwilling to leave the safety of her family. In the coming war much would be lost and she simply didn't want to face it. At only eleven she shouldn't have to but she did. As the Goddess of Destiny, among others, she had to See all that was coming. Only her own destiny was hidden from her.

So following all that had happened, Erica convinced her family to let her go to Percy's school. As she wanted to be with him, to spend time with the only one that had truly ever touched her. After some arguing, they let her as long as she was careful. So for the first time ever, Erica went to school. Percy was happy that he had someone with him and even happier that it was

School wasn't difficult for her as she already knew everything they were teaching but being surrounded by children was. As the only interaction Erica had with children was at the Camp and with her mother, neither of which was for long. And as she was the first Godly child born in over a milenia, Olympus was child free and that was where she spent most of her time and all of her life. Percy helped her threw it and as time moved on they became closer until one day after school, they kissed. Their first together and separately and so of course it was swiftly ruined. By Ares arrival, who saw them, went into a rage and reacted.

It was only Erica's quick thinking that saved Percy from Ares's fire ball then Ares true form. Ares then dragged Erica back to Olympus where he proceed to tell her fathers what had happened. All of which immediately wanted to kill Percy, even Poseidon. Who wasn't at all happy
with his son touching his most precois daughter

Though it took alot of fast talking to save Percy, nothing Erica said could convince them to let her go back to school. Or to be alone with Percy as, as far as they were concerned Percy was lucky to be alive. In no way would he be lucky enough to still have their daughters friendship. Even Jean agreed with them which made her absolutely furious, as it proved everyone was
against her. So Erica decided to ignore everyone and went back to Percy and blocked their essences so no one could find them.

Percy was vastly surprised by it all and said so,"Erica, this is...surprising. I don't know what to do. How can we hide from the Gods?"

Annoyed by Percy's lack of faith, she scowled at him,"I am a God too, remember. I'm blocking us. Thus even though they know where you live, they can't find it. Or anywhere else we're at. I want to stay with you."

Percy couldn't helped but to be touched by that so against his better judgment he agreed." I know this is all going to be blamed on me but I want you to stay to. Though how I'll explain this to my mom I don't.."

She smiled,"Leave her to me." And once Sally arrived home, Erica did. "Hi, Miss Jackson. I'm Erica. Percy's sister." Sally was, of course, surprised."Sister....Oh, your Poseidon's. Another demi-god "

Erica didn't know quite how to explain it and knew saying she was a full God might not go down so well. So,"Yep. I never got to spend anytime with him before so I was wondering if i could stay here a while. My Dad said family was everything so I'd like to get to know my brother."

Sally didn't know what to do so she looked toward her son, who was silently pleading
with her. Using puppy dog eyes and everything. Sally bit the flesh of her lip, mute until she finally gave in." Okay."

Percy and Erica laughed in pure joy and Percy hugged Sally then they went to Percy's room and Erica kissed Percy. Ever so happy to be with him. After a minute Percy pulled away,"Should we be doing this? You are my sister"

Erica laughed," Perce, its not like with humans. We don't have the same genetics. if we did then think how screwed up the Gods would be. Zeus and Hera are siblings as are Kronos and Rhea. Gaia and Uranus were mother and son. Half-bloods are always getting together and while siblings don't normally get together, sometimes they do and no one cares. It does nothing to their children as the don't truly share anything like blood. So we're fine. And it's not like we're ready to do anything..series. we're only kids after all. Especially as I seem to be aging somewhat like a human."

Percy looked at her, she looked to be his age but with a God you couldn't really tell."How old are you?"

Erica smiled at him,"I'm thirty five, so you really like older women....Just kidding. Apollo says age wise I'm eleven and that's what matters. Gods age different. Some Gods are born full adults,like my sister Athena, others grow quickly like my brothers Apollo and Hermes. I'm simply aging slower then most but like a mortal." Percy couldn't help but to laugh and to kiss her again.
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