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First Love and First Loss

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Summary: A young girl comes into her powers and discovers love, death and destruction

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Marvel Universe > X-MenXanderLuvsAllFR1576,407044,27512 Jul 1018 Nov 10Yes

Chaotic Meetings

Hiding from her family and going to a mortal school was fun for Erica in a way that should be forbidden. After all it was so fun and most fun things seemed to be forbidden in the mortal world. Ask her cousin Strife, who loved to guide people to do some mischief then get caught for doing something forbidden.

Percy was very helpful to her, guiding her through school and pretending to be normal. The few times she'd slipped and used her powers, he had told the people witness that she was a mutant. And as their...romance blossomed, it gave her even more reason to stay hidden.

After all, if she returned and it was found out they were sorta dating, Percy would be killed many, many times by their relatives. They were all fiercely protective of her and would not be happy at her 'dating.' No matter who it was, the fact that it was him would only insight several of them.

So Erica just clung to Percy and embraced a life of normalcy for however long as it lasts. Which in all likelihood wouldn't be long, considering who she was hiding from. Even Percy acknowledged on a unconscious level that their time together was short and clung tighter to her because of it.

AS time passed and the summer quickly approached, they began to become even closer. Sleeping in the same bed and kissing more
as they knew once it was time for Camp it would be over. As Erica couldn't not return with Percy as the Gods knew she was with Percy and would force him to tell where she was. So she would have to return.

Things didn't quite go as planned as at school, Percy and Erica got into a fight with Laistrygonians, Annabell came and saved the day. Sort of. They also met a half cyclops, Tyson, who resonated in Erica. So she knew he was a sibling, on closer inspection she knew he was Poseidon's. She decided not to say anything once she learned what was happening at Camp. One thing at a time.

Upon arriving at the Camp, she went to the tree where her sister rested. Though she had never met Thalia, she mourned, though she knew Thalia wasn't dying. As she had Seen her take mortal form again. Then join her sister, Artemis. Not that she had told anyone. She rarely told people what she Saw.

After a brief moment of mourning, Erica continued into the Camp and discovered Tantalus. It was not a happy moment as they had met before and Tantalus hated her because one of her parents were Hades. And Hades had cursed him to an eternity of hell.

Not a way to make friends. Still, even Tantalus knew better than to mess with the daughter of the Big Three, Nyx and a cosmic being, Phoenix. So he left her alone and thus Percy as she moved into his cabin.

Erica could have had Zeus's cabin all to her self instead of having to share with Percy and Tyson, who had been acknowledged by Poseidon but she had grown used to sleeping with Percy and didn't want it to end. As her fathers would so be informed of her presence so she'd have to return to Olympus and leave Percy.

One more night of laying together wouldn't make up for that but it'd be nice. That morning, they were awoken by Zeus ripping Percy out of the bed and dangling him off the ground. Very, very close to shedding his mortal safe form and thus burning Percy away.

"How dare you lay with my daughter, you miserable excuse for a half breed." Then things got better when Poseidon arrived, as he had felt a God threatening his son. " Brother, don't even think of defending him. He was laying with Our daughter. Your ill-begotten, traitorous son was touching my Erica." And off went Poseidon. Erica listened to them threatening Percy for a while before finally having enough. She rose and let as much power as she could without killing Percy out.

"I am not weak or in need of protection. I am a Goddess and part cosmic being. My power is mightier than your. I choose to be with Percy and you shall not harm him. Not while I live and I'm immortal so DEAL WITH IT." With a wave of her hand Percy disappeared from Zeus hold and reappeared at her side. Where she preceded to kiss him breathless. Once she pulled away she rested her forehead against his. "I guess this is goodbye for now. I'll see yo after...some things."

Reluctantly she went to her fathers side and then they left to Olympus. Where each and everyone of her siblings preceded to yell at her for worrying them. Erica took it from them as she knew they had honestly worried and she did love them. Ares was as always more vocal than the others. Took hours for him to stop. Which he did by kissing her then grabbing her face.

"I'm the one for me not that pathetic little runt and I'll show you that." Not quite knowing what to say, Erica just smiled at him. He was her brother and she loved him. Then she convinced her father, Zeus, to let her visit her mom. He only agreed if she allowed Hermes to go with her, to ensure she came back. She agreed.

Once at the Institute she was startled to meet Remy, the man she would one day have a son with. She hadn't Seen her meeting him so soon. So it shocked the hell out of her. Remy smiled at her and rose her hand to his mouth for a kiss.

"Nice to make one so beautiful as you breathless, Mon petite. Even one as young as you appreciated Mon beauty." Erica couldn't help but to laugh at him. He was so arrogant it was actually hot. Hermes on the other hand sent him flying.

"DON'T TOUCH MY SISTER." All of the X-Men began to run out of the building. Erica sighed in annoyance. So much drama.
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