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First Love and First Loss

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Summary: A young girl comes into her powers and discovers love, death and destruction

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Marvel Universe > X-MenXanderLuvsAllFR1576,407044,27512 Jul 1018 Nov 10Yes

War and Love

Calming Hermes down wasn't easy, preventing him from not killing Remy even more so. Not letting him even get close to Seeing what the future held in store for Remy and her was near on impossible but she managed it all. Convincing the other X-Men that everything was fine was even less easier but finally everyone was calm. Jean took a daughter for a ride to get her away from everything.

They had a very enjoyable time together, one that was spent happy and content. Erica could sense Hermes following them but she didn't truly mind as she loved her brother and knew he was just wanting to protect her.

Once the visit was done she returned to Olympus and stayed up there for a long time to come as the Titans woke up and it was thus no longer safe to leave the safety of Olympus. She managed to sneak away sometimes to see Percy, who went on several very complicated adventures. The two of them were falling in love and were quite happy in that fact. Though it was complicated by the fact that Erica was drawn to Ares and knew she would be with Remy.

Though not that complicated as she was a Goddess,after all, and no one would care if she took more than one lover. Well, expect for her entire family. They would care about her having one lover, as none wanted her to be touched by anyone. As seen by their overreaction of Percy. So Erica simply choose to enjoy her time with Percy, making sure he knew that she would be with others in time. So Percy would not be hurt by it. Time went on until the day came.

Kronos, also Luke, who desired to make her his Queen both for her power, her beauty and her brilliance. He was drawn to her and sought her out constantly. Even in her dreams. And then.

The Battle came, Luke was lost forever and Percy was given the offer becoming a God. With only a glance at Annabell, Percy looked at Erica and agreed. Percy became the God of the Tides, Rivers and Streams. Erica embraced her brother, quite happy for him. And happy to once again being in Olympus as she had spent weeks with the X-Men, being kept 'safe' with only her mom as company for family. Something had never happened before.

That night as Olympus celebrated the second defeat of the Titans, Erica and Percy came together. Their lovemaking was poetic, sweet and loving. It was both of their firsts and it was beyond perfect. It was blissful.

In the morning they announced their intention to marry, as expected everyone was furious.The Three all tried to kill Percy, unable to see through their absolute fury over his daring to touch their most Beloved child. Especially as physically and emotionally she was only thirteen. And no God or Goddess was allowed to be with another until they were at least fifteen. Anything younger was deemed unknowable, even by them. So their fury was justified but not welcomed by Erica. Who reminded them all that she was more powerful then them all.

Her power swept across all of Olympus as it put the Three in their place. Erica moved to Percy's side and took his hand while looking at her fathers."I love him and will be with him. As I will be with Ares and one other in time. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. You are my fathers and I love you, I will always love you. Nothing can change that but if you precede in this fashion, you will lose me." Then Erica left the room with Percy, practically dragging him till she transported them to Jean's side.

Where upon her announcement was made, another battle begun. All were furious and in this case disgusted. All of them saw Erica as a child despite knowing she was thirty-two in terms of when she was born.

Jean actually tried to rip Percy apart by his atoms, which caused Erica to have enough. She grabbed Percy and took him to Rome, where they just had endless sex in a hotel room until Ares came. Percy expected to be attacked but all Ares did was glare at him while taking Erica into his arms.

"If he makes you happy then fine but you are mine first and foremost." Erica simply smiled and kissed him, just a kiss as Ares had no true desire for her yet. He had no interest in children. He loved her but he wasn't drawn to her body yet. Erica understood that and never pushed.

"I am yours as you are mine, nothing will ever change that but I'm also Percy's. Please accept that." Ares looked at her, his littlest sister, his favorite, his love.....his mate and couldn't deny her. So he looked over at Percy, grimaced then looked at her and nodded.

"Anything for you." When she squealed and launched herself at him, as he held her to him, he couldn't help but to mourn. As while he still had her, he had also lost her. She would marry the Brat and be his wife but only Ares lover. It was then that he realized he would have married her himself. Having had no desire to marry for milenia, Ares had finally found the one he would happily marry and she was going to marry someone else. He thought about fighting it, of telling Erica what he felt but as he watched her and saw how happy she was, he knew he couldn't. 'for he had finally met the One who's happiness matter more to him then his own.

So with a soft kiss, Ares left and though Erica senses 'something', she pushed it aside to return to Percy's side. Her fiance. Just that one word caused her to shiver in delight. She would marry Percy, be happy with him for all eternity and be with Ares and Remy. Her life was finally perfect.
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