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First Love and First Loss

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Summary: A young girl comes into her powers and discovers love, death and destruction

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Marvel Universe > X-MenXanderLuvsAllFR1576,407044,27512 Jul 1018 Nov 10Yes

Love.Weddings.Growing Up

As her wedding to Percy fast approached, Erica was beyond happy. As she was about to marry the One she loved above all else and nothing would ever be able to part them. On top of that her family was finally accepting of their relationship, something she had never suspected would happen. Even Ares was happy for her, she sensed something was going on with him but she Saw his happiness for her and that was enough for her. As for Remy. Well, he was currently dating Rogue, something that hurt her deeply. As how could he not feel their connection. But mostly she was happy.

As was Percy, he was about to marry the love of his life, he was a God, he finally had his father's acceptance and even the other Gods were nicer to him. Though they constantly got him alone and told him what they would do to him in minute detail if he ever hurt Erica. And as they told him, he was Immortal now so they would be able to hurt him for eternity. A fact that scared him severely, especially how creative and vicious his relatives were. Also fearful though he had no intention of hurting Erica, quite the opposite in fact. He would spend the rest of eternity to see her happy.

Though Percy wished his mom had reacted better when told about his engagement. She simply couldn't understand how he could marry his sister. When he pointed out they were Gods and it was common, she still didn't understand. At the moment she still wasn't coming to the wedding. Paul promised to help as he was more understanding.

All together, the two of them were deliriously happy and when the Big Day came, All were happy. Erica rose on the glorious day with the sun shining and the air singing, the Gods celebrating. She smiled and willed her robe on as she ate the very lovely breakfast Hestia had arranged for her. She was startled when arms suddenly came around her but then she just smiled, sighed and leaned into the embrace. Ares chuckled and held her tightly. The two of them stayed like that for quite some time, simply enjoying the touch of each other.

After a while Ares finally spoke,"You may marry him today but your not allowed to ever forget that your mine first and foremost. You are my sister and my love. Never forget that."Then he kissed her passionately and fiercely. Claiming her with his mouth and body. Erica relaxed into him, letting her body press against his, every single inch. It was the first time Ares had ever kissed her like this, like a true lover. And it was great, glorious even. She even contemplated banishing their clothes away to try and take it to the next level. He was making her feel like a woman in a way Percy couldn't yet as he was still a boy, sorta, himself.

Just as she was about to though, Ares pulled away and with a final caress left her bedroom then her temple. Sighing, Erica tried to calm herself down from her aroused state. When Jean burst in, Erica was actually calmed down but something felt..strange. Different. When Jean let out a startled shout then tried to slam her against the wall, she was really confused. Made more so when Jean demanded." Where is my daughter?"

Looking at her mom, she wondered if she had suddenly lost her mind."I'm right here, Mom. Are you okay?" Jean looked at her then Erica felt her brush her mind against hers. Something she had never felt before as her Mom knew that her mind was on a higher plan then mortals and thus not accessible to mortals no matter who they once had in their bodies. Still Jean must have found something as she realized and then Tk'd a mirror over and Erica forget all else. For the image in front of her was not the one she was used to. She had...grown up. She now looked to be in her late teens, early twenties now. Somehow she had aged without even noticing. When would she have.....Ares. The kiss with Ares. She had felt like a woman and now her physical form matched that feeling.

Wow and what a good woman she now looked like. Long black, almost midnight hair, her normal violet-amethyst eyes, very curvy body and a lovely figure. Perfectly gorgeous. Erica smiled into the mirror."Lovely." Jean laughed at her, happy to have her daughter happy about the change. Which really threw her but she hid it from her. As this was her day, her wedding day. Though she really wasn't happy with her marrying Percy so soon. After all, while she may not look so young anymore, she was still her child. The only child of her womb. Nathan, Nate and Rachel were all from others. Either her clone, a tank and a future her that no longer exists. Erica was hers and she would not allow anyone to hurt her, not even her love.

Changing her dress so it would fit her new form, her lovely Vera Wang, she then put it on while Jean did her hair. She may be able to use her powers to do it but Jean wanted to do the mother-daughter thing so the mortal way it was. Still, it was nice to do these things with her mom, even if it wasn't necessary. She did truly love Jean and though she wasn't as close to Jean
as she was to her fathers, it didn't mean she loved her any lesser. Which is why she turned and gave her a hug.

"I love you, Mommy." Jean smiled, deeply touched as she hugged her back. They spent the rest of their time together in silence. Then her fathers and Nyx were there. Zeus gave her a glittering and absolutely gorgeous crown then Poseidon gave her a sapphire necklace in the shape of a dolphin and the size of a starfish. The stone was the color of the Atlantic. Hades gave her bracelets with lots of charms on it. Nyx gave her a shawl that literally had stars in its midnight depths that sparkled and gleamed. For her to wear after the wedding.

"Well, my dear are you ready or do you want to leave and never see the...Percy again." Zeus was trying but he really didn't like Percy. SO she just smiled at him and took his hand.

"I'm ready to marry the love of my life." The six of them walked out and headed to where all of Olympus, a lot of mutants and Percy awaited them.

A.N: I don't know how to download pictures onto here so I did it on PhotoBucket here is the address for this stories pictures.
If someone wants to help me download them onto this site, I'd really appreciated it. Not to mention a good place where
you can learn how to make fanart, merging pictures together and stuff like that.
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