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First Love and First Loss

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Summary: A young girl comes into her powers and discovers love, death and destruction

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Marvel Universe > X-MenXanderLuvsAllFR1576,407044,27512 Jul 1018 Nov 10Yes

New Lives

Seeing her family's reaction to her new look was hilarious to Erica, save for Remy who just stared at her in a very fascinating manner. Remy was truly noticing her which filled her with warmth but she forced her attention away from him as today was about Percy and her. They were marrying, which they did and it was beautiful, perfect, wonderful and fabulous. Their honeymoon was even more perfect. They had a life together that was filled with joyous occasions and merriment afterward. They were happy together and nothing would ever come between them.

Ares and Percy even got over their feud for her as Ares and her had finally moved to the next level when they returned to Olympus. So the three of them spent allot of time together and Percy and Ares became not quite friends but close. They shared their love for Erica and worked with that for her. Which she very much appreciated and 'rewarded' them both for it. The years past quickly and Erica gave birth to two children in rapid succession. Thea, Goddess of Justice, Faith and Hope and Alexan, God of Magic, Order and Chaos. Thea was Percy's and Alexan was Ares's.They were perfect in every way and she adored them.

Soon after their births, Remy came to her and she took him to her bed and Ares joined as he was unwilling to share her with another without being there. Remy went with it and just as she had known would happen, Erica was soon pregnant. When Jean found out that the thief had impregnated her daughter, her baby, she tore the mansion apart while trying to kill him. Scott finally had to talk her down as Remy fled the country. Not planning on coming back for a long time. Or until a very angry Apollo tracked him down. upon being faced with an angry God, even Remy's calm couldn't hold. So he fainted. Apollo tied him up and dropped him at Erica's feet. Who just laughed.

With all the chaos of her third pregnancy, Erica couldn't help but to tell them that she had known Remy would be her lover since before they had even met. The arguments that started after that announcement was legendary, making even the Trojan War seem tame or the battle with the Titans. The Fates showing up just added to it.n As always they spoke as One.

"This child will be needed more than any other child that has ever been more. The child shall share in all Its mother's powers, be all the same God-hoods and shall bring about a new age to Olympus and to the world that it will truly be The Golden Age. The child shall bring peace in a time of great pain and loss, It will help heal all that will come and will help all of you bare the Loss that will shake the world to its foundations." Erica couldn't help but to notice that the Fates kept looking at her while they spoke and she knew it wasn't because she currently bore the child. Added to the fact that for some time she felt like her time was drawing to an end, she knew but she did not speak of it.

The others demanded answers but the Fates simply left and the Gods were left feeling angry and vengeful. They knew something would happen but the Fates and Erica refused to tell them what they Saw. So they turned to Apollo, to his seer but they found no answer there. Though she did give one prophecy.

"In the time of coming Darkness, all of Olympus shall mourn the Loss of their Greatest, the world shall feel their grief and tremble in the wake of it, time shall past with all of humanity suffering, until a cloud shall be moved from Olympus and a new Dawn shall finally come to All." The prophecy left them greatly puzzled, especially when Apollo said that the Loss, whatever it was, was not speaking of a death. Just a loss of some sort. Which really confused the Gods as what would cause them to mourn like that without a death. Erica would not speak of it in any manner and eventually they let it go, assured in the fact that whatever it was, they could stop it. They were Gods after all and nothing could harm them.

When Erica went into labor for the third time Remy, Ares and Percy were all there as were her fathers and siblings. All waited for the 'special' child to be born. So that they could see. The scream the baby let out when he left his mother's womb shook all of Olympus and the World below. Announcing his arrival. Across the World all religious sects couldn't help but to bow down and the rest soon followed. Something important had just happened and they felt the need to worship It. While all that was happening Erica was gazing joyfully at her new son. He was hers in a way that Thea and Alexan weren't.

"Hello, my precious one. I shall name you Era for you are Era, I have seen the era your going to bring about and it will be glorious and shall last for many mileneia...You will be great, my son and I am joyous to have been the one to give birth to you....I hope you never forget me." She started to cry and the others mistook it for tears of happiness but it wasn't. Erica had seen Era's future and had not seen herself at all and knew she was to die, soon. For despite what Apollo had said, she knew that only death could keep her form her family. Though what was going to kill her was beyond her. It took allot to kill a God after all. What could kill someone that was part cosmic was beyond her as it had never, ever been done.

Once again the Fates appeared." God of all his mother's domain, he shall be but also shall he be God of Humanity. For he shall guide them in a way no other God has ever been able. He shall become their true God, the one that shall do the most for them."

Erica looked at Era and just smiled while praying that she would have more time with them before the Loss. She needed to have time with her so before she was forced to forever leave him. If only she knew how close the Loss was and what would be the cause of it.
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