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First Love and First Loss

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Summary: A young girl comes into her powers and discovers love, death and destruction

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Marvel Universe > X-MenXanderLuvsAllFR1576,407044,27512 Jul 1018 Nov 10Yes


Ten years to the day of Era's birth, Erica knew the end was there and she mourned but she looked back on all that had happened and was happy with the life she had led. She had three beautiful children and three lovely loves. She had no regrets. Death wasn't the end, it was peace, oblivion. Bliss.

So when Annabell came at her, she embraced her death as Annabell blasted her away with an unknown power. All of Olympus felt Erica's death and screamed in utter agony, already mourning the death of their beloved lo0ve one. They all destroyed Annabell,
down to her very atoms. Hades sent her soul into pure evil, destroying even that.

Percy and Ares gathered the children to them and just focused on them and ignored all else. As long as they lived they loved her and only her. They never took another lover again, remaining loyal to her. They became true friends, helping each other. That and the children were all they needed.

Remy tried to accept Erica's death but in the end he couldn't. SO he went to Sinister, to get him to clone her. Which he couldn't obviously.Still Sinister couldn't help but to mourn for Remy, his son. So when Remy asked him to kill him, he instead used his
telepathy and made Remy believe that he was with Erica.

Jean was unable to bear the death of her only child and took her own life. Scott became even more of a leader as he had lost the last thing that kept him remotely normal.

One death had altered all and only Alexan and Era knew the truth of what had really happened and to be mericful had not told their family.

The End

You have reached the end of "First Love and First Loss". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking