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Charmed Justice Knight

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Knighthood". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: REWRITTEN.Xander sacfrices himself for Dawn and ends up in the Justice League

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueXanderLuvsAllFR1564,39911726,56813 Jul 1026 Jan 11No

Hellmouth Knight

Disclaimer:Don't own BtVS or Justice League

Hope everyone likes this better.

Expecting death when he jumped, Xander wasn't expecting to wake up in the middle of nowhere, let alone to be alive. Xander orbed to the closest city and began to make calls. After calling every number he had and getting either someone else or no service, Xander began to panic. Though it wasn't until he glanced at a newspaper that he realized what was going on. As in, he was in a different reality, for in this one, people were superheroes were real. As in DC comics. Shocking, huh.

After trying to use his powers to return home and finding them blocked somehow from reality bending, he gave up for now. He would of course continue trying to get home but for the time being, Xander realized it wasn't going to happen quickly. So he began to 'create' a new life for himself. From a bank account to an identity then he bought a place in San Francisco, to be closer in theory to his sisters as he'd discovered Sunnydale didn't exist. That the place he'd woken up in was where Sunnydale should be, and surprise, there was no Hellmouth there. Nor was there a Nexus where the Manor should be. making this world better in some ways.

All in all, everything was different and Xander tried to settle in as he sought to find a way home. Things changed though one night as Xander was out walking. Trying to clear his head. He saw a supervillian harassing a family and not being able to help it, he went over to them.

"How about you leave them alone." Xander was levitating in the air, going for intimidation. Instead he got laughter. And a blast of energy sent his way. He dived out of the way as the villain began to fire more and more of his energy at him. Xander made sure the family got to safety while he used telekinesis to lift the villain up into the air." Now you are going to be good little villain and stay in prison this time." Using just a hint of his mesmerizing power to enforce that 'suggestion.' As he had no desire for the villain to do the usual comic book escape. Unethical didn't matter to him after all. He fought evil, not

Once he had ensured that the villain was properly arrested, Xander returned to his home. For the first time since he had ended up in this reality, he had done some good. He may be trapped here for an unknown amount of time but he could do good while he was here instead of just trying to get home. Saving people, he did actually miss it.
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