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The Many Costumes of Sunnydale

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Summary: Sunnydale gets hit by many costumes

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweenrothosFR1532,6710114,76116 Jul 101 Aug 10No

Agents and patrols

Disclaimers: see chapter 1

Since the bust of Janus had been busted, the spell ended sending Agent 04,Velma and G-Girl back to their respective dimensions. It also caused a green light to go off in Xander's helmet for completing an objective.

The next few hours were a blur to Xander as he, Willow and Buffy were responsible young adults and made sure their charges made it home. The little kids had no changes from the spell that stuck around so they were brought home quickly.

After making sure Buffy, Dawn and Willow were home, Xander dragged himself to bed. His father was in a drunken sleep and his mother was nowhere to be seen. Xander went to bed after removing the now form fitting armor and collapsing due to exhaustion.

The night was filled with dreams-or were they memories of having to run devilish obstacle courses devised by Agency instructors. There was this particular dream about seeing a Freak for the first time, they had circled each other before attacking; he with his Peacekeeper assault rifle and it with claws. It took fifty rounds to take it down. Then another dream existed where he tested a UV Shotgun against a terrorist it flung them, but it instantly killed a Freak, same for a UV Grenade.

The next morning was an early morning Scooby meeting, but this morning a guest appearance was made by Joyce and her youngest.

“I assume everyone made it safely through the night? Several changes were made but since we don't know who cast the spell or what powered it then we can't predict the duration of these effects.”
Giles said.

“Well, Mr. Giles the person I turned into; Jenny Johnson knows what goes on in this town after dark and what part Buffy plays in it. As a concerned parent, I WILL BE INVOLVED.”
Joyce said roaring the last few words.

“Well, Mrs. Summers the Council...” Giles started to say.


Giles polished his glasses, he pitied Quentin Travers if he dared cross Joyce Summers,with whatever powers she had she could certainly carry out her threat.

“Let's start with you Willow, do you have any lasting effects from your costume?” the librarian asked as he reached for a cup of tea.

“Well, I went as a person carrying a hammer who was a drunk and a bad singer and now I have the impulse to sing and drink.” Willow started to sing off key.

“Ah interesting, Buffy?” Giles looked at his Slayer bringing his cuppa to his lips, trying to get away from the bad singing.

“Well, I went as an 18th century noblewoman and can now speak French fluently and serve tea as well.” Buffy punctuated this statement with a curtsy.
Giles sipped his tea and looked at Xander.

“I went as a futuristic soldier and can now maintain a handgun, use a blaster pistol and use demolitions proficiently.” Xander said as he snapped to attention.

Giles sipped his tea and just looked at Dawn. She wasn't paying attention.
“Dawn? Good Lord. Dawn!” Giles yelled.

“Yes?” The youngest Summers said.

“Could you please tell us your costume and any effects left over from it.” Giles said teacup meeting saucer.

“Yes, I went as Velma Dinkley; Scooby Scientist and youngest person to graduate from college with a degree in astrophysics. I was just thinking about super-string theory.”

Giles took another sip of his tea and looked pointedly at Joyce.

“Ah, I dressed as Jenny Johnson a mild mannered art appreciating librarian by day and a super- heroine by night.” Joyce said.

Giles just drained his teacup, and addressed his students.
“Well, you all have a make-up Computers class to do with Ms. Calendar. Go along this meeting is over.”

Giles was just happy that the Scotch he spiked his tea with wasn't gone. That Jenny Calendar bird was a handful, Joyce Summers would be a problem, but he would just deal with it here it would never find its way into a report for the Council. Now, he needed a shot glass.

Over in the Computer class.

Xander was having an easy time in the class, Agency training made sure of that. He was having too easy of a time in fact, it was scaring him. But the real scary part came that evening.

Xander patrolled solo every once and awhile, just a way to exercise the Hyena slightly on vamps, well the problem was when the first vamp he staked turned into yellow orbs. Each orb he absorbed, his heavy pack felt lighter..

Then came him seeing a K'initic demon stalking a woman, in a smooth motion he drew an old gun his father had forgot about from when he was sober, sometime before Xander was born and shot it between the eyes. The demon dissolved into blue orbs and Xander swore that his eyesight was better.

The punchline came when Xander was going home, he took a shortcut through the junkyard and scaled a shipping container. At the top of the container, Xander could just about make out wrecked car hulks leading up to the exit and he effortlessly jumped between them and then scampered up the fence. He then felt lighter on his feet when he dropped down to the ground.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "The Many Costumes of Sunnydale" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Aug 10.

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