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The Many Costumes of Sunnydale

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Summary: Sunnydale gets hit by many costumes

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Chapter One

The Many Halloween costumes of Sunnydale

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Crackdown, My Super Ex-Girlfriend,Scooby-Doo,Fable 2 or BTVS. Crackdown belongs to Ruffian Games and Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon, My Super Ex-Girlfriend belongs to Ivan Reitman. Scooby Doo and all attendant characters belong to Hanna Barbera,Fable 2 belongs to Lionhead Studios.

Well, chalk it up to the Troll having some mojo ,fate or just plain coincidence but Xander was flummoxed when it came to getting a costume. Here he was at a costume store and the main component of his soldier costume was beyond him.

Some punk kid had taken the last toy rifle and now Xander was left with a rather dismal selection of gun-like props that wouldn't go with a pair of fatigues. So now the Two dollar Costume King was in a predicament, be a laughingstock or change costumes. Being a laughingstock would place him at the bottom of the high school strata until well into the next millennium and changing costumes would delay his road trip by a few months.

Well, changing costumes would earn him some respect and reduce the stigma of what Buffy did this morning. Now just to find a cool one to change to that wouldn't put a huge dent in his road trip fund.

Xander walked by several spandex suits that would probably be well out of his range when he nearly walked into it. At first, he thought it was a badly done trooper costume and then he read the tag attached to the wrist.

It was from some obscure video game from some small company. Strangely, the suit was called “Agency Armor.”

“Ah yes! This is a costume from a video game that has just gotten completely revamped! I was hoping someone would buy it!” Ethan came up behind Xander.

“Don't do that in this town! You can give a guy a heart attack!” Xander screamed as he was jumping, he hoped that wouldn't cost him too much more of his manhood.

“Well for scaring you, I guess I can give you a discount of say fifty percent on top of the reduction I was going to give to it of forty percent.” Ethan said.

Ethan brought the costume in the back and put some extra special enchantments on it before returning with the costume and giving it to Xander.
“Well, here's my three dollars for that costume and the gun that goes with it.” Xander said as he walked away with his prize.

Ethan just continued ringing people up and internally cackling at the chaos that would be caused because of all these costumes.

Xander went home and locked himself in his room. Once he was sure he wouldn't be disturbed, he started to get ready. He skinned down to a tank top and his boxers before he started donning the suit.

Luckily, it was easy to get into and out of, though the jacket was tight around the shoulders, the helmet was easy to put on and remove. The gloves made the carrying of the gun easy and made it so he could exit via his bedroom window with his house key safely stowed in a zippered pocket on the inside of his right wrist.

He put the helmet on, slung the gun on the strap over his shoulder and opened his window. He hopped the small fence into Willow's backyard before he remembered that she was at Slayerholm helping Buffy into that monstrosity of a dress to impress Angel.

Sighing, Xander began walking towards 1630 Revello Drive. The walk turned into a fast walk and the fast walk soon turned into a jog. The jog eventually turned into a run before Xander stopped staring at the house where his Willow and Buffy were preparing for the Troll's conscripted action.

Summoning the Hyena to come to the forefront when he heard the Troll's news was stopped by hearing his best friend talk about carpal tunnel, which could have been caused by that desk she used on him whilst he was possessed by the Primal Spirit. Oh, it was still there ready to be called to the fore since an agreement had been reached. He was familiar with human-things as it called humans, thus he was in control. It hated the bullets and tranquillizer darts that would be used so it let him have the driver's seat for now.

Time to get the girls, banter with Joyce and then go to Hellmouth High to get hyped up sugary runts to ruin his night. With a sigh, he walked up to the door and knocked on it, ignoring the doorbell.
The door opened to reveal Joyce in a black suit with a brunette wig, holding a spatula ready to literally fend off the hordes of Hell if she had to in order to protect her family.

“Who are you? Please take off your helmet.” Joyce said. Xander would be surprised if demons didn't run in fear of her spatula skills, what with her being so good with cookies and brownies.

“Hi Mrs. Summers.” Xander said as he removed the helmet from his head. “Is Buffy ready to go to school?”

The Summers matriarch lowered her Spatula of Doom and smiled. “No, but you are taking Dawn with you to go trick-or-treating tonight and Buffy said that Willow had something special planned for you tonight.”

“And where will you be Mrs. Summers? Out partying with an available bachelor I bet?”
Xander said with a smile.

Joyce blushed. “No, just attending a costume party a friend of mine is holding.”

Dawn came rocketing down the stairs in an orange sweater, orange blouse,orange knee high stockings and black buckle on shoes and glomped Xander's arm.

Xander examined his options, exclaimed “Jinkies!” and started tickling Dawn. The youngest Summers let go of Xander's arm and fell on the floor giggling. Joyce saw this and hoped that Xander and Dawn would eventually hit it off.
Willow came down next in a gray robe carrying a hammer across her shoulder, Xander caught the reference she was going as Hammer from the sequel to one of Jessie's favorite games Fable 2.

Buffy came down in her gown and Xander was disappointed, Willow's Hammer winning out in his mind. Lowering his helmet onto his head, he shouted. “Onward! For candy!”

The hodgepodge group moves towards the troll lair at Buffy-speed since she can't move too fast for too long in that thing. Xander almost wants to get his bike and drive her over. Once they get to the lair, the troll starts speaking and actually has the audacity to walk up to him and put pink tape on the barrel of his gun!

Xander was now pissed enough that he quieted down until a certain mage decided to say some words: JANUS SUME NOCTEM!

A/N: Hope no one minds the length, this story just ran away with my fingers. Review
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