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Summary: The reaction to seeing Ginny and Dawn kiss in the papers. Femslash and het.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredShulikFR1311,415391,69516 Jul 1016 Jul 10Yes
Disclaimer JK Rowling owns the Harry Potter world.

and Whedon/ Mutant Enemy own BtVS and AtS.

A/N: Happy 3rd International Femslash Day everyone! (July 17, 2010)

For: Joyful who always kicks my ass into full gear and without whose enthusiasm half my stories would never get finished on time.

And for everyone else who ever read, reviewed, nominated or just plain liked my stuff.

Remember guys, the nominations for the Crossing Over Awards close this weekend! Nominate your favorite stories, your favorite authors- hell, we all love to be appreciated for our work and adore knowing that people are actually reading us.

Items that Dobby the house elf has fished out of the rubbish bin in Professor Summers’ quarters.

- A crumpled up newspaper with a blurry black and white photograph of two women kissing enthusiastically outside The Witch and the Cauldron dated for Tuesday July 13
- A half finished pack of cigarettes. Marlboro Lights with the State of California smoking labels still on them.
- An empty bottle of vodka.
- A torn pair of black, fishnet pantyhose.
- A burned photograph
- A stack of snapped pens



Wednesday July 14


So, guess what I saw this morning while drinking my morning coffee and eating Willow’s funny shaped pancakes?

Well no, don’t guess. I’ll just say it. I saw a picture of my little sister making out with some unknown redhead outside what Willow and Tara tell me is the best Wizarding lesbian club in London! And by the way, who the hell names a lesbian club something stupid like that? Why don’t they just paint it a really garish pink color and stick a pair of boobs on top of it? Furthermore, Dawnie- I know that it’s the middle of winter in Scotland, and you’re not wearing a scarf in that picture! You know how easily you catch cold!

Who is she? Why don’t I know about this? And when are you bringing her to visit Headquarters?

I’ll be expecting your reply by seven tonight, otherwise I’m getting one of the witches to teleport me to England. And trust me Dawnie, that won’t be pretty!

Your loving, if somewhat brassed off sister.

Buffy Summers
Head of Slayers’ Affairs
International Magic Users and Creatures Council.


Wednesday July 14


It’s the Xand man here, writing on behalf of myself and Anya. I need you to do me a favor please, after you verify that it’s really me who sent this letter, I need you to spill three drops of blood on the black circle in the middle of the paper. Yes, I’m for real. Do the verification spells and spit the damn blood Dawnie.


If it turned grey, the alarms in HQ will have activated and I’m coming with Willow and the Buffster to rescue you. You don’t do well under mind control spells and we’ll need Wills’s help for this. You might try to run but you know that there’s nowhere in the world that we won’t be able to find you.

I do this because I love you.

If it turned green, then congratulations! You’re not under a mind spell and you’re just really horny. Though it pains me to admit this, but your hormones are merely acting up and Scotland is in dire need of people your own age for you to consort with. Ha! See, Willow’s Word of The Day calendar is really making a difference!

If it turned red, then you’re in love. And I’m sending you a timed teleport spell for Friday night dinner this week. The whole gang will be there, and we deserve to know the girl who’s stolen our Dawnie’s heart.

With Love,

Xander Harris
Head Watcher
International Magic Users and Creatures Council.

P.S. Oh for Chrissake, Anya desperately wants to know whether girl on girl orgasms are better than boy on girl ones.

And now, I’m going to go wash my brain out so I don’t think about you and the word orgasm together in the same sentence anymore.

Wednesday July 14

Little D,

You go girl! Get your freaky Sapphic self on!

By the way, I never knew that you swung that way too. It’s good time that there are now two of us who bat for both teams. (I’m not counting Andrew and his bizarre Harrison Ford obsession)

Back to the point. We can pick up girls together! We’re both hot chicks in our twenties, we’re in the prime of life! I can’t wait until you get back home D, this will be truly epic.

Though if you’re serious about your girl, tell her that I’ll break both of her legs, magic or no magic, if she hurts you.

Thinking fondly of you naked,

Faith Lehane
Head of Recruitment
International Magic Users and Creatures Council.

Wednesday July 14

Dearest Dawn!

It is I, your noble friend Andrew!

Oh Dawn, I always knew that the two us shared a special connection. How could we not, what with our mutual appreciation for Tabasco Macaroni and Cheese and Chris Pine playing James Kirk in the severely maligned Star Trek reboot.

But Dawn-----

Note to Professor Summers: Dobby is finding it hard to put the letter back together again, it’s lower half is much too burned. Dobby is hoping that the Professor not hold it against him and is leaving a plate of Professor’s favorite cookies for when she wakes up.

Wednesday July 14


It’s Willow and Tara writing together. We’re so happy for you sweetie! We just knew that all that snarky antagonism was just a major case of UST between you and Ginny. We really liked her during our " accidental " run-in in Diagon Alley. She’s beautiful inside and out, Dawn, and Tara says that your auras mesh gorgeously.

You should definitely bring her for Friday night dinner, I know everyone will love her.

We’re glad that you’re happy Dawnie, you deserve it.

Willow Rosenberg-Mclay
Co-Head of Magical Affairs
International Magic Users and Creatures Council.

Tara Rosenberg-Mclay
Co-Head of Magical Affairs
International Magic Users and Creatures Council

P.S. Tell Ginny to bring her brother along. The tall, divorced one with the fang earring. We have a feeling about him and a certain slayer.

July 14


I’m writing for myself and the Poof here who’s had his hands cut off during the whole hulabaloo with Wolfram and Hart. He’s healing fine but you know the whiny ponce, he likes to milk every little scratch for all their worth.

We saw the picture Dawn.

I am not happy. You’re only twenty three Dawnie, you shouldn’t be molesting strange women outside of nightclubs in bloody London! She looks like the wrong kind of girl for you anyway. Bring her on Friday, we’ll see how she fares against William the Bloody.

c/o Wolfram and Hart

P.S. Owww! Bloody Angel’s just opened up the curtains on me because I wouldn’t add his pathetic little message. Fine, stupid git.

Ugh. I in no way support these words, in fact- I’ll just say it out right. All the gel he uses has gone to his head.

But, Angel says that you look happy, and that’s all that matters.

July 15


Hey, it’s me.

It’s been two days since I kissed you, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I guess I should just come out and say it, but it’s hard.

You exasperate me. We fight more than anyone else I’ve ever seen, and often it’s over the stupidest stuff in the world. Your brothers annoy me and your ex-boyfriend’s a douche.

I think your freckles are beautiful and you fly better than that weirdo Viktor.

I love your sense of humor and the snorting noise that you inadvertently make when something is too funny and you can’t stop laughing.

I think I’m in love with you Ginny.

And if you feel anything like that for me, please come to our spot. I’ll be waiting there for you all night. We’ll talk about everything. About us, our friends, our crazy families. My crazy family that wants desperately to meet you.

I just need to see you again. Please.


Dobby is leaving the timed alarm spell like the good Professor requested, a breakfast spread under warming and cooling charms and today's newspaper.

Dobby is a bad elf who will be punished but Dobby is hoping that the Miss Weasley will be a more frequent visitor to the Professor's room.

The Professor laughs with her much more than she does on her own.

The End

You have reached the end of "Letters". This story is complete.

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