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Connor's Family Reunion

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Summary: Connor's looking for a lost family member. What he finds is that his family has always been with him.

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Twilight > Connor - CenteredColdLifeFR711,296021,07717 Jul 1017 Jul 10Yes
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Twilight or ATS. I just brought them together and changed their past a bit. So don’t sue me because all you would get is a used car and some DVDs.

Connor had been search for Bree for a long time. His little cousin always seemed to be in trouble, but he stilled loved her. He knew she was just a memory from Vail like the rest of his family but he had made real memories with her and loved her dearly. He had almost caught up with her in Seattle but she had taken off again. He could smell the scent of the cold ones all around and wondered why they would keep a human around. Part of him new the truth, but he wasn’t ready to admit it until he arrived on the scene of the battle.

The cold ones from Seattle, had tried to attack the Cullens, a group of cold ones Spike had told him about. They refused to hunt humans and ate only animal blood, which still disgusted Connor. However the fact that they could overcome their hunger proved to him they still keep their souls. That meant even if Bree had been turned she wasn’t gone, just different.

Connor stayed back from the fight knowing that his presence would distract the Cullens and their shape shifting friends. He was glad when they allowed Bree the chance to live and even more so when they had won. Once the battle had ended he was going to show himself, but he felt something coming. The one called Alice could sense it as well, so he decided to hide. The four newcomers were powerful, but arrogant. Connor listened to them bait the Cullens, and watched the Cullens cower. Then they made their mistake.

“Kill that thing so I can go home.” The girl said.

Connor ran faster than he thought possible and intercepted the tall cold one, throwing him over thirty feet through the air. “No one touches Bree.”

The one that had ordered her death looked angry. “How dear you stand against the Volturi. We will destroy you for you crimes against us.”

“That little pain trick won’t work on him.” Connor looked over to see a face he hadn’t seen in a long time. “Hey son, how’s school?” Angel smashed the school of the Volturi that Connor had struck and walked closer.

“Dad I didn’t know you were in the area.” Connor said.

“Well when Spike told me you were asking about the Cullens I put two and two together.” Angel turned his attention back to the girl. “Jane, I thought I told your kind to leave my family alone.”

“Angelus, this isn’t your concern.” She stammered out.

“You’re wrong ducks. That’s his son and that’s his son’s cousin. That makes it family business.” Connor smiled as Spike stepped out from the shadows. “Got to love the clouds, mate. They make it so much easier to move around during the day.”

“Spike, Jane’s been a nasty kitten. Let all this happen, she did.” Connor was even more surprised to see Drusilla walk up behind Spike. He had heard she got her soul back and that Spike was taking care of her but he hadn’t expected to see her. Then something strange happened Drusilla clapped her hands together and bounced over to Bree. “Miss Edith says you get to have tea with us.”

Connor looked at the one human in the group and could see the confusion on her face. He hoped she was ok. Finally his father spoke again. “Now if I remember correctly you were told that if you ever attacked my family again. You wouldn’t live to regret it.”

With that Angel moved with a speed that seemed even impossible for the cold ones knocking each one either towards Spike or Drusilla until he had Jane in a choke hold. Drusilla looked at the one she had and licked her lips. “Daddy can I play with mine, he looks fun?”

“No darling, because I want Jane to take her brother back to the Volturi and explain to them the price I will extract if they go near my family again.” He could see the fear in Jane’s eyes and felt Angelus soak it in. “Now return to those cowards in Italy and remind them of the consequences.”


Angel looked at Bree who was now holding on to Connor as though her life depended on that connection. “Bree is my family and since the Cullens have accepted her into the coven, they are my family. Move against any of them and you will not die. Instead you will learn the true meaning of pain.”

Jane nodded and stepped back. Spike let the one he had go and looked over at the now pouting Drusilla as she tossed her new toy aside as though it was a rag doll. Connor was shocked but he should have known his father would be there for him. After Jane and the others had left Angel turned his attention back to the Cullens.

“Carlisle it is good to see you again.”

“You as well, my old friend.”

Connor watched his father hug Carlisle and wondered how well they knew each other. “I tried to get here sooner but the sun was a problem.”

Bree looked up at Connor a frowned in confusion. “Your warm but stronger than me or any of them. I can feel your power, and theirs. What are you?”

“I’m the son of two vampires. I have all their strengths and none of their weaknesses. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve.” Connor said.

It was the human girl who asked the next question. “I thought vampires couldn’t have children. How did they have you?”

Angel answered for Connor. “Connor is Darla’s and my child. She died giving him life. However he was prophesied to be born.”

The human looked at Angel and Connor could tell she was confused. “You’re not like them are you?”

“No, we are the vampires from the stories you’ve read. The cold ones, retain their soul when they are infected, but most given in to the blood lust. We die and our bodies are taken over by demons.”

“You’re a demon.” She asked.

Spike answered this one. “Something like that, but the family here, got our souls back. Angel and Dru were cursed, and I fought for mine.”

Carlisle looked at Spike with a new found respect. Angel looked at Bree and Connor though with a look of dread. Connor knew what he was thinking. “Mr. Cullen, can you teach Bree to fight the hunger?” Connor asked hoping he could.

He nodded. “Yes, but it will be difficult.”

Connor looked down at Bree and smiled. “I’ll help get you settled in with them, but you need to listen to them. There are things more powerful than the Volturi out there that wouldn’t hesitate to kill you.”

Drusilla was the next to pipe in. “We can still have tea, right. Miss Edith would be cross if we missed afternoon tea.”

“Why of course. You are all invited back to our house.” Esme said with a smile.

“I need to get to the reservation, to help Jacob. I’ll meet you all back at the house. Bella, do you want to come with me?” Carlisle asked.

Bella looked at Edward as though she was telling him she had to. “Go, he’s your friend and he needs you.”

Connor watched them leave then followed Bree’s new family. He hoped everything would work out. Putting an arm around her, he smiled. “So let me tell you about the real world, Bree.”

Author’s Note:

This is a onetime deal. I don’t plan to expand on it, but if anyone wants to let me know.For those of you who don’t like how I made Angel stronger and faster, I’m sorry but it was what my head was telling my hands to write.

The End

You have reached the end of "Connor's Family Reunion". This story is complete.

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