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Chatton's Amour for Morte(Kitten's Love for Death)

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Summary: Nathaniel is about to gain more power and a love no one saw coming

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Anita Blake > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesXanderLuvsAllFR151111,8930510,89819 Jul 1016 May 11No

Unfortunate Meetings

With everything basically sliding into place, Nathaniel was able to feel content for the first time in quite a while.Anita was happy and for once not in danger, Edward and her were actually getting close again and they were no longer pulling him between them. Edward was settling quite easy into a life with Nathaniel, as if he had always been there. Which made him feel beyond happy as Edward made him feel...everything and not just because Edward was Nathaniel's Servant. Asher was safe and finally becoming happy after so long. Rafael and him were quite happy together as friends, verging on best friends though Jason was by far his best best friend. Micah was becoming more and more his as well. Thus all was well.

Today was even a date night, with Anita,Micah and Nathaniel going out to a lovely little Italian place that had great pizza called Amour. The pizza was huge and yummy. They had gone many times before as they simply loved the pizza, which was practically divine. They got the pizza and were just about to eat when Edward and came in. Anita stiffened while sending soothing emotions as possible at Nathaniel, which caused him to look at her. Confused at to what she was doing.Edward noticed them first, of course and smiled. Donna soon saw them and moved over to them.

"Fancy meeting you here.' She was smiling at them but something seemed of, like she was being completely fake which was weird. As while they didn't spend much time together, no one had ever acted..wrong to her. Nathaniel looked at Edward and opened the link but Edward was just as confused. So he turned back to Donna.

"I told Edward about this place, its our favorite pizza place. Not the most romantic for a date but great food.."Micah touched Nathaniel on the shoulder and he leaned into the touch. Always liking to be touched by his Nim-Ra, his Micah. Anita touched his hand, wrapping her's in it so they were holding hands and Nathaniel smiled at both of them. Feeling loved and content, so much so that he forget about Donna briefly. Not Edward, of course as nothing could make him forget him. Nathaniel looked up to see Donna frowning at them and it caused his 'hackles' to rise. What right did she have to judge them in any manner.Anita noticed to which caused her to frown and have the urge to pull her gun. Thankfully she didn't as she knew that it was just her protective instincts flaring up. Still she wasn't happy.

"Donna, its been a while. You haven't visited in a while. Why?"Even though Anita's voice was pleasant as she could make it, Nathaniel could feel her annoyance and the desire to 'make'Donna leave. Micah couldn't feel but but he could hear it in her voice so he grabbed her free hand and gave it a squeeze. Edward on the other hand was trying to figure out what was going on, unsure and not liking the rarely felt emotion. Nathaniel was just confused at what the hell was going on.It had been such a pleasant evening and now it was all going to hell, full of some tension that he couldn't figure out.

"I've been very busy. So much to do in a new city, setting up shop and all that. Even though its been a while now, I sill have things to do.It was such a..sudden and unexpected move."The way she was looking at Edward, like she was questioning him didn't make Nathaniel happy. No one should question his family, one of his mates. Edward looked at him and Nathaniel knew that he had felt his annoyance and he reacted to it.

"Donna, why don't we go to our table now.We can catch up with them another day. This is suppose to be a romantic night out after all, darling."Donna looked at him and kinda sneered,"I lost my appetite." With that she turned away and left the restaurant. Edward watched her leave, shrugged and kissed Nathaniel tenderly before following after her. Nathaniel turned back to Anita and Micah and was about to make a comment about what was up with Donna when Anita exploded.

"How the hell can he bring her here? He knows this is where we come, he should have known there was a chance you would be here. So how can he dare risk hurting you after everything? I thought he truly cared about you..More fool I. We'll find a way to break the bond, don't fear Nathaniel. I won't let him hurt you again.He should have never continued with her after bonding with you, should have ended it instead of bringing her here. Being with her which is in essence betraying you."Nathaniel just stared at her, completely shocked by Anita's rant.

"Anita, he's not betraying me. He cares about her, I know and understand that...And I cannot give him my fidelity so I do not expect it in return. If I cannot give him all of my time then why would I ask for him to be faithful and thus alone more times than not. No, I am fine with him being with her and....we are bonded. Nothing shall ever change that, no one can ever come between us. Not truly. He loves me and I him and we will be together for a long time to come. She will die. So even if I was hurt by it which I am not, in the long run it does not matter. I will always have him." And it was the truth, he could not give Edward his all and did not expect Edward's all in return. Nathaniel would not do that to him. Edward deserved to be happy all the time, not just the time he could give him when he was not with his other lovers.

Anita on the other hand did not feel the same,"Nathaniel, you should not have to accept it. He should want to give you his all, his loyalty, his heart and his time. He should understand that you have others that need you...that I need you and he should not be with anyone else...I mean you even Need others as feeding on just one person would kill them, even when you gain control you won't be able to just feeding on one.. So there is a reason to you needing others while he does not."

Nathaniel looked at Anita and didn't know how to explain it to her, that he really didn't care that much. So he just stared silent and Micah managed to calm her down. The rest of the night was tense though and when they got back to the circus, Nathaniel left them behind and found Asher. He stayed with him for the rest of the night. The morning brought new problems though and ones that weren't any easier then the ones the night before.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Chatton's Amour for Morte(Kitten's Love for Death)" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 May 11.

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