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Chatton's Amour for Morte(Kitten's Love for Death)

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Summary: Nathaniel is about to gain more power and a love no one saw coming

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Anita Blake > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesXanderLuvsAllFR151111,8930510,90919 Jul 1016 May 11No

Power Controls Life

Disclaimer: Don't own Anita Blake

After living on the streets, being addicted to drugs, having BDSM issues and saying No issues, Nathaniel was amazed by how good his life turned out. He had a home with a loving family-lovers, a Pard who loved and cared about him and he was going to college for a art degree. His life was perfect.

So, of course, something had to go wrong, and it did momentously, by Nathaniel suddenly developing the Ardeur. It caused everyone to panic, after all how could the Triumvirate survive with three people with the Ardeur. Three people that had to sustain themselves with sex. Especially a new person with no control, as in the first week Nathaniel caused three orgies. No one was sure how to handle this, it had never happened before. A were Incubus. It just wasn't done,added onto it was when it was realized Nathaniel now had four beast to just like Anita. His leopard was, of course, the main one but the wolf, lion and tiger were there to. And unlike Anita, he was able to transform into all of them. Making him a pan-were.

It was confusing for everyone as they tried to figure out what had happened, though Jean-Claude had a theory. That when Vittorio kidnapped Nathaniel while in Vegas and tried to use him to make Anita his human servant, he caused Nathaniel to be more deeply connected both to Anita and to the vampire side of the Triumvirate. Giving him new powers and new issues. And all because at the last moment Nathaniel asked to go to Vegas.

Anita was racked with guilt over causing him more problems and spent more and more time with him, basically ignoring everyone else. It wasn't until Asher actually commented on it that Nathaniel realized what was happening and acted on it. He convinced Anita to spend time with the others by spending time with them himself. After that everything sort of went back to normal, save for everyone sorting out who was willing to feed Nathaniel and Anita being overprotective of Nathaniel.

Once it became obvious that while Nathaniel would sleep with women it didn't satisfy him as much as men, it was easy to collect people to feed him. Rafael, Donovan Reece, Jason, Zane, Crispin, Asher, Byron, Wicked, Truth, Stephen, Gregory, Micah and Sampson, a half siren, all became his main choice. While other vampires and weres were ones he went to when necessary. Narcissus volunteered but both Anita, Asher and Jean-Claude both quickly said no. For after years of therapy, Nathaniel was becoming healthy again sex wise and they wanted him to stay that way. And Anita didn't trust Narcissus and didn't want him around Nathaniel, who while powerful now still didn't know how to really defend himself. And she wouldn't allow him to be hurt as she truly loved him. If she had her way nothing would ever happen to him again, ever.

It took a while for Nathaniel to become used to needing to feed, there were a few times Damian nearly got drained but eventually he managed. Mostly thanks to Jean-Claude's idea of always having someone with him. Anita used that idea by convincing Nathaniel to have bodyguards.

Everything was going well after that, so of course things had to change.
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