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Domino Fun

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Summary: FFA Dominoes - No relation between stories unless otherwise stated ... thought I should mention it so I don't disappoint anyone.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - Other(Past Donor)MistressAshleyFR132518,4440217,41119 Jul 1024 Jun 11No

Andrew Wells/Jo Harvelle (BtVS/Supernatural)

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Supernatural. I make no profit, I'm just borrowing the characters.

AN: I've got a ton of these planned out. I'm using odd FFAs in hopes that no one will take them before I write the fics for them ... sadly that also means that if someone does take one I'll be screwed. Some of them only have one other FFA for them so take one of them and that's all folks - I won't be able to domino them. So, cross your fingers because this is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Spoilers for Abandon All Hope ... though I've gone off the beaten canon path just a tiny bit. You might not even notice.

Jo fell, slamming into the cold, hard ground, screaming all the while. She could still feel the claws and teeth of the Hellhounds ripping skin from bone. She could still hear her mother's sobs and the heat of the explosion.

Was this Hell? Had they failed to kill the hounds? If they'd failed and this was Hell maybe they hadn't failed completely. Maybe the hounds had only gotten them and not Dean or Sam. .

Still, there was a deeply buried hope that this wasn't Hell.

A hand on her face dragged her back to reality, a whimper escaping her tightly clenched lips as the pain in her body sprang to the forefront of her mind.

"Hey, you okay?" A voice, male but young, whispered in her ear. That voice brought sound. Jo could now hear her own strained breathing and a voice, not that one that had just spoken, yelling.

"This isn't what I asked for! Why do I keep you around when you're always screwing up the summonings?" The voice continued to scream insults at this Andrew, the one who had spoken?, before the voice gave a yell of rage. Jo heard a door slam and harsh footsteps stomping up a set of stairs before another door slammed and the surrounding area was silent but her and the first voices breathing.

Still, the words rang in her mind. The yelling voice had said summoning. Had he meant her? Had they summoned her and if so from where? Had they taken her from the Roadhouse just before the explosion or maybe the explosion hadn't killed them or the hounds and they'd dragged her from Hell. That brought the though of her mother ... maybe she'd lived and was stuck in Hell. A sob wrenched itself from her nearly broken body, pain flaring both physically and mentally.

"Hey, hey, you're going to be okay. I'm gonna get you fixed up, just hang in there." The voice, Andrew?, sounded worried for her. If the other voice was right he'd summoned her so that made him a witch, didn't it? Then why was he worried for her? She was a failed summoning so shouldn't he just kill her and try again? Wasn't that what all witches would do? Hadn't every hunter she'd spoken to told her the same thing? It was like a rule or something - witches were evil and you killed them before they killed you.

Jo hadn't realized the voice was gone until the footsteps returned to kneel beside her again. Pulling her shirt up to see her wounds.

"Shoot, oh, shoot, shoot, shoot." Hands pressed a cloth to what Jo assumed was the worst of her wounds, pressure pulling a hoarse scream from her throat.

What kind of witch said shoot anyhow?

"Stay with me." The voice pleaded, a sharp tap to her cheek bringing her out of her thoughts.

Jo's eyes fluttered open. The man, more of a boy really, above her was cute ... in a geek-ish sort of way. He looked so young to Jo who was so used to hunters who were old before their years. He was much too young to be a witch, unless he was using dark magic to make himself look young and innocent ... but still, why would he try to save her?

"Come on, please, just stay with me, talk to me. What's your name? I'm Andrew but you probably already know that what with Warren and all. What kind of demon are you? What powers do you have? Why are you like this?"

Well, that settled it then, didn't it? Jo had started to doubt everything she thought knew for a second there but he really was a witch and he really had been trying to summon a demon. It probably also meant she had been in Hell.

"Not, not, d-dem-demon." Jo could feel herself fading. There would be no help for her. It was too late for any kind of treatment, short of major witchcraft, the kid could give her. Maybe she could do one last good thing before she went.

Jo only felt a small bit of regret as she inched her broken fingers towards the gun strapped to her thigh. The witch didn't seem to be the mastermind but the mastermind didn't seem to have any magical ability either so if she could take out the witch ... it might not make the mastermind give up but it would make it harder for him to do whatever he was planning.

Sadly, her fingers came up empty. Her holster had no gun and she knew that had been the only weapon she had left after the big showdown in the Roadhouse.

Her last breath was a bitter laugh. She had failed once again.


Do you hate me?? Wait, don't throw that tomato, I have an explanation!! Maybe this is why Andrew meekly went along with Warren. One of his summonings was human and he watched her die ... he couldn't save her. It had to have some affect on him.
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