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On a Park Bench

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Summary: Fic-For-All

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Multiple Crossings > Drusilla-CenteredTwistingXanFR1515040548120 Jul 1020 Jul 10Yes
Nothing belongs to me. If you recognize a character it's because someone else owns it. (Joss Whedon and Jeff Davis, I think)
This is my first FFA and first time posting a fic here, hope I'm doing this right.
FFA pairing: Drusilla (BtVS) / Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

On a Park Bench

“I don’t know where my daddy is.”

The child like voice called to the young agent as he neared the park bench. The voice had a slight English lilt to it that made the woman’s voice eerily float in the air before fading. Spencer glanced around the park. The sun had just set and the park was emptying of nearly all it’s daily foot traffic. This was the time of day he most liked to come and soak in the peaceful surroundings.

“Ms. Edith won’t say, but I heard the stars. They say that a dragon gobbled him up. Crunch-Crunch. No more daddy.”

Spencer’s mind went into overdrive. He’d had lots of practice translating schizoid ramblings into something resembling coherent thought. This pale, too thin woman had obviously wandered away from her caretaker. Ms. Edith, perhaps. The dragon could be one of the many city busses that stopped just at the corner. Maybe her father had left her with Ms. Edith and left on a bus.

“Where is Ms. Edith now?” Spencer asked softly as he stopped several feet away.

“Oh,” her voice drifted off as her eyes took on a dreaming quality.

She was obviously floating in and out of touch with reality. Spencer slowly took his phone out of his pocket and thumbed it open.

“Ms. Edith melted when daddy put the nasty fire water on my Grandma-daughter. I had forgotten. That’s why Ms. Edith wouldn’t say.”

Oh yeah, the woman was totally gone, Spencer thought as he hit speed dial one on his phone. “Can you tell me your name, Miss? Is there someone I can call for you?”

“No one to call now,” her head fell forward as she hugged herself and swayed side to side. “But that’s okay. You’re here now. I can be your Mommy. Daddy taught me how to be a good mommy. Not the bad daddy, the one with the squishy squirmy soul, he just threw me away.”

Spencer froze as the woman continued to ramble. Something indefinable had changed, it was as if the air around them was super-charged with tension. His cell phone with the tin-bucket voice fell from his hand as the child-like woman changed into something his mind told him couldn’t exist. Vaguely he heard Morgan’s voice yelling at him, calling his name, telling him to stay on the line. Morgan’s voice was telling him to hold on that help was on the way. But it was too late, much too late, he thought as his mind rejected the obvious and still insisted that she was just a psychotic woman, whispered in his ear about the stars and sweet kittens to play with for eternity.


The End

You have reached the end of "On a Park Bench". This story is complete.

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