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My Revenge ends now...or not...

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Summary: He fulfilled his revenge and now should rest in dead…should be the operative word here…

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Chapter 2

Note: Thanks to Inachis for making this fic more readable.

Chapter 2

Xander woke up with a gasp of pain. He felt like his whole body was on fire and he cried out loud again. He pressed his teeth together and reined the agony in as well as he could. He looked around and saw that he was on his bed and it seemed like he was still dressed in the previous day’s Halloween costume.

‘Damn, how did I get here? The last thing I remember is talking to that old guy and that I drunk the stuff he gave me and after that? Unimaginable pain. So how the hell did I get home?’ Xander thought while still trying to suppress the pain. Suddenly a voice answered him from within his mind.

“That would be my doing. After you passed out from the pain, I took over again and brought you back to your home or what you call home,” the voice in his head said.

“Kratos?” Xander asked.

“Yes, that would be me,” Kratos answered.

“Damn. So that wasn’t a dream, was it? It all really happened?” Xander continued his questioning.

“Yes, it happened, and I’m still here as per the agreement we both struck with the Zeus of your world. And I still can’t believe that I didn’t just kill him,” Kratos said, mumbling a bit on the last part.

“So why does my body feel like it’s on fire?” Xander wanted to know.

“Because it literally is on fire. The stuff Zeus gave you was pure Ambrosia and currently it’s activating your Olympian blood and burning away all of the human blood,” Kratos replied.

“Damn, so I’m not human anymore? Zeus could have warned me. So what happens next?” Xander said.

“Now you have to let the blood do its work. After that we will start the training a Spartan goes through from childhood,” Kratos said with an amused tone, enjoying the thought of the torment he would shortly put Xander through.

“But, I don’t have years to train,” Xander protested.

“Fool,” Kratos bellowed in his mind. “Remember what Zeus told you. The training will happen this night and just for you, this night will take years, during which I will train you,” Kratos said with a tone that sounded like he was grinning like a cat, which had just caught a mouse.

Xander just gulped.

“And now go to sleep, so that your body can finish its work,” Kratos ordered him.


A few hours later, after Tony left the house to go to the next pub, the door to Xander’s room opened and his mother came in to check on her son. She was surprised that it was completely dark in the room and so she went to the window to open the shades. Her husband had cut the electricity to this room two years ago, with the comment that the boy wouldn’t need it. As light flooded the room, Jessica turned around and gasped in surprise as she saw her son on the bed. ‘Damn that couldn’t be,’ she silently cursed. ‘Now I have no choice, but to take him out of here.’

She quickly ran to her room and came back with two bags. She went around Xander’s room and picked up his stuff and put it in his bag. She cringed as she saw what her son wore and she promised herself to stop drinking right now and to help her son. She had failed at that task long enough and swore to do right by him from this moment on, but first she had to get them out of here.

Jessica went over to her son’s bed and tried to wake him, but to no avail. A bit panicked, she tried to remember the name of the girl he went to school with…Damn the alcohol really had messed her up, she couldn’t remember. ‘Hmm, maybe he has her name and number in his wallet?’ she thought and quickly looked for it and saw it on his sideboard.

She took it and as she read one of the cards in it, she cringed with pain. The card read:

In case of emergency call
Rupert Giles
555 – 66633
Under no circumstances call
Tony or Jessica Harris

It was signed by her son’s name. That card, more than anything else, showed just how she had failed her only son and she promised herself again to change that. With tears in her eyes she left the room and went downstairs to the phone. She had to be quick before Tony came home.

Quickly she picked up the phone and dialed the number on the card. It ringed a few times and before she could become nervous, someone picked up the phone.

“Giles residence, Willow Rosenberg on the phone,” a voice on the other end said.

WILLOW…that was the name she couldn’t remember before.

“Willow, this is Jessica Harris. Is Mr. Giles at home? I need to speak to him,” Jessica said.

“Mrs. Harris? Has something happened to Xander? How is he?” Willow quickly asked.

“Yes, something happened and I need to speak to Mr. Giles quickly. We need his help before Tony comes home,” Jessica told Willow.

Suddenly she had a loud ringing in her ear as she heard Willow yelling, “GILES!!!!!”

Just a few moments later she heard the voice of a male over the phone. “Rupert Giles here, how can I help you?”

“Mr. Giles, this is Jessica Harris. Something happened to Xander and I can’t wake him up. If Tony sees him like that he will kill him. Please, I need your help,” Jessica said in a pleading tone.

After a short moment of silence Jessica heard the voice of Mr. Giles again. “Mrs. Harris, we will be there as soon as possible.”

“Thank you,” she said and after that she just heard a ‘click’ and the line went dead.

She let a breath go in release and quickly went up to her room, to pack a few things for herself, as well as the contents of a secret compartment under her night table. She packed all of it into a travel bag and only kept one envelope back. She opened it and quickly read the contents again. She sighed, picked up a pen and then signed the papers.

She went into her son’s room, picked up his bags also and then went downstairs again. She put the bags near the door and then went through the living room. She picked up every bottle with something alcoholic in it, brought them into the kitchen and emptied them into the sink. She grinned as she imagined how Tony would curse, when he found all the bottles empty.

She filled herself a glass of water and then waited for Mr. Giles to arrive.


10 minutes later

Jessica gaze went to the clock on the wall for the thousandth time and suddenly the door bell rang. She rushed to the door and opened it. Before her she saw a girl who she dimly recognized as Willow, an older man and another young girl, a blond.

“Thank god you’re here. I tried to wake him up again, but it wasn’t any use. Tony can’t find him looking like that, he’ll surely kill us both,” Jessica babbled in a near frantic state.

“Please keep calm Mrs. Harris, we will help. Just show us where Xander is and we will see what we can do,” Giles said calmly.

Jessica nodded and as Giles and the others noted, stepped back without actually inviting them in. Glancing knowingly at each other the three entered the house and followed Mrs. Harris upstairs. Giles looked around and couldn’t believe that people lived like this.

Finally they reached Xander’s room, which at a first glance was the cleanest of what they had seen of the house so far. They quickly entered the room and all three gasped in surprise as they saw the body of Xander lying on his bed.

“Bloody hell… What happened to him?” Giles asked.

“No clue, but maybe it has something to do with yesterday,” Willow said.

Buffy looked around and then said, “No time to waste, we can find out what happened later. Now we need to get Xander out of here first and take him to my house.” She looked around in disgust and continued, “If I had known Xander had to live like this, I would have asked my mom to offer him our spare room ages ago.”

First ashamed and then surprised, Jessica watched as the tiny blond girl, whose name she still didn’t know, picked up her son quite gently and with seaming ease. “How?” she asked in surprise and then something long forgotten clicked in her mind, as she looked at Giles and the blond girl. “You are the Slayer,” she said.

Flabbergasted, Giles looked at Mrs. Harris and asked in a surprised tone, “How do you know that?”

Buffy grumbled, “Later, let’s get out of here first.” She looked at Xander’s mother and continued, “And you better come with us too.”

They quickly went downstairs again, where Jessica picked up the bags and then they all left the house.

AN: Actually I had no plans to continue it after chapter one, but here you go and there is chapter 2 *g*
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