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My Revenge ends now...or not...

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Summary: He fulfilled his revenge and now should rest in dead…should be the operative word here…

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A while later in the Summers household

Buffy, Joyce and Jessica came down the stairs into the living room, where Giles and Willow had waited. "Xander is tucked in our guest room and still asleep. It seems like nothing will wake him up, but he is breathing normally," Joyce said.

After that all looked directly at Jessica, who gulped under all that attention and Joyce asked everyone to sit down.

"So Mrs. Harris, I think you know we have a few questions for you?" Giles said and seeing Jessica nod, he continued. "Ok, first off, what happened to Xander?"

Jessica looked at all of them for a while and was proud of her son, because these people all seemed to care for him quite a lot. She felt shame that she had missed so much of her son's life just because she was stupid and tried to hide from her past in a bottle and she promised herself that she would change all that right now. Her son deserved it.

Before Giles could ask again she finally said, "I have no clue Mr. Giles. Normally Alex is up a while before me and makes himself breakfast and all that. Today day I didn't saw anything to indicate that he did that and at first I thought he is sleeping in, because he was out long on the Halloween night. After a while I was worried because he's never slept this long before. I went upstairs to check on him and found him sleeping in his bed, just as he is now. I tried to wake him, but failed. Not knowing what to do, I called you."

"And why did you say his father would kill him, when he saw him like this?" Willow asked quickly before someone else could say a thing.

Jessica looked at Willow for a long while before she answered: "Because if he would see Alex the way he looks now, Tony would know in an instant that he isn't Alex's father."

All in the room were shocked and for a few moments it was very quiet in the room, until Buffy yelled, "WHAT???"


Meanwhile at the Harris house

Tony opened the door and entered his house and even before he closed the door, he yelled, "Bitch, I'm hungry, I need a beer and then a nice blowjob."

Getting no reaction at all he slammed the door shut and stormed into the living room, yelling again, "Didn't you hear me, you useless bitch?"

As he still got no reaction, he stormed into the kitchen and found it empty as well. "What now, you lazy bitch? Don't tell me you're in bed, sleeping the whole day away."

Enraged, he stormed upstairs to their room and kicked the door to it open and found it empty as well. He looked around and noted that several things seemed to be missing, which confused him a bit at first. Then he quickly checked the room and found that most of the bitch's stuff was gone.

He quickly stormed out of the room to the door of the loser's room. Without knocking he just stormed in and bellowed into the room, "Where's the bitch, loser?"

Getting no response here and finding the room empty, he quickly searched the room and found that most of his stuff was gone as well. Turning red with the fury that went through him, he grabbed a nearby lamp and threw it through the window.

A bit cooled down he went downstairs again. He went to a cupboard and opened it. "What the fuck?" he stared into the empty cupboard and couldn't believe it. All the bottles were empty. "Ahhh that bitch...I will beat her until she starts laughing."

He quickly went over to the TV, where he always had hid a bottle or two behind the device, but even here there were only two empty bottle waiting. "I will fucking kill that bitch."

He stormed into the kitchen, but didn't find anything to drink there either, except for a bottle of water. He took it and threw it against the wall, where it shattered into a thousand pieces. Then he noted an envelope on the table. He quickly ripped it open and read the content.



I finally found the courage and did it. I'm gone and won't come back and don't waste your time looking for me. You won't find me, I promise you that. I filled the divorce papers today and you will hear from my lawyer soon.

I hope you drink yourself to death.

Jessica Lavelle


With a stone cold face Tony crumbled the paper. "Divorce? I'll give you a divorce, you bitch." With those words and an evil grin on his face he went down into the cellar. He left all the rooms in the cellar behind him, until he reached the end of the corridor. There he mumbled something very quietly and suddenly a door appeared, where before there had only been a wall. He opened the door and entered the room.

There you could see a room you would never have thought you would find in the house of Tony Harris.

Tony grinned as he looked around his armory. He was quite proud of it and he told himself that it probably was better equipped than the Army base outside of Sunnydale.

He went to one of the showcases and took a Glock, a few clips of ammo and a silencer out of it. He put all of it in a special holster he made himself and then quickly put it on. Next he went to another showcase where he had put his newest baby. Now was the time to see how good it was outside the shooting range. With a care you never would have thought Tony had, he took out the P90 and carefully put it into a sport's bag.

Then he looked around for a while and thought. ‘Hmm I better take some of the other stuff as well. You never know what hole the ungrateful bitch had crawled into.'

So he went to a weapons rack and from there he took a small sword and an axe, both of which he placed in the sports bag as well. Next he took several stakes out of a cupboard. He put them into several pockets of the army fatigues he had quickly dressed in. Last, he took two small bottles and a cross out of the same cupboard as the rest.

‘Damn, it really feels good to be dressed and armed for a hunt again. Now for the final part,' Tony thought.

With that he went to a small desk. He sat down at it and pressed a small button on the top drawer you would probably never notice, if you didn't know about it. Shortly after he pressed it, a small compartment opened on the desk. Out of it he took a small silver compass. He opened it and saw the needle point at a certain direction. With a grin he thought. "So you are still in Sunnydale and you really think you can hide from me? Don't fear my little bitch, you will get your divorce faster than you think. Doesn't the priest told us until death do us apart? So be it then."


Meanwhile in the dream world

Xander cursed violently enough to make a sailor blush. He cursed the world, he cursed the gods, he cursed Kratos, but mostly, he cursed himself.

"How?" he asked himself. "How could I have been so stupid to agree to all that?"

Hearing a loud laugh he turned around and there he stood his nemesis in this nightmare. "Kratos, my personal torture master. How are you on this fine morning?"

"Good Xander and much better than you will be later in the day. Your body here is now roughly 12 years old, which means we can increase the training a bit more."

Xander just groaned and silently cursed himself again.

"And for your 12th birthday here in dream world, we will finally start with your advanced weapons training until you have perfected it or at least until you are good enough to pass my test. But first, we have your unarmed combat test."

Xander just groaned again and quickly sidestepped as he saw a kick coming towards him.

10 minutes and a very brutal fight later Kratos nodded to Xander. "Good Xander, you have reached the minimum of my standards that you needed to pass my test," Kratos said with an evil smile, while he watched Xander straighten out a broken leg.

"The minimum?" Xander said in disbelief. "I nearly beat you and that's your minimum?"

"Yep", Kratos replied with a grin. "So how is your leg?"

"It still hurts, but it's good again. It's just good that everything heals nearly instantly here. It's a shame the pain remains though."

"For a good reason. Pain will teach you to become better to avoid it in the future," Kratos replied and then continued, "And now it's time for your training run and swim. Increase the distance with 2 miles today."

Xander just groaned, but having learned the hard way that if he protested, the distance would just increase, he started to run, wincing at the pain his leg gave him.

Kratos watched Xander start his run and looked at him with some pride. ‘Damn that boy would have been one of the best in old Sparta,' he thought and once Xander has vanished in the distance he let out a small groan himself. ‘Damn, the boy has given me a better fight today than even my half-brother Hercules ever did.'

Quickly he straightened out his left arm bone, which Xander had managed to break in the fight. He grinned to himself and really looked forward to starting Xander's advanced weapons training. ‘It really will be a sight to see him learn to dance with his weapons,' Kratos mused and then sat down and willed a mug to appear in his hands. He enjoyed the contents while he awaited Xander's return.
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